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Buzzfeed may not be able to write original titles, but cut them some slack; they usually make sense. During the process, if a 1st or 2nd word in a title was a number indicating a listicle , it was converted into a [X] in order to preserve and compare syntax. I choose 3-grams since they provided the most insight in my testing. Google Sheet of 3-grams. Facebook has an endpoint at http: It took me a week to get all the shares. You know, reading this thread is more interesting than reading some peer-reviewed article.

Awesome job, anonymous science guy. You should put this info on in an article on your website; this report is too good to have it disappear inside Reddit. Hadn't looked at that yet, but that'll be a topic for the inevitable blog post I write about it. I'm jealous of your level of mastery of R. Did you use it to decompose the the titles of the articles in step 2? I'd like to know more about that. I just used Python for that since there's one weird trick in that language.

You done went and fucked up, kid. You done went and fucked up like you never fucked up before. No, you are IQ score is I saw "will blow your" on the chart and thought, " That's not a snowclone that Buzzfeed uses in its branding. Some of its competitors use it frequently, especially Unworthy and the flash in the pan ViralNoval if I'm not mistaken, but this post is specifically about Buzzfeed. The "30 linkbait phrases" is also a popular clickbait trope, except you aren't meant to use a round number. Buzzfeed random dude has said that using a number like 27 makes it seem you like you found as many as you could, and didn't reach a quota like They also mix in some serious journalism, I guess to make themselves look better than the Viralnovas of the world.

Sites that offer nothing but lowest common denominator content tend to suffer when Facebook or Google adjust their algorithms. They published it in their article "17 things you won't believe will get people to click on links Number 11 may surprise you! Also, 2 is a "you" title, since the complete titles are something like "37 things only 90's kids remember. Directly addressing people with "you" makes them more likely to assume it's relevant to themselves.

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Bingo, heavy facebook users seem to be massive narcissists or at the least egocentric , as a norm. Hey, I'm a heavy facebook user, and I don't like you saying mean things about me like this. I'm personally offended, and I've already reported you to the authorities, so you'd better watch your step! The thing is, I know tons of people that use facebook for messaging and hangout-type functions pretty heavily, and they're pretty normal people. It's mostly the ones you notice using facebook all the time to post, that bother me.

It's a vocal minority I guess, but that doesn't make that minority any less annoying. I love that Game of Thrones has a strong enough pull to be in the top Now if only BuzzFeed would stop putting spoilers in its headlines For real, Game of Thrones is now officially click bait, especially until something new is published. Somewhere along the line we've started referring to essentially anything that we want to click on as "clickbait," as if it's somehow inherently negative that someone writes an article that others are interested in.

Buzzfeed actually does not do much clickbait in the traditional sense, and this post title is not clickbait either. Clickbait, before people started using it to describe every article they didn't like, referred to a misleading or over-promising title. Buzzfeed very, very rarely does this.


Instead, they just write articles that many people look down on. If Buzzfeed says "22 photos of cats that look like US Presidents," you actually can pretty reliably expect that there are going to be 22 cats and every one of them will look like a President. Yet many people would refer to that as "clickbait" simply because they don't like the topic of the post.

There's no point in criticizing people for making titles that others have interest in, so long as the content backs it up. The fact that it is wide indicates a lot of uncertainty. It's ok to truncate a confidence interval range when values go below 0. For example, if your mean is 5, and the confidence interval range is Then the lower bound would be 0, and the upper bound would be I was wondering exactly this! I came to the comments expecting the top comment to explain it - no luck!

Yeah, I was looking at the bar for 'is this the' and was wondering why it stretched into negative territory. It's funny because I am involved in this industry of copywriting and as part of my job I moderate these headlines before they are passed off on a daily basis. I can tell you that I literally want to throw my computer out the window everyday BUT all that matters is the Click Through Rate, basically getting that person to your website where you'll either be looking at a list rehashed from other lists or a gallery where you keep clicking Next while the website is hoping you will view at least 10 pages to make it worth them paying a few pennies for that initial visit.

This does seem like a machine that won't be stopping anytime soon as the world gets more and more interested in these bait titles. A LOT of content producing websites are looking for writers who can do specifically this as it's a science. I have consulted a couple content websites and they all say the same thing: They get so many facebook shares on their content, we want to do that too.

While they don't realize they're completely pushing quality off to the side just to entertain the Derps of the internet. As an average Joe, which ad would you rather click?: I love the industry because its limitless currently, but it does bug me what the general public is getting tailored to. Especially when you see it leak into traditional print and TV advertising. If you haven't seen Century of Self , it's worth a watch.

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  4. Here is the description on Wikipedia:. It focuses on how the work of Sigmund Freud, Anna Freud, and Edward Bernays influenced the way corporations and governments have analyzed, dealt with, and controlled people. I would really hope that a professional copywriter would know it's not spelled "copyrighter". If you glance at the history of my posts, you can see I am also involved in the process of copyrighting music so it was a simple mix-up as the word copyright has been on my mind for the past two months.

    Yes I know the difference between right and write. The lower bound for "is this the" is less than zero, which suggests that you used a distribution that allows for negative values such as a normal distribution. Have you looked at the results using something like a Poisson distribution?

    This could be addressed by bootstrap resampling, but there are a few other concerns doing that as well. Now I know the most clickbait-y title you can have is "These 25 reasons will blow your mind when you discover the character you probably didn't know you'll look like when you die.

    BuzzFeed is pivoting to becoming a serious news source. They hired the former head of Wired. We'll tell you why at IIRC, Buzzfeed has legitimate news coverage over political events. It's just that the only think your shitty Facebook aquaintances are gonna share are the clickbait articles that make up a majority of the site. The clickbait articles aren't so much news as they are "fun" diversions to get traffic generated to the site.

