Patron saint of dating couples

Then pray some more. A lonely old age in the nursing home? But while we may not know the answers to those questions, God does, and he seems to have granted his disciple Matthew, the once shady tax-collector, special intercessory powers to help us deal with our money questions.

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Iphone on the fritz? No computer-savvy spouse to call? So, there you have it: Eleven saints for the single Catholic. And obviously, the list might have some value for married, ordained, and consecrated Catholics too. The saints, after all, are equal opportunity intercessors. All you have to do is ask. The views expressed here are those of the author, and do not necessarily represent the views of CatholicVote.

Emily Stimpson is a freelance writer, based in Steubenville, Ohio.

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You could definitely see your expertise within the work you write. At all times go after your heart. I needed your list! What do Men Have to Offer? Second judge stops religious protection rule nationwide Calif. AG on Obamacare Ruling: Get to Know the Knights of Columbus. Such are the glories of married life, glories of which my single self can only dream.

11 Saints for the Single Catholic (And Married Catholics Too)

Married couples can pray for intercession to strengthen their marriages. Failed GOP presidential nominee and newly minted Utah These are so cute! Understanding The Anxious Avoidant That's the thing about real soulmates, it's not about sick syrupy love, it's about relationships which expose you to your own truth. These are relationships which take you beyond yourself and your comfort zones and very often become incredibly threatening in their intensity.

That's the whole idea really, to take away your sense of control. I have one really close friendship with another psychic whose energy is so like mine that people constantly confuse us.

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This in spite of the fact we look nothing alike and come from totally different backgrounds. This tendency to see us both as one unit has been validated over and over again by Native healers and spiritual practitioners. It's gotten to the point that we don't even bother to correct people anymore.

It doesn't do any good. It also doesn't do us any good to fight against it. The energy of this relationship seems to transcend it's individual components, the 'we' being far greater than the individual "I". There have been times both of us have wished the other one would some how drop off the face of the planet. We really are not that much alike and do get on each other's nerves. It doesn't do us any good. The meddlesome angels that work with us seem to feel we need this relationship--or they need it--so whenever there's been a major falling out, it's always been shortly followed by a situation in which we're forced back into relying on each other.

It's interesting how that situation usually involves one or the other of our children. Our children love us both equally, and truth be told we love each other's children as much as our own, and yet we're not partners in any usual sense of that word. It's all very mystifying.

People ask me all the time about this notion of soulmate. I always tell them to be careful what they ask for because they may not have a real clue about what they are getting themselves in for. Anything that involves Raphael is going to be joyful but it's also going to push every button you have and stretch everything you thought you knew about relationships.

The story of Tobiah and Sarah illustrates this point quite well. If you haven't ever read the book of Tobit it's a great Jewish story. In it Raphael is his typical self. Encouraging a terrified Tobiah to marry Sarah in spite of the small problem of the seven previous dead husbands. Raphael tells Tobiah his and Sarah's relationship was made before their births, and so Tobiah needs to suck it up and do a little demon cleansing and then everything will be righteous and joyful.

In the meanwhile Sarah is sure she and her jealous demon hanger-on will be the cause of yet another death and awaits her husband with resigned trepidation. Her father is so sure of the outcome he has his servants secretly dig a graveto avoid more family embarrassment. Morning comes and the maid is sent upstairs to check on the inevitable dead husband only to find him still living.

Pray to These 8 Catholic Saints for Love Help in Dating & Marriage

Sarah's father then has his servants secretly fill in the graveto avoid more family embarrassment. Nothing like a pair of soulmates to turn everyones life upside down. All parties live to a ripe and full old age and Raphael eventually tells Tobit and Tobiah the truth about himself, and then ascends into heaven.

The book of Tobit is sort of an angelic soap opera, but it's also a treatise on the importance of self giving in the scheme of things. In the final chapter Raphael gives his own version of the Sermon On The Mount, stressing compassionate connection with the less fortunate as the cure for evil.