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The following table below gives examples on how the serial numbers are interpreted:. Fortunately there is an automated method of determining when your Seiko was made. However, there are a few caveats that you need to know when using the Production Date Calculator:. The first digit only signifies the year number in a certain decade 10 years. A well known example is its very popular 7s26 automatic caliber. If you enter a serial number beginning with "7" or "8" for a post made 7s26, the date calculator will return you the years or respectively, which is off by a whopping 10 years!

Even if you are certain that your watch was made in , the date calculator will still think that it was made in It merely checks the first digit in the serial number the year of production and compares it with its internal table of calibers with the starting year. Since Seiko uses only one digit to denote the production year, the calculator cannot determine the exact decade the watch was manufactured. For instance, 7s26a caliber was first introduced in and therefore it naturally assumes that it was from the s. The replacement 7s26b caliber however, came out in late but the production calculator does not take this into consideration.

Was this Seiko 5 Superior from January or January ? Fortunately, there is an alternative to the Production Date Calculator if it returns you erroneous or dubious results. In order to do this, you will have to date the watch by manual means that can give you an approximation or the exact the decade the watch was made. Did you enjoy this post? Why not leave a comment below and continue the conversation, or subscribe to my feed and get articles like this delivered automatically to your feed reader.

First, many 10x for your great help. How can i know where is it made? The number is The caliber is 5Maa0.

The Top 10 Vintage Seiko Watches You Should Buy Now

The 5M54 is a relatively new Seiko caliber. I am trying to date it. The Model on back is and on the face is AD. The serial number on the back is Thanks for your help.

The serial number that you gave me is 7 digits long, instead of six. Dear Quartzimodo, Just bought a used , SNo. As I learned from your detection rules, the watch was made in June, or ? The current product no. Is there a source that can tell how many pieces of that watch were produced? It has 14 kt gold back. Regards, Detlev from Munich.

Unfortunately I have no idea how many pieces of your particular model were made. Hi, It says Water Proof.

Set Date on Seiko SNE093

A member of the Bell Matic blog dated it at Oct Here is my post there with pictures of the watch. The reason that I asked for the serial number verification is because a 7-digit serial number applies to vintage Seiko watches made between and So there you have it — October You have one of the earliest Bell-Matic models, which is a rare occurrence.

John Nelson John N is a contact of mine and he used to run a site dedicated towards Seiko Bell-Matics; he would know about the subject more intimately. I bought a from him two years ago as he was liquidating his collection.

WatchSleuth - Seiko Date Finder

The serial is It also has the on the face and inside it is 17J and 11A witch i am unable to find any information on it. I would appreciate any information you can give me. Not much is known about the hand winding Cal 11A as to when it first appeared and when it was discontinued. My best guess is that your watch was made on August , based on your serial numbers on the back of the watch.

The numbers on the dial refer to the dial code and is not used for dating the watch. Hope this helps, Quartzimodo. Does this mean Seiko has upgraded the 7S26 caliber recently? Incidentally, do you think Seiko solar is superior to Citizen Eco-drive? Some believe that the 7s26C has a more pronounced, elevated pinion in the movement for better height clearance for the main time hands. If this is true, then it should solve cases of sticking second hand that tend to rest exactly where the minute hand lies when the main spring is nearly unwound.

So far I noticed that one of my watches 7s26B caliber has this problem. Thanks for reporting your watch production dates. More feedback from owners having the newer 7s26C movement are needed to pinpoint the exact month Seiko introduced the 7s26C. Once upon a time, Citizen made a few models based on its Eco Drive Duo technology solar and kinetic movement charged , but they were quite expensive.

I might buy one of those nice Seiko Solar chronographs this year. Is there some way I can find out? I Googled for your Kinetic watch and found the reference number. I expect them to be vastly improved versions of their earlier efforts. Its solar panels are located behind the translucent dial like the surface of a white ping pong ball. You are a champion!

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My SKA is the black P. There is considerable similarity to my recently bought SMY — which you gave the suffix P, which I assume means that both watches were assembled in Singapore.

