How long has jenny mccarthy and donnie wahlberg dating

You guys love to get it on. You can stop telling us any day now. Hey, remember how Wahlberg and McCarthy really like to horizontal mamba? We've mentioned it a few times now. Anyway, this anecdote about McCarthy thinking she lost her wedding ring doesn't seem all that strange at first.

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Lot's of people have done that, but most of them did it because they accidentally dropped it down a drain or misplaced it after removing it to work near machinery that could rip off a finger if the ring got stuck. Want to take a stab at why McCarthy took hers off? During an interview on Good Day NY via The Huffington Post , McCarthy said, "We were staying in a hotel and you can't have a wedding ring on … It's a little hard to get romantic with diamonds on your hand.

I removed it and put it on the room service table and they came and turned down the room and the ring was gone.

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Why can't you be romantic while wearing a wedding ring? Oh good, Wahlberg was also there to explain: The ring was found wrapped up in the sheets in the hotel laundry room. However, there's still no sign of Wahlberg's dignity after he used the phrase "private time" on live television.

Donnie Wahlberg on Jenny McCarthy (clips)

Another relationship revelation to come out of the aforementioned "smellier the better" Wendy Williams interview was the fact that these lovebirds also have a bunch of ink to forever commemorate their stinky love. Of course, right now you may be thinking, "While ill-advised, it's not that weird for lovers to get tattoos for one another.

Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg: 'No more babies'

She got "Love" tattooed on her index finger and "Donnie" tattooed on on her middle finger. Nope, that's not creepy at all, right? During a typical fawning-all-over-each-other appearance on Rachel Ray , McCarthy and Wahlberg opened up about the romantic vow renewal he planned for their three-year anniversary. He said he rented a theater and staged a candlelit performance by a cellist and guitarist while a "video presentation of all of their time together" was played. That sounds super romantic until you realize that they do this every year.

Just to put this into perspective, here are a few celebrity couples who also renewed their vows annually: Not the greatest track record there. Seal even once admitted that the yearly rededication " kind of turned into a circus. This one is as weird as it sounds, and amazingly, has nothing at all to do with getting it on.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight , Jenny said that when they first started dating they "FaceTimed at least 17 times a day," which has now evolved into them doing it "every single night we're apart" and all night long while they sleep. Seriously, if they get up to pee, do they Snapchat the flush? There are middle schoolers reading this right now, going, "Woah, these two really need to cool it on the puppy love.

You would think that a woman who's so infatuated with her man that she has multiple tattoos for him, an adult toy with his face on it, and must sleep with an open video conference of him snoring on her pillow, would be a tad jealous if another woman made a pass at him. But somehow, this isn't the case with McCarthy and Wahlberg, at least not when it comes to his adoring fans. Although that never poses a problem for MCarthy, who understands the infatuation, and would never "throw back at Donnie and blame him for doing anything.

Did you read that, ladies? The next time you go to grab a handful of Wahlberg's " right stuff " in front of his wife, make sure you have on your NKOTB shirt, and you should be good. McCarthy gave Wahlberg her number after they taped the aforementioned steamy segment, but he played it extremely cool and hung back back for a while before hitting her up.

Armed with the now seemingly lifelong mission to disprove that borderline offensive suggestion, Wahlberg appeared on The View for McCarthy's debut show where, you'll never guess this: They made out in front of everyone! Co-host Barbara Walters was delighted. She told EW , "The fact that she comes on with her boyfriend [is great]. A lot of people say, 'Don't discuss my personal life. Mark Wahlberg and his wife, Rhea Durham, did not attend McCarthy and Donnie's nuptials, which we're positive were full of awkwardly long make out sessions.

They are more than obsessed with each other

Part of the reason this was so juicy was because rumors about Durham hating Jenny have been around since the beginning of the first on-air butt grab. Both couples have long denied the rift, but a year after the wedding no-show, Durham showed a crack in the family's defensive wall when she tweeted — and quickly deleted — an obvious dig at McCarthy. According to the Boston Globe , Durham's zinger went like this: Donnie, the world's second most prolific celebrity tweeter , saw it before the attempt to bury it and fired back: Donnie tried to clear the whole thing up during a Howard Stern via AOL appearance, explaining that he and Mark have such crazy work schedules that they prioritize what little free time they have for family.

Mark's daughter's birthday was the weekend of Donnie's wedding, and in fact, Donnie was absent from Mark's wedding because he was working. There was supposedly never any feud, and Mark even sent some good vibrations Sorry. Oh right, the other brother. Bobby Wahlberg , who no one on Earth has ever heard of, also did not attend the wedding. Though they've both been famous since Reebok Pumps were popular, it took decades for these two to find each other. I mean like really steamy. Being turned on by a guy is always fun but to have it legitimately happen to you on TV is to be turned back into a year-old.

Wahlberg received attention for his role in the film The Sixth Sense , playing the patient of Bruce Willis 's character in the opening sequence. In , Wahlberg co-starred as Second Lieutenant C. Carwood Lipton in the television miniseries Band of Brothers. Graham Yost , executive producer and writer of Boomtown , had worked with him in Band of Brothers and was so impressed by his performance that he wrote the role of Joel Stevens specifically for him. In , he starred as Detective Eric Matthews in the second installment of the Saw series.

The show was cancelled in October due to poor ratings. In , Wahlberg was charged with first-degree arson for setting a fire at a historic hotel in Louisville, Kentucky. Authorities stated that Wahlberg, then known as the "bad boy" of boy band New Kids on the Block, was partying with fellow band member Danny Wood and fans in the early morning hours when Wahlberg dumped vodka on a hallway carpet and set it on fire. Wahlberg was facing up to 20 years in prison, but the charge was later reduced to misdemeanor criminal mischief, and eventually dismissed after Wahlberg agreed to participate in public service videos on fire safety, drug abuse and drunk driving.

Wahlberg married Kimberly Fey on August 20, They filed for divorce on August 13, , citing "irreconcilable differences". Wahlberg is a passionate fan of the Boston Celtics and has been seen attending many of their games.

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He narrated a documentary called "The Association: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Boston , Massachusetts , U. Singer songwriter actor record producer film producer. Pop hip hop blue-eyed soul. New Kids on the Block. New Kids on the Block discography.

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