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Early jurists in the most-prominent schools of Islamic jurisprudence ruled in fiqh that the marriage of a Muslim man to a Christian or Jewish woman is makruh disapproved if they live in a non-Muslim country. Umar — denied interfaith marriage to Muslim men during his command of the ummah.

Today the good things are made lawful for you, and the food of the ones to whom the Book was brought is lawful to you, and your food is made lawful to them. And so are believing women in wedlock, and in wedlock women of the ones to whom the Book was brought even before you when you have brought them their rewards in wedlock, other than in fornication, neither taking them to yourselves as mates i. And whoever disbelieves in belief, i.

Scholar Ahmad Kutty of Toronto has expressed disapproval of interfaith marriage, citing Umar. It ensures that over a number of generations, Islam would gain in numbers relative to other religions.

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  • If a non-Muslim woman married to a non-Muslim converts to Islam, the marriage is suspended until her husband converts to Islam; she could theoretically leave the non-Muslim husband and marry a Muslim one, analogous to the Pauline privilege for Catholics. If the non-Muslim husband converts, a new marriage is not needed. According to the Quran,.

    Iraq child-marriage bill sparks outrage among human rights groups

    O ye who believe! When there come to you believing women refugees, examine and test them: Allah knows best as to their Faith: They are not lawful wives for the Unbelievers, nor are the Unbelievers lawful husbands for them. But pay the Unbelievers what they have spent on their dower , and there will be no blame on you if ye marry them on payment of their dower to them. But hold not to the guardianship of unbelieving women: Such is the command of Allah. He judges with justice between you. And Allah is Full of Knowledge and Wisdom. The two ceremonies should be performed on the same day; their order is not important.

    In orthodox Serer religion an ethnoreligious faith , interfaith, interracial and interethnic marriages are forbidden. Banishment and disinheritance may be levied against a Serer who disobeys the law, [34] The Serer-Noon a sub-group of the Serer people adhere strongly to this teaching.

    A Dutch proverb advises against interfaith marriage. In modern times various composers have written sacred music for use during interfaith marriage ceremonies including:.

    Iraq Debates Law That Would Allow Men To Marry 9-Year-Old Girls : Parallels : NPR

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Interfaith marriage in Judaism. This section does not cite any sources.

    US Sergeant converts to Islam, Marries Iraqi woman

    Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. October Learn how and when to remove this template message. Interfaith marriage in Christianity. Interfaith marriage in Islam. Retrieved 17 March Retrieved 22 October Retrieved 26 December Archived from the original on 3 September Retrieved 17 November Einhorn, in The Jewish Times , , No.

    Retrieved 11 September Freedom of Religion, Apostasy and Islam. If it is approved, in effect, each and every religious sect will follow their clerics.

    Iraq Debates Law That Would Allow Men To Marry 9-Year-Old Girls

    We are also writing letters to the speaker of [parliament] and the president. Some religious sects in Iraq believe the wife of the prophet Muhammad was aged nine, and say children of that age can marry, while others believe children can do so when they reach puberty. A petition signed by activists from civil society organisations , gathered in Sulaymaniyah last Sunday, said: This is a setback to the achievements Iraqi women made and struggled for half a century ago.

    Obeidi says the proposed law causes her intense pain, especially when she thinks of her granddaughters, the eldest of whom is 9 years old. Although the Muslim holy book, the Quran, does not state an exact age for marriage, some scholars quote religious texts indicating that it's allowed for girls of 9 to marry. But Iraq has a long tradition of separation of mosque and state, and several senior Shiite clergy have come out against the proposed law. In a hawsa — a Shiite theological school — in Baghdad, close to the shining gold domes of the Kadhimiya shrine, a prominent religious figure also raised objections to the law.

    ‘Catastrophic’ Iraq law could legalise marriage for children as young as nine

    The clergyman says people should remember that Iraq is riven by the worst violence in years, and awaiting the result of a contentious election. This law, he says, is a distraction — intentional or otherwise — from much more important matters for the stricken country.

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    • You can follow her at alicefordham. Accessibility links Skip to main content Keyboard shortcuts for audio player. Parallels The Iraqi Cabinet has approved the measure and sent it to Parliament for a vote. Opponents say it would be a major setback for a country that has mostly secular laws. Facebook Twitter Flipboard Email. May 13, 2: