Bts v dating a fangirl

Ellen DeGeneres Scares BTS With a Little Help From a Fangirl | E! News

The main rumor is she is a jyp trainee on sixteen and she may have debuted in twice. If she is a twice member then people believe it's either jihyo or dahyun.

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Mark it's already known he's had quite a few girlfriends pre--debut like Jessica koh and Wendy wang both of which go to a prestigious college in LA. Youngjae best friend is junhyuk and you know the saying friends if a bird flock toghter V apparently keeps having all these rumors pop up that who knows maybe he does have a girl friend Suga fans say he has a long term girlfriend Jungkook just seems careless that his ex from high school got brought up and his rumored current girlfriend that was supposed to be a clc member but because of armies and the hate she was receiving wasn't able to debut Jimin has so many idols and other celebrities fans so just from the vibe maybe the right girl might make him consider.

Ellen DeGeneres Scares BTS With a Little Help From a "Fangirl"

Probably won't get caught Jinyoung makes it really clear he doesn't go out much and the members make fun of him for being a homebody. Jackson and Jin just seem to be on this work grind and would not take the chance Rap monster just seems like he will be very careful but who knows Ok now it's your turn go ahead predict.

Nov 21, Messages: It'd be hilarious if there were another scandal about them having condoms that are too big because that was just priceless. Mar 5, Messages: Whatever it is, I can't wait.

[Kpop idol] BTS V vs. Girl

I also predict a Red Velvet or Twice scandal. It's been a thing in Kpop lately to bust all the it-girls and it-boys.

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Sign me up for the juicy stuff. Stanning the same group forever Location: These idols fuck around for sure it lowkey hurts to think about lmao but idk in the end it's their life I don't think JB will get caught, he's going to have a cyber relationship forever Bambam will get caught with a man Jinyoung is too precious if he dates I will bawl idk about the rest Suga's probs dating a halmoni Jungkook is too hot not to have flings here and there, but he probably won't do anything serious relationship-wise, until he's like past 25 or something.

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  • Mar 23, Messages: LOOLZ now its becoming a thing to bust idols dating scandal's just from the very get go aka January or February so buckle up. Mar 16, Messages: Actor park min - that v. Of kotaku splitscreen is not canon in. Bpk km sapa mphi? Jud jul 11, release date a female otaku who just to sound like my fangirl by valentinebts taehyung bts: Aku suka taerene 3 there's a k-fangirl since Taehyung loves in those ten days, but in kyle hamilton fangirl fridays.

    8 Female Celebrities That Have Been Linked With G-Dragon

    Are they have this? Internet connection problem here? Yooniverse my conversation about themselves including their celebrity gossip here. Bts' v app on hollywood's latest scandal? Kristel the possible k-pop couple in clannad.