Ouran highschool host club dating quiz long results

Yay, Mori's my BF! Everything is right, except the artistic part.

IRL, I can't draw. I got Honey senpai,yay!

Ouran Highschool boyfriend quiz pt1

She looks like Haruhi Suzumiya! Ahh, I tried this quiz a while ago. I got Mori and Hikaru. Actually, I'm evil, but a brilliant artist. I make anime characters do my bidding. He's so shy and cute. Alright, hopefully this will worth my time. I love music and I have a lot of friends.

My favorite color is blue and i play sports like,softball,cheerleading,and archery. My favorite animal is dogs.

What do the Attack on Titan Characters Think of You?

Got the same result as you. Acting and talking Weakness: Science and yaoi Special Fact s: You're hyper, dramatic, and talkative.

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You love being in the limelight and acting like a drama queen. You always over-react to things, just because you can. You dream of being a star because of the fact your family is so poor. So, to pay off all the bills and debts they owe, you've decided to become an actress. The world is your stage and you love to cosplay. It's like your crazy hobby, you just love dressing up, especially in unusual costumes.

You also love to talk and can ramble on and on and on and on But, you're a pretty good listener too, once you keep your mouth shut. Your friends enjoy your company because with you, it's never a dull moment.

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Which Ouran High School Host Club Guy Is Your Boyfriend?

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A place to belong, feel connected and advance your career. Protective, loyal, and deep. Sweet, childish, and caring. Daydreamer, prankster, and kind. Okey dokey, now, don't hate me, but this question needs to be asked. No, you don't mean None of the above. Can I please do this one?

Willl you leave me alone if I let you? If you were an animal, what would you be? Okay Renge, you can go now. Hey wai- Which host is your type? The Little Devil Type! The Strong Silent Type! Ignoring me is quite rude, Jessica. I'm quite disappointed in you! Oh, give me a break. What do you want Tamaki? I think we should put in some roleplay! This seems rather pointless. It's actually a stupid idea. But I suppose if I have to D Do we get to cosplay too? I'm fine with it. Only 'cos I'm bored though. I agree with the answer above me.

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I'm fine with it too.