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But, more about that next week! I had reached the end of my patience with dating. I looked at my life, and everything else was going really well. It was only dating that was making me unhappy, and I felt less and less incentive to take the time and energy out of all the parts of my life I did like for something that was feeling like a waste of my time. The same day I made this determination, I went to game night.

Attending for the first time was Future Boyfriend, who I had met a couple of times prior, always at big parties. But this time, we sat next to each other while we played Resistance, and he tried to convince everyone I was a spy instead of him, and I tried not to flirt with him. As the night wore on, this proved to be more and more difficult, but I was determined! In some circles, this might have been considered a failure of not making effort, but I was secretly pleased. Two days later, Future Boyfriend asked me on a date.

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A less discerning individual could not have been faulted for thinking it was a Maybe Date , but I knew. It was a date. I spent the requisite amount of time agonizing over what to wear: I wore the skirt. He was a gentleman. We made it to date two. After date two, there was another game night. And a puzzle room. And a sprained toe. And rushing Nala to the emergency vet together late at night. And some frank conversations. One might extrapolate from this story that not making effort was a winning strategy. A few months before the above events, I ran into Future Boyfriend at a party.

We barely talked, but he sent me a friend request on Facebook, so I invited him to my birthday party. Then, in a somewhat uncharacteristic move on my part, I invited him to go to a wedding with me. At my birthday party, I felt like I had no time to talk to anyone.

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But when I found out he was leaving, I carved out the time to have a short conversation with him. I went to game night. I probably would have gone anyway. But due to my freakish memory, I knew he would be there.

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You never know when and how past efforts may pay off. So much of being social is about planting seeds. You put the seed in the ground, and if you can, you give it a little sun, a little water, and you wait and see. Sometimes nothing comes of it. Sometimes some shoots begin to emerge from the soil. Sometimes it takes more time, and sometimes it takes less. And they show up, and they match you. And you are even happier than you were before.

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When I was getting divorced, I read a piece of advice that has stuck with me ever since. A ten never marries a one. It has nothing to do with particular traits or talents or some idea that people marry others who are exactly the same as they are. No, to me, it simply means this: So when we look at a dysfunctional relationship, both people are contributing to the dysfunction. This does not excuse certain behaviors. It is not a value judgment, and it is not a statement of blame although it can feel like one.

It is simply a recognition that a dynamic takes two people to exist. It is a harsh truth, and I took it to heart. In fact, I recall repeating it at inopportune moments to friends trying to console me. But while it might be painful, it is also a truth that restores agency. In being willing to take some responsibility, we can explore how we might act differently in the future. And that is what I did. I asked myself some tough questions. I looked deep inside myself, and I tried not to flinch.

In particular, I looked for my behaviors that were preventing me from getting what I wanted, and I looked for the cracks and old wounds that contributed to those behaviors. And then I began the slow process of trying to change. This is incredibly tricky to do. Partly, this is because humans love our patterns, and we fall very easily into dynamics that feel comfortable.

Mind you, they may not make us happy or help us fulfill our long-term goals. There is comfort in familiarity, even if it is a miserable comfort. As a result, we tend to repeat ourselves again and again. Sometimes things can look very different on the surface, only to end up rubbing against the same old wound underneath. Totally possible, but also challenging. And I had to learn to accept what I need instead of feeling like I should be constantly apologizing for it.

And also, you know, that maybe this would give me the necessary time and space to find someone who would actually meet a bunch of my needs. I will probably always hate walking away. I will probably always hate even the idea of walking away. But what matters is not how I feel about it, but that I know I can and will do it if and when it becomes necessary.

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So what has come of all this work, you might be asking. Last you heard from me, back a couple of months ago, I was talking about dating fatigue. I was, truth be told, feeling like dating was kind of a waste of my time. Well, life, it has been changing once more. I was happy to pay for myself or be treated as long as I could tell what was happening. After all, we all still know I am capable of opening the car door myself, right?

But I was wrong. Dating as a feminist has been different. And I have stopped dating more than one person at least partially because of their beliefs, attitudes, and statements about gender. The first time I stopped dating someone because of this, I cried while delivering the news. I cried partly because I was having trouble believing it was actually happening, that this was a reason that had actually come up in my life. In an instant, you realized money does not impress her, thoughtfulness and kindness impresses her and you loved her more for it. She will teach you to see the world through softer eyes.

She has the utmost respect for her loved ones, for strangers, for Earth, you are mesmerized by her kindness, her empathy, her compassion for all things living. You knew she was rubbing off on you when you called your friend a litter bug after he chucked his cigarette butt out the window. She will show you that there is beauty in imperfection. When she was 7, her Dad took her to the animal shelter to adopt her first kitten, quickly after arriving, she left happily, with a mangy looking, 5 year old cat in her arms.

Every day with her will feel like an adventure. She has you trying new things on a consistent basis and just when you think you can barely keep up with her, she turns around and hands you a simple, quiet day and yet somehow, it is still just as memorable as the days full of adventure. Primarily based on data collected by the internet dating a great man for singles.

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