Libra woman dating

Dating the Libra woman

We like poetry as much as we like nights out on the town. We like candlelit dinners and nice wine, but nothing gaudy or over the top. Which is maybe one of the most important aspects of a relationship allow your imagination to roam…. We know how to turn on the charm.

How to Attract a Libra Woman

Our homeostasis is healing. We only feel as good as we are making other people feel good, if not better. Romance is inherently melodramatic. The difference is that we just exist in that state all the time. We absolutely love to treat ourselves, and we want to bring you along.

Our ideal day is getting a massage and our favorite meal and so on. Venus rules sex, and Venus rules Libra. While that says something about our sexual appetites, it also says something more about the way we come across. We embody and appreciate and are very conscious of our sexuality. Libras need to be as zen and relaxed as possible.

When we throw ourselves in, we throw ourselves hard. Dating a Libra woman is like signing up to be loved more than you ever thought was possible. To navigate the complicated communication style of a Libra woman in love, it will be useful to understand the stages of relationships in astrology. Relationships are complicated, and people change as they grow and develop. This change follows a logical progression, following what is known in astrology as the Houses. The first stage of a relationship, or the stage you are getting to know each other is the 1st House.

As you are starting to become friends and get more comfortable with each other, you enter into an 11th House relationship. Intimate and romantic relationships are the province of the 5th House. Marriages and committed long-term partnership belong to the 7th House. To get the best results from this series, you should use the Ascendant, or Rising Sign. For this you will need the date, time, and place of her birth. With this you can go to either of these sites: Astrodienst or Astrolabe to get a free birthchart, which will tell you the sign of her Ascendant.

If you do not know her birth information, it is just fine to go by her Sun Sign. The information will still apply. The first stage of a relationship, any relationship, is the 1st House, which is the sign itself, in this case, Libra. You have just met or you are going on your first few dates.

This is a crucial time in a relationship, because it will determine whether you will meet again.

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This is the stage that is the most difficult with a Libra women, because she will generally say the same things whether she likes you or not. What is important at this stage is not what she says , but what she does. Below are the early signs a Libra woman likes you and is attracted to you. A Libra woman will rarely refuse any request outright, especially not from someone she does not know very well.

Libra women are adept at agreeing with you, and then doing exactly what they want to do anyway. So, if you ask a Libra woman for her phone number, she will be unlikely to say no. That does not mean she will actually give it to you. You may find that somehow the topic of conversation has changed and ends with you never actually getting her number.

She may give you what looks like her number with a few numbers conveniently missing or illegible. She may give you an out and out false number. The key to understanding a Libra woman, especially in the early stages, is that in her eyes harmony is far, far more important than honesty. Being rude is a much greater crime to her than lying. In the rare event that she does not like you but still gives you her number, she will never answer the phone when you call. So, if she gives you her real telephone number, and she actually answers the phone when you call, this is one of the sure signs a Libra woman likes you and is attracted to you.

Just as a Libra woman would not refuse when asked for her phone number, she would not refuse if you asked her out on a date. If she likes you and wants to go out with you, though, she will generally make it easy to actually schedule the date.

If she does not like you, it will be ridiculously impossible to pin her down to a date, time, and place. She will change the subject, she will be busy any time you suggest, and so forth. If you do corner her in a way she cannot charm her way out of, she will not show up for the actual date. She is unlikely to call you to cancel herself.

A Guide to Dating a Libra Woman

She may talk a friend into letting you know, or she just might not show up at all without saying a word. So, if you have scheduled a date with her, and she shows up, this is one of the sure signs that a Libra woman likes you. A Libra woman will almost always be pleasant with people who she does not know well. She will smile a lot, and she is skilled at the art of conversation. For this reason, if you want to date a Libra woman, it will be a good idea to know a genuine smile from a fake one.

If you see her bottom teeth, is usually a fake smile. The next stage of a relationship is where you are start to develop a friendship. This stage is the 11th House. The 11th House from Libra is Sun-ruled Leo. This is where Libra women shine! When a Libra woman starts to feel comfortable around you, her careful courtesy will give way to artistry and drama. She will become playful and vivacious. Here are the signs a Libra woman likes you and is feeling comfortable around you.

A Libra woman will always dress well, at least in public. In the early stages of a relationship, her clothing and make-up will be perfect for the occasion, not too formal, not too casual. She will look very nice, but not nice enough to outshine others or to stand out. When she becomes comfortable with you, however, she will show off her natural artistic ability in many ways, including in her appearance.

So, if a Libra woman you are dating shows up looking stunningly gorgeous, it is a clear sign that she is warming up to you. Libra women love social interaction, and when they start to open up, they can not help but flirt. There is a special artistry to flirtation, and Libras are extraordinarily gifted in it.

Darkside Of The Libra Woman In Relationships

She will, of course, flirt with you, but if you are out with friends, particularly male friends, she might flirt with them too. This may make you feel jealous and insecure, but it is really not something to worry about. When a Libra woman flirts with you or around you, it is because she is feeling comfortable enough around you to let out her playful side.

If you confronted her about flirting with others, she would probably deny it. She likely would not realize or believe she was doing it, because of course, if she was flirting with someone else with you there, it would be incredibly rude.

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She probably had no idea of just how flirtatious she was being and thought she was just having fun. The other reason not to worry is that the fact that she continues to date you is one of the best signs a Libra woman likes you. A Libra woman rarely, if ever, does anything she truly does not want to do. Libra is a cardinal sign. Cardinal signs are the leaders of the zodiac. So, if a Libra woman starts to flirt shamelessly, with you or around you, this is a very good sign. It shows that she likes you enough to relax and play when you are around.