    The way I understand it, the posts OP is referencing are essentially user-submitted content somewhat like fluffy reddit posts. This teacher taught his class a powerful lesson about privilege - by Nathan Pyle. I'd say both those titles give the same amount of info. You know what the article is about and how it ends. Buzzfeed has excellent political coverage and a pretty good investigation unit. Those are the things paid by clickbait. But I did know that it existed. I specifically noticed its existence 3 seconds before clicking on it. I'm exactly the opposite. Even if I am interested in it, my opinion of the person who posted the clickbait link goes down and I don't click out of principle.

    Martin and the GoT series producers should be very proud, seeing as it is the only one on the list of any kind of production. I've had this reddit pet peeve for a while where I get unreasonably annoyed when people attack Buzzfeed but use the wrong clickbait headlines. People often attribute "you won't believe what happens next" to being a Buzzfeed staple but the truth is that line and a few others are clickbait peasant shit.

    Anything like that they left long ago to the "The Blaze"s and "Dailybuzz"s of the world. Buzzfeed is now the king of inane articles, they've built a trust with the people! They don't need to promise to "leave you speechless". Their promise lies in their name. Anytime you see a link to Buzzfeed there's an implicit promise that after you click there's a garden of hot guys, quizzes and pikachu cupcakes.

    But he did a good job at lobbying to be someone's knight in shining armor. Instead of going on about Dungeons and Dragons and admitting that he normally wears this costume to Medieval-themed Comic-Cons, he chose to compliment all women by playing the role of the humble admirer. Come to think of it, there are several reasons why we would swipe right to Petar. First, he has the perfect balance of confidence and modesty. Second, we would love to know if that sword is real. And finally, what lady wouldn't want to be whisked away by a knight in shining armor at least once in her life?

    Well, lo and behold, we may have found a princess for Petar to rescue. This is an attractive young woman, the same age as Petar, who admits she has lower standards than most girls who look as good as her.

    15 Hilarious Tinder Profiles We'd Totally Swipe Right To

    That's exactly what Petar was looking for: Elly is honest about her past as well, since she says that these low standards stem from once being fat herself. Now that's a much better reason than someone who just has daddy issues and something to prove. The fact that she's willing to give a not-so-cute guy a chance at love and the fact that she likely knows a lot of good places to eat should make anyone want to swipe her to the right. What could be better than meeting a handsome guy on a dating app? How about meeting two handsome guys on a dating app at the same exact time?

    And they're totally OK with that! We also don't know if they are brothers or just friends although, either seems a little too weird. All of these questions alone make us want to swipe Shaniel right just to get some answers. Hopefully, they are both 27, instead of ages 13 and 14 combined. That might be the only downside to swiping right for this package deal. We can't really tell what's going on underneath, but from the neck up, it looks like Becky has a lot to offer. She has a pretty face and beautiful blond locks.

    She's also rather "punny" too, as she lets us in on the fact that she loves balls. That may sound a little kinky, except for the fact that she is up to her ears in a playpen ball pit. On the bright side, it looks like she loves balls of all kinds and colors. Regardless of whether Becky meant this status as a dirty pun or just to truly be funny, it's clear she has a healthy sense of humor.

    How could you not want to swipe right to someone as cool as that? Plus, she's not afraid to bust up in a kid's play place. Possibly the next best thing to being rescued by a knight in shining armor is being serenaded by a guy with a rose in his mouth. Whether or not John can really play the guitar doesn't matter because you can't deny his brave approach to attracting women.

    Just like Becky, he is either a really forward person who likes to share way too personal facts or he has a great sense of humor. Either way, he seems like a fun dude.

    We would definitely swipe right just to see if he would show up with a rose and guitar. It would be even more fun to guess what he would sing. To put it lightly, Kat seems a little different from most girls. Still, she likes the '80s despite being born in the '90s and has her own all-girl indie band. She is real upfront about what she does with her money, too. She works two side jobs so that she can feed her fast food habit. But for some reason, she wants to hide her face. The intrigue in that alone is enough to make us want to swipe right.

    The whole farting thing is just a bonus now. Just like Kat, Vincent seems to have a fast food fetish as well. And his profile picture makes it looks like he might enjoy the dollar menu just as much as Kat. That is, when he's taking a break from his usual diet of Mountain Dew and Twizzlers. He also works a side job, which is another factor he could have in common with Kat. But Kat might be just a little too sweet for Vincent, since he wants a girl who is super mean.

    He prefers jealous and clingy women. We would love to swipe right and learn more about what it is that he finds so interesting in self-centered divas. Not only that, but this whole Batman thing sounds pretty interesting too. Who wouldn't want to tag along with Vincent at night to fight crime and eat some burgers?

    The hilarity alone in Nicholas' photo is perhaps enough to make anyone want to learn more about him. He looks pretty clever too, mixing bananas and syrup. Who wouldn't want to try banana pancakes without the pancakes? Plus, he knows how to build an instant fire with nothing more than a screensaver.

    Then, you read his message and learn that he is not all fun and games. Why he thinks a middle-aged couple would be on a dating app is beyond us. But whether he is sweet and stupid or just cunning and clever, that little sob story is enough to make us swipe right and learn what is really going on with this syrup-loving dude.

    When it comes to clever guys on dating apps, Heinz is perhaps the cleverest of them all.

    Welcome to Reddit,

    He isn't trying to sway women with his clever lines, even though he does want to appear better looking than he really is. But then again, who doesn't? He did throw up a fake profile photo, but he put his own photo in the background as if he's keeping the secret. This tactic makes him even more clever than other guys with their fake pickup lines. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words. He sure got our attention with this crazy gimmick.