Finding the Model and Serial Number

Does the suffix K indicate Hong Kong assembly? I was looking at it amongst a group of watches but in the end I plumped for a Citizen CAA, which had features that encapsulated the whole group. Your education, and that of one or two others, has shown me the absolute need to shop around for watches, especially via mail order. Do note that some models that are exclusive to the U. BTW, have you ever considered Orient automatic watches before?

For its asking price, Seiko offers nothing like it.

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A unique feature of the Orient CEYB is its sapphire glass display back, which is quite unusual as most watches with see-thru casebacks use the cheaper mineral glass. I looked at the SNKK I received allegedly from the US this week but the curiosity is it does have the suffix K and no origin printing on the face, even with a maginfying glass. Perhaps a US entrepreneur imports for export but not for the US market? I subsequently looked at a Singapore supplier just out of interest as my budget and brain are exhausted for the time being.

I will probably end up with a simpler Orient power save indicator automatic some time in the future. I go to meetings regularly and generally wear black faced watches like my Citizen BM or my SKA thanks again for identifying it or SMY Seiko kinetics which allow me to glance at the time. All the best, thanks a million and cheers. Things have changed since then, with a few enterprising Far East based watch sellers setting up offices in the U. There is also a Japan market, limited edition model that uses the identical movement but sells for USD2, Oh dear, Oscar Wilde is winning! After your last advice I internetted Orient automatics and you are of course right, they are a great idea.

The reviews from far and wide are universally, or almost, glowing. I prefer the look of the latter and the specs seem very similar. My only problem with having a surfeit of automatics is keeping them all going. As usual, I look forward to your invaluable advice. I got the FEU and to my surprise and mild disappointment it turned out to be a FEUBX instead of the 8D; the former is thicker, heavier and mineral rather than sapphire. One pleasant surprise is it features a Breitling Navitimer, or copy.

I took you advice, sort of, but went for the CEYW0, as you might have foreseen. Thank you for all your expertise, advice and interest. Congratulations on buying both wow! I have several watches with the E6B scale on them and never bothered to learn how to use it, lol.. I have only three or four white dialed Seiko models, but their index markers are black, providing some contrast.

My advice is not to buy too many watches within a short span of time, unless they are on the endangered species list read: Spacing out your watch purchases will give you time pun not intended to enjoy your most recent purchase. Enjoy your new watches in good health! The x series are generally well liked by most Seiko dive watch collectors and a Pepsi-bezeled F can fetch between USD to USD depending on the condition and originality.

The five jeweled, movement is robust and long lived. Thank you for your encouragement and advice. I agree I have dived in rather precipitately. Fortunately I have decided to stop at 20 with the two Orients. I had expected to stop at 18 but your salesmanship for the Orients was so excellent that I had to expand my collection accordingly.

My philosophy is not to have a conventional collection of collectable watches but to be able to have a cross-section of horological ideas and to wear them all at different times, with the possible exception of the Seiko still being repaired and the Citizen , both of which have sentimental, rather than practical, value.

I now have five Eco-drives, five automatics, two kinetics after my purchases over the past three months I agree that too many kinetics would cause problems , three HRMs as a diabetic I have to keep fit and my weight down and five assorted quartz watches, of which the star is my Citizen SF8 calculator; the un-star is my fake G-Shock GA, which the G-Shock cognoscenti want me to throw in the rubbish bin but which actually excites my sense of humour. Incidentally, taking the ideas together of old watches and fakes or more kindly replicas I recently googled the serial number of a ten year old Citizen Eco-drive I bought in Singapore in There is still a need to know when the movement came out or a rough estimate.

I tried the calculator on my Seiko and found all of them 10 years older then it should be as I assume the earliest date the movement came out, which was 10 years ago. Originally Posted by JoeW.

I purchased my Seiko 5 in december Calulating the above the watch was made in ?? I think as well, that as Seiko only use the last year of the date, you must at least know which decade your watch is from. My is a 6N, I'm pretty sure it was neither produced in nor Kindly enlighten me here.

Despite some rough cases and wabi, either of these pieces would look great on a rustic strap or NATO. A look at the back of model from July of A look at the back of the Seiko Sportsmatic from March, Another very common movement is the bulletproof This one has its original bracelet. The Seiko from the front.