Wot scout matchmaking

HeavyKaragh, on 09 February - Take this in to account. ELC has more ammunition than the Hellcat, and the same exact damage.

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ELC has ever so slightly higher penetration values than the Hellcat. ELC has higher shell velocity making long distance shots slightly more accurate than the Hellcat. I tried to pick tanks according to your given example. Most light tanks in their Tier are very very OP.

Why is there scout matchmaking?

The guns are as strong as some medium guns. Those that aren't typically have a higher fire rate. With light tank mobility, it makes them quite damaging in their Tier for people who know what they are doing. Without them, you really are at a serious disadvantage, especially when you get put into the higher Tiers. So it requires extensive knowledge of maps and positioning along with a solid crew.

The first two skills you absolutely need are camouflage and sixth sense. You also chose the ELC. It's a special breed. One of the smallest tanks in the game and is part TD with an amazing pack-a-punch gun. When you get it fully upgraded the standard shells will pen most things and the premium shells have more pen than some tier 8s! Light Tank Master Race.

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  7. Community Forum Software by IP. Search Advanced Search section: Why is there scout matchmaking? Started by xCanonfodder , Feb 09 Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next. So this frustration leads me to the question, why?

    Whatever happened to Scout Matchmaking?

    Why is scout matchmaking a thing? Edited by corran2, 09 February - JaggedSine6 5 Posted 09 February - But then there are people that seem to make the French line work well. We don't need no stinking stats. Wroclaw 7 Posted 09 February - I do understand these things, but it doesn't really explain why it's in the game in the first place.

    BoereJack 8 Posted 09 February - ArtyHarHar 10 Posted 09 February - A light tank with no crew skills are handicapped like no other class.

    Matchmaking in 9.19.1 and the Road Ahead

    But fully upgrade that bad little tank and get a crew with a lot of skills then it has no fear of tier VIIIs in open maps; in fact you will look forward to it. You have to learn it the hard way, it is unique. I've only just started light tanking. Probably the biggest criticism we heard was on this decision, which together with the metadata we collected made us reconsider.

    The matchmaker now balances team makeups by vehicles types and Platoons within a battle tier: Can you recall when a team with a scout at Tier X would be matched against one with a scout at Tier VIII or something just as frustrating? These end for good with 9. Starting with its release, the matchmaker will balance team makeups by vehicle types and Platoons within a battle tier.

    Wot scout matchmaking

    When the matchmaker forms two sides, it puts together a similar number of TDs, LTs, and arty for each battle tier. If your team has a TD at the top, a couple of scouts in the middle, and an SPG at the bottom, the matchmaker attempts to mirror this make-up on the enemy team. However, if this scenario would cause you to wait too long, the rules become more flexible to get you into a battle faster.

    All the little things, too: Along with fixing major issues, we took some time to restructure team lists to let you get a better picture of the opposition and draw a battle plan to take them down. Now, vehicles at the top, middle and bottom of the list are listed by classes and those belonging to the same class are sorted by names. When we say we aspire to build a truly fair, balanced, and exciting experience for everyone to enjoy, we stand by it.

    It's not just a fancy statement written on a whiteboard somewhere at our office; it's present in our minds with every decision we make.

    What’s Changing with 9.19.1

    Our end goal here is to make every victory a team accomplishment that has nothing to do with matchmaking. There are a few more issues on our to-do list, and reviewing referential matchmaking is among them. Fixing the matchmaking is a huge and challenging quest for the team and we wanted to, again, thank you for taking this journey with us!