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Life in Myanmar: A Singaporean expat tells all

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Please enter your comment! Whether one is expanding on existing regional operations, exploiting a niche, or simply in love with the country, the allure of Myanmar is strong. Yet despite the nation possessing staggering opportunities for potential investors, there are a myriad of obstacles and oddities, which make establishing a successful business a daunting challenge. The pace of getting things done can be frustrating at best, though money had been known to help speed up this process.

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A common complaint of those I spoke with is the differential in costs for locals and foreigners. This leaves foreign investors out of pocket and often reluctant to invest their capital. Indeed, in the World Bank rated Myanmar out of nations in ease of conducting business, and of on starting a new business. In recent years the city has undoubtedly embarked on the first forays of reintegration with the international community. Yet, one only has to take a short flight to Bangkok to comprehend the vast gap the city is facing to catch up.

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With the exception of Aung San Suu Kyi or the occasional gloomy news report, outside Myanmar very little accurate information is known about Yangon. However, like a long-suffering mute, Yangon has finally found her voice. A handful of foreign-run city guides such as Yangonlife, Yangonite and Myanmore have sprung up attempting to plug much of the vast black hole that foreigners face in easily accessing reliable information on the city.

They cover topics as diverse as beauty pageantsto restaurant reviewswhilst Myanmore has even held an awards ceremony. Although internet connections are still painfully slow today, this innovation would have been unthinkable just half a decade ago. It is only two years since one of my interviewees had to upload his website whenever he was in Bangkok.

Whilst those who succeed can flourish, all can change in the blink of an eye, in a country with a government maintaining total control. A competitor angered a government official who retaliated by activating antiquated legislation banning the private importation of beer and wine.

Life in Myanmar: A Singaporean expat tells all , Travel News - AsiaOne

In truth, the obstacles experienced when operating in Yangon are innumerable and too diverse for me to cover in full. Yet, there were certain similarities and recurring themes that cropped up among my interviewees. Unsurprisingly, those operating online businesses were affected by stuttering internet speed, and the speed of almost everything else for that matter.


A lack of a sufficiently skilled local workforce was also a recurring theme — there simply are not enough computer-savvy English-speaking Burmese to go around. Those sufficiently qualified can be very selective, often opting for larger companies that can afford higher salaries. People operating different types of businesses faced differing problems.

A common issue for those companies requiring higher end locations was finding the right locale.