Dating a widower who is starting to withdraw

However it's become clear that he can't give me the relationship I need.


Dealing with his mood swings, the depression, the PTSD all of it is a lot to take on he makes me cry frequently. I feel like I'm offering him a lot, I'm attractive, intelligent, kind, have a good job and all of this makes him not want to let go of me. But then he will say things like he's numb.

I feel as though the things I have to offer him mean nothing.

Also he still has all her stuff over the house over a year after she died. At least he has no pictures in the bedroom but the entire house is as if she still lives there. That's getting a bit old. I don't want him to just get rid of everything and I do respect the fact that he was a loving faithful husband.

I think it would be a bad sign if he just got rid of everything and moved on as if she was never there, not saying that at all, however there needs to be some balance. I have offered to help him and I don't want to rush him but I do think it's a giant red flag. Someone else mentioned that they think widowers and widows should date within that pool of people. I would have to say ideally that would be best.

I understand that would limit the possible people to choose from so I see why they don't but unless you have lost a spouse it's very difficult understand the perspective. If you are a woman dating a widower I caution you to be careful giving away your heart.

In the future I will deselect the "widower option" on the dating sites. Nine months is not a very long time, Oyuki. I know people grieve in different ways. My own father found a woman one year after my mother died and married her four months later. They were married for about eight years before he himself passed away.

So, again, it is different for everyone. For me, I simply cannot imagine being in a relationship that soon if my wife died. Joe I'm glad it worked out for your dad. My experience has been more like the OP and other posters dating widowers. I'm mainly kicking myself because I knew in my heart that nine months was not enough time. I'm hoping that we can take a break or pull back so that he can heal and grieve. Holy cow, it's not even been 1. And it had been only 9 months when you started dating him. Of course he's not over it, especially if she was sick that long.

How could you think a grieving widower could put that behind him in a matter of months? I am a widow.

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I waited until I felt like I'd moved through most of my grieving. Your problem was getting involved with someone who was clearly actively grieving.

Rather than warning the world to avoid widowers, you should warn the world to avoid unhealthy, grieving widowers. Well I applaud you for waiting until you were "ready" to enter a full relationship. Like myself and other posters have mentioned we have not lost a spouse so when someone is telling us they are ready we choose to believe them.

Time does heal wounds. Yes time heals woounds but it's what we do with that time that will ultimately heal us.

If there is a possibility of him renting out his house and you want to live together, you should be together somewhere neutral when you begin your new life together. Yes it does appear that this man loved his first wife dearly, and maybe he clings a bit too much to her memory. His marriage to her is part of who he is today.

You must accept that, or he is not the right man for you. Certain widowers may exhibit classic "guilt by betrayal" issues. At these times, he may feel guilty for many reasons, such as: Being happy- "How can I be happy, or deserve to be happy when "she" is gone? Have no idea how or where to find someone to validate their feelings and discover that those are a perfectly normal but temporary part of the grief process. There are irrational feelings in his mind of sadness, confusion, and anger. He might feel that people will think: TALK to him about his late wife!

Urge him to talk about her. TALK openly about your issues, how they make you feel, and how the two of you can work on them together as a team. And As such, you deserve to be heard. Let them discuss their mother openly with you when they feel the need. You can have your insecurities without allowing them to become a wedge between the two of you.

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