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Chris Winters

I feel that that would be a really good addition to the story plot. Alexandrea I kicked Keegan where it counted. I am still disappointed in Chris I know its a game but they give us all these choices and we do pay extra for these. Never dated anyone else!

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Yet The first time Chris faces that test he fails. To end it on a cliffhanger. Keegan basically forced himself on her. Chris did not give a crap.

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Im sorry but every girl has a right to make it clear that boundary is NOT one you cross without permission. Keegan paid for it, but so did the MC Who deserves way better.

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Is it me or are all Megans speeches to the MC when Chris is away getting ridiculously similar to a a comic or movie villain revealing their evil plot as they laugh like a maniac and lighting flashes behind them? In Wax helm drew national tours.

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Love interest of Arrow along he accepted the Primettes signed on The, Pyramid. Banana I bet that they're working on more quests right now, but the most recent one I went on was the London one. Chris is by far my favorite character to date, I'd feel weird dating Professor Hunt or Ethan Caz Is there any time were you stop paying to see him or not because I can't keep paying and when can I date Harrison I unlocked him and he walks around my plots but in the dating thing Harrison doesn't show up, how do I get him do I need to do a quest and does Harrison cost diamonds to date as well?

PLZ answer me soon. Also that guy forse kisses you when you go to the movie premiere with Chris? That is so weird.

Dating Chris winters - Hollywood U: Rising Stars Answers for Android

But ya Harrison like Addison. I hope they do a Quest about that, it would be fun and cute. Mon, 05 Nov Dec 10, ESRB: Dating Chris winters I dated Chris winters in the game. Chrissyt11, Dec 27, Guest How come when I've been on a date with someone and the I click on my profile the dating pic still says 'comming soon' Posted on: Still not getting maybe we should wait Posted on: ChanceOfLove He shows up again to take you to his home town Posted on: Fashion I just finished a date with Chris at his movie premiere were a guy forced kissed me and Chris leaves without leaving me time to explain what happens next need to know no dates after Posted on: Jessi After the movie premiere with Chris for renagade rider he got on the plane and it said keep playing for more what did it mean will I have to do more quests to date him again or will I have to wait for awhile for him to appear to date again Posted on: