Dating a prideful person

How to Get Your Husband or Boyfriend to Understand Your Point of View

Whether in friendship, family, or in romantic relationships — a prideful heart is like a cancer in a relationship. Consumed with self, it will slowly tear down, destroy, and sabotage intimacy and love… because pride ALWAYS comes before a fall. As you take inventory of this aspect of your life, ask yourself some of these questions to determine whether or not your heart is filled with pride: Because only as God empties us of ourselves, we will be able to be filled with His love. What other things have you found to be a good gauge of your level of pride?

Do you find yourself looking down on others for their lack of talents, success, or ambitions?

When Your Pride Becomes The One Thing Standing Between You And Your Happiness | Thought Catalog

Do you tend to talk more about yourself in a conversation rather than give the opportunity to hear about others? Do you find yourself getting defensive and have a hard time accepting criticism? When it comes to daily activities and routines, do you expect others to serve you rather than serving others? Do you like to argue, debate, and prove yourself right? Is it difficult for you to encourage and compliment others?

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Do you find yourself looking down on others when they make poor choices? Do you have difficulty when you are given a suggestion or told what to do?

Is His Stubborn Pride Hurting Your Relationship?

Are you slow to express thanks and gratitude to God and to others? Are you easily offended? Do you hold on to hurts for an extended period of time? Are you quick to criticize or point out the flaws in others?

Two Ways To Kill Your Pride - *Must Watch*

Do you look for opportunities to talk about your accomplishments and success? In the end, the most desperate behavior is that which is governed by fear of coming across as desperate. There are a lot of good options between the two extremes of acting completely unapproachable and unattainable vs being too easy and desperate.

Using a Non-Threatening Approach to Discuss Your Differences

The Bad Pride I have been teaching guys to be proud of their interest in a woman they are interested in, rather than being ashamed of it. About practicalh Practical, effective dating tips and relationship advice.

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