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The art is really really well made and the voice actors do a good job of bringing the characters to life. If My Heart Had Wings seem really interesting. Does it have choices? Many visual novels have barely any choices at all. I like to have choices so I can replay and go for a different girl.

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It has on sale on steam so I got it. Hope it is good it seems like that kind of VN i would like. Now just debating if I should get the adult patch or keep it like it is.


The uncut patch which also fixes some translation problems and adds back in some scenes that aren't adult requires you to have your PC set to Japanese System Locale. Please Log In to post. This edit will also create new pages on Giant Bomb for: Until you earn points all your submissions need to be vetted by other Giant Bomb users. This process takes no more than a few hours and we'll send you an email once approved.

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Turtlebird95 Follow Forum Posts: Hatoful Boyfriend Apparently it's actually pretty good. Corevi Follow Forum Posts: I haven't read it myself but Clannad is probably what you are looking for. ThunderSlash Follow Forum Posts: ToxicFruit Follow Forum Posts: Mcfart Follow Forum Posts: Clannad and Little Busters.

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Check out the QL: Fallen Follow Forum Posts: While not a dating sim, Steins; Gate is a very good visual novel. Clannad is the place to go if you like the stereotypes of visual novels. It was originally released in , and perfectly shows the merits of the genre even if it feels like familiar territory at this point. Where visual novels shine is in strong writing, interesting characters, and a perspective that can draw you in. Even without the bells and whistles of modern visual novels, Clannad does exactly that.

Spike Chunsoft Release date: March 24, Link: If you enjoy getting your hands dirty with puzzles, the Zero Escape series is perhaps your best bet. There are three games in this series: The first two were only ported to PC in with remastered visuals and new voice acting , as a pack called The Nonary Games, while Zero Time Dilemma stands on its own. In each game, nine people are locked in a place by a mysterious figure using the name Zero. Point-and-click segments challenge you to solve puzzles to escape through each door.

Some of these puzzles get pretty difficult as you go on, like having to decipher an unknown language made of symbols. Zero Escape is grim, but the story is fascinating and well told.

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Choices you make result in different endings, and the games play into it in a way no other visual novel really has. Love Conquers All Games Release date: October 10, Link: As a somewhat traditionally styled visual novel, Ladykiller in a Bind is about socially manipulating a bunch of lusty teenagers. The setting is what rich kids might call a school trip and the rest of us might call a once-in-a-lifetime holiday on a cruise. The Beast has been forced by her twin brother, a manipulative asshole, to pretend to be him for mysterious reasons on this cruise where she wants to be sleeping around, but must keep up appearances so as not to arouse suspicion.

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Social manipulation is the name of the game, choosing the rights words and phrases in the midst of conversation to maintain your disguise as your twin brother while also trying to get with every woman on the cruise. This mix of social manipulation and playing an asshole who is, in herself, pretending to be even more of an asshole is executed brilliantly, and, if you choose to, results in more than a few steamy scenes with other students. Ladykiller in a Bind is an unquestionably adult game. September 8, Link: Steins;Gate is a tale of time travel that explores the complicated web of cause and effect.

Using it, he and others begin to work towards improving the future by influencing past actions. Cause and effect become tangled, the actions of the future affect the past and plunge characters into totally unforseen situations. All sorts of major things can change depending on if you just answer your phone.

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  6. The story never becomes too confusing, thankfully, and Steins;Gate makes every ending count, even the ones where you royally screwed up. Because of that, you see all the characters in a variety of ways, from their best to their worst.

    If My Heart Had Wings

    Afterwards, they feel fleshed out in a way that would otherwise be impossible. February 18, Link: To escape, a student must murder another and then survive a courtroom trial held by their peers. All of the writing and character designs are funny, a contrast to the grim atmosphere of a game about students murdering each other in fits of desperation, with the mysterious and antagonistic Monobear egging them on in crueler and crueler ways. Kaigan Games Release date: October 26, Link: You find a phone on your doorstep, which you soon discover was owned by a woman called Anna, who has gone missing.

    A short video which she filmed shortly before her disappearance implies something evil is afoot, with glitches and jumpcuts in the video designed to unsettle you.