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Jason ends up taking over Sonny's business after Sonny decides to leave the mob since it's too dangerous to his family. Sonny tries to rejoin the mob, but Jason prevents him access. When Jason's friend and trusted associate Damian Spinelli Bradford Anderson is set up and arrested for his illegal activities, Jason is forced to agree to a deal to gain Spinelli's freedom by getting Anthony arrested. The feds renege on their promise, and make Jason get Sonny arrested too, which Jason refuses.

Spinelli is freed when Sam helps Jason destroy the evidence against him. Jason and Sonny reconcile, and Jason gives the business back. Michael wakes up from his year-long coma, and Jason suspects that Claudia is responsible for Michael's shooting. Jason is shot and left to die by Jerry. Sam rescues Jason, and cares for him; the two reconnect.

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He and Sam start dating again as lovers for the first time in 2 years. Jason and Sam find the proof they need to confirm Claudia's involvement in Michael's shooting. They hand it over to Sonny, who confronts Claudia. Cornered, Claudia takes a pregnant Carly hostage, and escapes. To protect Michael, Jason covers up the crime and makes it look like Claudia disappeared.

Jason is stalked by obsessed artist Franco James Franco , who exposes Claudia's murder and gets Michael sent to prison. Jason makes a deal to go to prison to protect Michael, but they are both eventually released.

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After Jake dies in an accident, a grief-stricken Jason realizes how much he wants a family, and proposes to Sam; they get engaged, and marry soon after. During their honeymoon in Hawaii, Sam and Jason are drugged by Franco. He locks Jason in a room, and forces him to watch as he apparently rapes Sam. A paternity test establishes Jason as the father. However, Sam is led to believe that Franco is Jason's fraternal twin brother. Another DNA test shows that Franco is the father, and Jason has a hard time accepting the news, separating the couple.

Jason eventually tries to make amends with Sam the same night she gives birth to a baby boy, but they are led to believe her son died, and mourn the baby's death. It's also revealed that Jason is the baby's father because Heather switched the paternity test. The baby's "death" causes Jason and Sam's marriage to deteriorate, and they agree to divorce. Jason eventually figures out that the baby that died wasn't Sam's.

He and Sam are eventually reunited with their son, whom they name Daniel Edward Morgan.

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Not long after he disappears, Sam finds out Jason is Danny's biological father. Almost two years later, Jason was revealed to be alive, being held captive by Victor Cassadine Thaao Penghlis. Victor gets Robin to revive Jason, then has him locked up to use his abilities. Jason manages to escape, only to be hit by a car. He is brought to General Hospital, and has multiple reconstructive surgeries to his face.

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Jason Billy Miller wakes up with amnesia, and is tended to by Elizabeth. He believes his name to be Jake. Helena Cassadine Constance Towers uses "Jake" through mind control to carry out her sinister plans. In the meantime, he and Elizabeth grow closer. When Jason is caught for his crimes, they find a chip inside his head that Helena uses to control him. Jason undergoes surgery to remove the chip, but still can't remember his real identity. Soon after, Hayden Barnes Rebecca Budig arrives, claiming to be "Jake's" wife, but she is exposed as a fraud.

Elizabeth learns "Jake"'s identity, but keeps it a secret to pursue a relationship with Jason. Elizabeth and Jason's son, Jake, is found alive and being held captive by Helena. He asks Sam for help to figure out his real identity. Spinelli and Carly figure out "Jake" is actually Jason. Jason still can't remember his past, and decides to divorce Sam so he can marry Elizabeth.

Sam figures out that Elizabeth knew who Jason was, and tells him. Heartbroken over her deception, Jason breaks up with Elizabeth.

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  • While dealing with Jake's anger over his father leaving, Jason grows closer to Sam, and the two slowly start to rebuild their relationship. When Jake is almost hit by a car and Jason saves Sam from an explosion, the two eventually agree to start over. Sam asks Jason for a divorce, though, hoping to not pressure Jason into remembering their past. Jason's memory finally returns, and he reconnects with his family and friends; despite reconnecting with Sonny, Jason decides not to go back into the mob for the sake of his family.

    Jason goes on the run with Sam when he is accused of murder. They find the evidence to clear Jason's name, and return to Port Charles. After returning, Sam found out that she was pregnant, and Jason was ecstatic; he proposed to Sam, and they remarried soon after. Jason investigated the car bombing that killed Morgan Corinthos Bryan Craig , Sonny and Carly's son, in an attempt to clear Sonny's name.

    Jason ends up rescuing Sam after Olivia kidnaps her. Sam goes into labor, and Jason is forced to deliver their daughter, Emily Scout Morgan. Jason tries to help Sonny leave the mob, but ends up getting shot in an ambush. He goes into a coma for several weeks. At the same time, a man known as "Patient 6" Burton is seen in Russia with Jason's original face. Patient 6 makes his way back to Port Charles, just as Jason wakes up.

    Patient 6 claims to be Jason, and is eventually believed to be the real Jason by many.

    Franco, proven to not be Jason's twin brother, reveals that Jason did have a twin brother named Andrew, but they do not know where he is. It's revealed that Andre Maddox Anthony Montgomery used Jason and Andrew as part of a memory-mapping experiment, putting Jason's memories into Andrew, making them both believe they're Jason. Jason decides to find Faison, in hopes of figuring out why he and Drew were abducted.

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    Meanwhile, he and Sam file for divorce, as she decides to stay with Drew. On January 22, , Jason was fighting for Sam, in order to stop the wedding, but it was to late when she married Drew. But Kelly during an interview specified that there are no romantic affairs going on between her and Billy. The picture … is a little more intimate than it is. So we hang out with friends and socialize outside of work. Is Jordan Schlansky Real? Who is David Goggins Wife? Waiting for December to start like Game Of Thrones Follow.

    Kelly Monaco Married, Husband, Net Worth, Billy Miller, Wiki, Bio

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