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At age 35, after having bad luck with women all his life, Connell Barrett set out to find a way to make dating easier. After completing many courses on strategies to meet women, he found it was his mindset that was keeping him from sharing his authentic self with them. So Connell transformed his own life and then began coaching other men to do the same through his website, DatingTransformation.

Although he has limited availability for one-on-one coaching, Connell offers free resources on his website to help any man who is open to changing his perspective.

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He jokes that he spent so much time in the Friend Zone, he had an apartment there. He first tried to crack the code by going straight to the top dating gurus. Connell Barrett founded Dating Transformation to help guys be more authentic versions of themselves. He adopted the techniques that worked for him but ditched the sketchy ones.

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He took what he learned from the dating gurus and paired it with what he already knew about self-development from authors like Tony Robbins. That combination of techniques formed the foundation for his unique methods. The result was a self-imposed eviction from the Friend Zone, and a coaching business that has transformed the lives of many clients.

When Connell set out to find out how to connect with women, he started by rejecting the sketchy routines and pickup lines. He advocates that men date with integrity. Connell takes an immersive approach to help clients learn his methods, and considers himself a self-development coach who specializes in dating.

He is also very clear about the kind of guys he will work with. Connell only takes on about a quarter of those who seek his services, and they must share his respect for women. On nearly every page of his website, he lets prospective clients know that he respects women, and will only work with those who feel the same.

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Changing Mindsets One Client At a Time

Notify me of new posts by email. What Is A Dating Coach? Here are some of the top reasons why people hire a dating coach: Most people are not expressive about what they are looking for or working towards in their love life.

Five Dating Coaches Who Could Help Even The Sorriest Nerd Get A Date

Hiring dating coach changes that! A lot of us are embarrassed to reach out for help when it comes to finding love. We might think it seems desperate or needy to admit that we need guidance to find someone to spend the rest of our lives with. This is why a good dating coach exercises restraint and composure when talking to clients thereby giving them space and liberty to open up freely.

If you want someone to give you responsibility and get you to do things you would never do on your own, hiring a coach is the best solution. Coaching accelerates the learning curve so you can get results faster than on your own. People who specifically need guidance in creating social lifestyles and gaining self-confidence call for the help of a dating coach. These coaches empower and inspire people to be who they are and carry it with confidence.

They help people in gaining more self-belief by ensuring that they consistently find success in their romantic endeavors. Should You Become a Dating Coach?

Connell Barrett Coaches Men to Develop Confidence and Authenticity to Transform Their Dating Lives

The next question is: A dating coach is a bit different from a relationship coach. This will ultimately help in deciphering their weaknesses and helping them convert it into their strengths. A major role of a dating coach is to enable a real shift in the mindsets of the clients and decipher and change their thinking patterns. Because old habits die hard, this requires a great deal of convincing and patience. Accountability keeps you in check in the times of need.

Best Dating Coaches

When you have someone to answer to your natural ways of procrastination gradually fade away. Any advice has to be easy to decipher and implement in order for your clients to get maximum returns from the program or session. As a dating coach, you might even have to help your clients out on the field like at a restaurant or bar! Integrity and Non-Judgement Your clients might come in with a wide range of problems and some of them might be uncomfortable or awkward to listen to. By coming from a place of empathy and non-judgment, you will automatically develop a great connection with your client thereby increasing their trust in you.

Honesty Is The Best Policy: Sometimes you have to be blunt to be kind. Being truthful and straightforward to your client helps a lot in getting the final results! You may even have to tell your client dress better, develop pleasing mannerisms, or speak more elegantly!

Yes, being candid does help! Being a Smart Business Person: This is the biggest and most important trick you need develop.

Authentic Man Within - with Sebastian Callow

Perfecting this skill can take you as a brand and your business a long way to becoming profitable and successful. Check out my free webinar below which guides you through how a coaching business works! Dating Coach Salary Being a dating coach is not all sunshine and a bed of roses. Yes, you are…of course, you are. So why are you waiting? This is my webinar: I will see you on the other side: Pradivya Nambiar on August 8, at 2: Eloisa on August 22, at 1: Submit a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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