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But the General rule is like you demonstrated, don't bring your work home and home to work. LoveYourTime Yeah I would hear my ex complain about people at work but cops seem like they have really dreary experiences from my perspective. Dating Soldiers and Police officers is always difficult. If you ask my personal opinion on this matter, I could marry a cop but I have no intension to have children in my life and thats why I believe it can work out. Service women in Military and Police is impossible to have children,.

Honestly, I'm looking for a woman in law enforcement to be with. I used to be and I know that I will understand and be able to support them. Regular civilian woman just don't get it. They don't understand what life really is or how different you see the world after being an LEO of any kind. I would be concerned that too many male officers would hit on you.

Also, many police bring their aggressions and dominance home. I would have no problem marrying female police officer my grandma was married to Deputy Sheriff I've always been a law biting citizen. I voted NO because I really don't like the police.

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The only cops that have been decent to me are the Chicago cops. Too much stuff going on to harass you over petty BS. I'll give you an example. Recently my friend from Jersey got pulled over in a small suburb outside of Tucson. The cop asked "what's this? The cop didn't recognize the license so he gave him 3 tickets.

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I changed the swear word to bang since it's on a website and don't know what their policy is with swear words. But from my group of friends I heard that same or similar statements from 4 different guys. I personally don't think I could deal with a woman that works as a police officer seriously or not, just don't think it would work out. I have a negative view of anyone who enforces laws against victimless crimes, such as drug use, consensual prostitution, gambling.

But I think someone who works to tackle crimes which do have victims such as rape, assault, murder, theft, is a good person and doing a worthwhile job. So if you're only dealing with homicide, great. But if to get to that point you had to put a lot of nonviolent drug users behind bars, then that is bad in my view. Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 30 of Would you guys date or marry a female COP?

Of late, I have been going out and spending time out a lot with an objective to meet an attractive and like-minded girl. I come across attractive female COPs hanging out alone in coffee shops. Oh, well, patrolling is their duty and in that case, they are patrolling coffee shops. Coming to the issue at hand, a COP profession is a male dominated profession and since their day to day job is law enforcement, the female COPS could be dominating and prove dictatorial in the relationship. Most female cops look masculine, while quite a few of them are cute, attractive, and feminine as well.

They look hot in the uniform and with the guns. If you guys come across a cute and feminine female COP, would you date or marry her? If anyone of you were in a relationship with a female COP, share your experiences. No, I never would. A woman that becomes a cop doesn't have the traits that I look for in a woman. You'd be surprised how many of the women in dominant positions in work beg a man to absolutely dominate them in the sack and run the house. Not sure I'd marry, but fuk? They work excessively long hours in a high stress job, spending a long time with male coworkers.

People in law enforcement along with lawyers have a high rate of divorce and infidelity. Everything you need to know about becoming a male stripper: Loved being railed and dominated.

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Did not marry one of them. I'm in the emergency services and work side by side with them often.

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  • Originally Posted by ymer. Originally Posted by Kulvich. LEO checkin in No. Op all women even the "alpha " ones want a man to dominate them , but to answer your question I'd pipe and wife up a cop. One, a relative of mine, did so while she was married. Originally Posted by Studi0sity. I also know a girl who wants to become a cop, she's in the coast guard right now. As far as I'm concerned any chick who willingly goes into and spends any considerable amount of time in a male dominated environment is a slut unless she's obviously butch.

    Disagree with the statement about lawyers though. I have known many cases of lawyers happily married to other lawyers and also lawyers both males and females happily married to non-lawyers. Many lawyers work in public offices, non-profit organizations, and also volunteer their time for public causes after spending tons of money and a lot of hard work to get through law schools.

    You find a lot of lawyers who are presidents eg. Obamas, Clintons , senators, mayors that run the country, here in the US, and a vast majority of them are happily married and are well-respected. You realize humans need sustenance to live, right?

    A Day In The Life: Confessions From Female Police Officers

    I eat small meals every hours to keep my metabolism active. I'm sure cops eat more than once a day too. Originally Posted by Thee3ternal. Last edited by BDSandM; at They still make it look good, though. Especially, when they get enough flack for being behind the wheel in the first place at their age. These bribes are usually something harmless like a tootsie roll for a warning. Monetary bribes are a whole other story.

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    In all honesty, the police officer who performed a background check on you after agreeing to a date probably only did so because he or she was curious and could. They take their work home with them The hardest part about being a police officer is not being able to sleep at night after seeing something unpleasant or heartbreaking. Finding bodies, bringing children to hospitals, and breaking up domestic disputes follow cops home with them at the end of the day.

    Sometimes, these traumatic memories carry over into other cases and it can be difficult to separate the bad from the good. Comradery is a favorable trait when you work in law enforcement but so is honesty. All police officers are equal under the law and should be behaving as such. Carrying a gun comes with a lot of baggage and more often than not, police officers hesitate whether they should shoot their gun.

    When this happen, internal affairs launches an investigation almost immediately. First of all, police officers are trained when it comes to driving under the influence and casing a suspect when they need to. Second, of all, a number of adult beverages you had that night are probably written all over your face, anyway. Just save every the time, trouble, and danger and call a cab.

    27 secret confessions from policemen and women

    They most certainly do! This one is just common sense, people. In reality, officers get truly bored when they have to be in court. Out on the streets is where the real action happens. Sometimes dealing with handfuls of people can be tedious and redundant. Any decent police officer, male or female, prefers to escort a solo woman home if they see her out in the middle of night. Believe it or not, these bunnies are real. Apparently, the cops who get hit on more than not or usually male and happen to be buff.