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I'm absolutely new to socionics. Can someone provide a simple summary of its origin, application, and distinction from the MBTI? Fifteen years ago when I was Really Educated! Life is about loving and about being loved. All I want is to serve the Almighty, enjoy a measure of peace in my days, and love the people around me. Another part of your description really fits, however: I am known at work as a ruthless detector of inefficiencies. I can't change it; I am driven to fix and improve systems. And, yes, I rarely complain about my relationships although I want them better, too.

The love thing again. Are you familiar with the enneagram? Are you an E1, perhaps 1w2?

But in Socionics, I can see it being related to Ti, since Socionics Ti relates more to structure and order of both thoughts and environment. Socionics Te has more to do with algorithmic plans and application of resources toward reaching resolutions. Basically, in Socionics, all the functions are redefined.

ISTJ Personality Type 5 Love Languages Ranked

Here's an example of this process using your supposed type: The same goes with Te, relating to Ti and Ne. Thus, an ISTj would ratain the analytical framwork quality, yet take the practical, hands-on, personal power focus of Se, but lacking the vision and open-mindedness of Ne. It gets really complicated, but on a general level of function definition, I believe this is how it works. If you have any questions, I'm studying Socionics myself, and I'll try to answer them.

It helps me to solidify my own understanding to answer the questions of others. In Socionics, the third function is the Hidden Agenda for that type. For us INTj's, that is Fi.

INTP & ISTP Types in Relationships

The Hidden Agenda is what we secretly aspire to, but it doesn't really show on the surface. For both systems, the tertiary and quaternary functions are the same. Oddly, the primay and auxiliary functions are different. This is what I covered in my last post, about the function defnintions. For MBTI, the first two functions are conscious, the second two subconscious. For Socionics, the first four are conscious, the second four subconscious.

This is because the first two are conscious, the second two subconscious, the conscious is repressing the subconscious. In Sociniocs, the first four functions are conscious, repressing the second four, which are subconscious. In Socionics, the first function is the opposite of the eighth, the second the oppostie of the seventh, etc. Note that the third and fourth functions are not well used until the person is well-developed, but the are what they person tries to become the super-ego block , while the first and second person are what that person naturally is the ego block while the rest is what is repressed.

Nerds in Relationships: INTP, INTJ, ISTP & ISTJ Personality Types

I'm still studying these "blocks", I'll try to post more on them later. Actually, in Socionics the 6th function is the hidden Agenda. Originally Posted by Orion. Can I just say that 'abc' sounds like a real sweetie, but maybe he needs to be more exciting for his partner rather than just more affectionate.

That's not what I would feel, but I can imagine some types would, especially after being together some time. Sometimes women want men to be more dynamic and take the lead and whisk them off their feet or whatever the phrase is. Not me, I like passive affectionate men who do as they're told. The time now is Contact Us - socionics. Website Socionics Personals Contact Us. All the IT types can be disposed to nerdiness and social awkwardness. Whether we like it or not, these demographics affect our social expectations and perceptions of the respective types and sexes.

In light of this multiplex of factors, I think we are mistaken when we assume that all nerds have essentially the same personality type and are faced with the same social or relational hurdles. To the contrary, each of the above types has its own set of strengths and challenges. The 16 Personality Types: Thanks for your comment. We feel this discrepancy has resulted from mistyping, especially with respect to the J-P variable. If we are correct in our assertion that FPs and TJs are the most common types among American women, then we would also be justified in suggesting that American women predominantly use Fi in combination with Te both FPs and TJs use the Fi-Te function pair.

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In similar fashion, we see a preponderance of TP types among American men, which would indicate a predominant preference for Ti in combination with Fe. This post is the best! I think the Ne plays a part as well, so that an INTP female is no longer seen as an absent-minded professor, but as air-headed. There is also the paradoxically open and expressive emotional immaturity and inner disconnect. Really though, those are just INTP struggles.

On a high level, every type has their own hurdles not always necessarily social.

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I guess it just pays to seek understanding. They have plenty of role models and a society designed for them to excel in with all the strokes affirmation, money.

INTJ & ISTJ Types in Relationships

And when they do often it goes poorly, as we can see in the public religious and political forum. Good post as usual. This explains something that has puzzled me, which is how a cognitive function can be so different in two types who have it in the same position.