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Dating Scene in Miami - What it's REALLY like

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Orlando FL dating scene self. I've been in Orlando the last 4 years. It seems like the dating scene in Orlando is really cut throat.

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  • According to WalletHub, Orlando and Salt Lake City are the two best cities for singles ¯\_(ツ)_/¯!
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The male to female ratio seems high, and every time I meet a girl she's not single. Just thought I'd throw this out there to see what the internet had to say. Join a kickball league or something.

Orlando named 15th best city for singles

I know of two instances where friends have joined and met a big group of people mostly comprised of single attractive women. I even got invited out one night and by the end of the night 2 of the girls were telling me I should join the league.

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They always go out after to drink and stuff. If I were suddenly single at this point in my life that's where I'd probably start based on my anecdotal experience. Ive done volleyball, kickball, rock climbing, and a few volunteering events. Seems like all I meet are girls and their boyfriends they bring with them. What age pool are you in? I'd say there are plenty of quality single people of both genders, but you def gotta look in the right places.

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Im 28 years old. I visit friends and family all over Florida and it seems like there is a significant difference in other cities in comparison. Orlando is statistically one of the worst citites for singles to live. The study weighs the costs of dating, such as restaurant prices and beauty salon rates, along with job growth, available singles in the area, dating opportunities and nightlife, among other factors.


Tampa, Gainesville beat Orlando in college town ranking. WalletHub broke its study down into two categories: Out of the cities on the list, a handful of other Florida cities made the cut, but didn't score quite as high as Orlando. Tampa came in at No. Of the cities named the "worst" spots for dating, the second half of the list included St. Orlando named most economic city for foodies. Orlando named 15th best city for singles For UCF students topping their New Year's resolutions with "find a boyfriend" or "find a girlfriend," you may be in luck.