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Bar Patron uncredited Sylvan Shen Club Patron uncredited Brittney Skye Porn Actress uncredited Phyllis Smith Andy's Mother uncredited Wyatt Smith Boy at Wedding uncredited Kira Turnage Customer uncredited Penny Vital Nonetheless, I still think the film wears out its welcome at minutes. I think the movie would work better with a tighter cut. Despite that issue, I still came away from Virgin with a positive impression.

It may get tedious after a while, but it includes more than its fair share of laughs, and those help us get through the slower moments.

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None of it seems gratuitous, though, and it brings real humor to matters. It revels in its crudeness to great effect. The presence of a terrific cast sure helps. After years on The Daily Show and supporting roles in flicks like Bruce Almighty , he gets the chance to take the lead, and he embraces it. A terrific actor, Keener brings depth to Trish, and the guys who attempt to get Andy laid also add life to the movie.

Rudd is almost a revelation, largely because my most recent experience with his work comes from his recurring role during the last two seasons of Friends. The movie lags at times and needs to lose a good half an hour. Still, too long and hilarious beats the hell out of quick-paced and lame. While some of the movie looked quite good, many other moments seemed problematic. Sharpness usually appeared acceptably accurate and detailed.

At times, however, I found the image to come across as somewhat fuzzy and soft, with lesser definition seen in some of the wide shots. Nonetheless, most of the movie appeared clear and appropriately focused. As for print flaws, I saw a few specks and marks, but nothing excessive. The movie also looked moderately grainy during some sequences. Colors were fairly accurate, though they seemed to be a little murky at times.

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Black levels were fairly deep and rich, but shadow detail was mediocre. Low-light shots offered decent delineation at best. Ultimately, this was a watchable but erratic transfer.

Why The 40-Year-Old Virgin was almost never made

Surround usage stayed limited most of the time. In those forward channels, the music provided good stereo separation and opened up the mix reasonably well. The track functioned appropriately for the story. Audio quality appeared fine. Dialogue was consistently warm and natural, and speech displayed no concerns related to edginess or intelligibility.

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  4. Music lacked much low-end much of the time. Otherwise the music came across as acceptably distinctive.

    The Year-Old Virgin: Unrated ()

    All of them sit together for this running, screen-specific discussion, though Hill arrives late. With so many participants, I feared this track would become disorganized and incoherent. Happily, it always stays pretty focused.

    The 40 Year Old Virgin 4 8 Movie CLIP Date a palooza 2005 HD YouTube

    Lots of joking occurs as well, and we even learn how the Bible teaches us ways to pick up chicks. This proves to be an informative and entertaining commentary that never turns messy or chaotic. Six Deleted Scenes run a total of 12 minutes, 45 seconds. The next four components all offer additional cut footage. They continue to be entertaining and informative. After this we get a three-minute and second Waxing Doc.

    This gives us behind the scenes shots of the waxing sequence and begins and ends with comments from Carell. Nothing substantial appears here, but it acts as a cute glimpse of the production.