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Have I mentioned the freedom? Embrace your independence and build up that confidence while you're at it. Do yourself a favor, and stop thinking of yourself as aging milk. You do not have an expiration date, after which point you will cease to be worth anything to anyone else. Once you've really had a chance to figure out who you are and what you want out of life, you're less likely to end up with someone who's actually all wrong for you.

Stop freaking out about not having been on a date in who knows how long and live a little already. Skip to main content. Get Updates Facebook Twitter. The Hunt For Justice Snapped. Being single is not the end of the world. It's a good opportunity get to know yourself. It empties your life of needless distraction. It gives you time to get on your grind. A dry spell can teach you that being single won't kill you. Sometimes it's better if love finds you later in life. Are You a Victim of the Dating Apocalypse?

You May Also Like Its just how life is, but don't pretend its not real. If you're being flooded with guys, there's no doubt that at least a few are a good match, and you might be overlooking them. A lot of guys here are just a little sore from being one of those overlooked guys and are frustrated. Don't get angry with them It's common knowledge that the average woman even if mediocre will get tens to hundreds of messages a day where the average male is lucky to get ten messages a month.

Im the same way and Ive been told Im fairly attractive as a male but do not experience any of this flooding so.. Honey, you just need to open your legs while sat at a bar, and you'll have 5 guys offering to buy you a drink. Meanwhile one guy pointing at his crotch will get called creep by all the women at the bar, and a bouncer will throw him out. In all fairness, it is a message board specifically intended for questions addressed to men and you derailed the discussion by trying to make it about you a woman receiving too much attention. You also come across as a compete cunt in your other replies, which is enough to earn downvotes in most people's books, reddiquette be damned.

Because you can have sex literally whenever you want to. At any given moment you can leave the house, head into town, and return with a sexual partner in under an hour. It's just not the same for women. Jesus, I see what some women were talking about in the "are women welcome" thread yesterday. Lots of bitter dudes here. On the contrary, she's been defeated with facts, logic, civility, and kindness. Essentially nobody returned her animosity and aggressiveness. We explained to her why she was wrong, as one might explain something to a five year old, or to a retard, patiently and lovingly.

And it makes for some great video. I've been told by other guys at the track that it "Looks like Grandpa is late for dialysis! Well a key feature of the app is to show who is nearby you. So to speed up the whole meeting up process. Even on the site they said they made this app to meet on the go. And not be like other traditional dating sites where you have to sit on front of your computer where you could possibly be 0 feet away from your next encounter. Perhaps, but it seems to have completely replaced other dating methods and is the only way to meet gay guys short of going to clubs, it seems.

I'm a college kid. I don't have the money for a new phone, nor time to go out and meet guys. Well smart phones are cheap now anyways. Mine was only and my plan is about But as for the no time thing. Can't help you with that. I'm on a 4 year dry spell, but it's self inflicted. I had a very serious drug problem, so I completely put off dating in order to work on myself. I have 14 months in 3 days. Also had a serious problem, and life is great. Being sober helps major in the dating department.

Try cocaine, you won't taste anything, but it won't matter, because you won't eat for 2 days! Swallow your pride and get yourself some vodka cranberries or alcopops. If anyone gives you shit for it, smash your cocktail glass over their head and stab them with the curly straw. I've been sober for 3. Well, I was up until a few months ago - I started smoking a little weed here and there. I actually don't have many problems getting girls, I'm just focusing on working out my life problems lately. But thanks for the support, bro. I'm signed up to a few dating sites, and I'm actually fairly serious about it.

I only contact women that I think I'm gonna have some kind of connection with.

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Being a guy, it's not easy to get some kind of response, but when I do, wether it's just email or text messages, or if I actually get to meet them , everything seems to be going great and suddenly they go silent. No response to anything, and I'm left wondering wtf I did wrong. I just don't get it, and it's really starting to do my head in. Women on those sites get a crapload of men emailing them. You know how you wander into a store that has a whole bunch of stuff you want, and you'll wander from item to item thinking "I want that..

I think that's what's happening here. Women have a lot of choice, so they can afford to lounge around and shop around. They don't really even have to be polite either. It's not required when you're in demand. That's the weird thing. One of the sites isn't a free for all, you get matched by the system supposedly based on a personality quiz. It happens a lot. I get a ton of messages from guys.

I don't respond at all if it's one line. From an opening message, I like to see a paragraph or two. Long enough to see some common interests and start a conversation. The problem I have is that I'll start having a conversation and their posts will get longer and longer and longer until it takes me hours to respond. Then I start putting it off because I'm ridiculously busy and those hours are a couple more hours I could spend sleeping.

I always intend to reply, but then I realize it's been a few weeks or a month. I can't say that this happens for every woman, but I find super, super long messages daunting, even if I'm otherwise enjoying the conversation. In that case, why not skip the crap and say "Hey, you're fun to talk to. Let's go hang out! That way you don't have to worry about responding, and you can get to the part that's important: Because that is overly aggressive in online dating and has a really good chance of scaring women off.

After a few messages, what's the point of dragging it out? A few messages to establish a connection, then it's off to the real world. I've gone on plenty of dates who I asked out quickly. I've never dated online, but really? How many messages are considered standard before a short face-to-face meeting? Or at least a skype? I'd never gotten beyond the first reply, so I can't tell you. I think that's just online dating in general. I start talking to them, we have nice chats, meet up, have a nice date, then I refuse to respond if the question isn't a well worded sentence about something on my profile.

Yeah that's one thing I've found frustrating. It's worth trying to ask for a reason if they stop talking to you, sometimes that gets you some perspective. It's something I've heard somewhere. Water falling from the sky supposedly Like everyone said, try looking for girls in the real world.

Also, try meeting a girl from somewhere outside of your comfort zone. Maybe your perfect match is someone who does yoga?

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Or someone who happens to be a part of the local rock climbing club? You get the picture. Branch out and force yourself into new environments. You may find someone special. I just recommend this because it seems like the "same old routine" doesn't seem to be working for you. Then the solution is quite simple, and fortunately exciting as well; break the routine.

What about going to a yoga class just to try it out, and the fact that there are women around just makes meeting them more convenient? I'm thinking of doing yoga, and I already have a thing like that at a book club. I enjoy reading and discussing stories with people. If those people happen to be attractive women my age, then go me. Girls meet a guy at yoga they are immediately put on the defensive. They have apprehension of you from the get-go; just like at the gym.

It's there time and their space and the last thing they want is to deal with more guy problems. They're not stupid, they know why you are there. It does not help that women who are exercising typically are not looking their best You don't care, they do so can and will act apprehensive because they are self-conscious at the time. Everyone should try out yoga Go do yoga--look better, feel better, and maybe meet some people.

Your best bet, though, is that you'll run into someone from yoga when you are out doing something else and that will give you something to talk about. Yes for that reason. That's a good reason. But don't go there for the sole reason to pick up girls. They will know if that's why you're there and you're not going to have a good time. Maybe the OP is like me.

10 Surefire Ways To Break Yourself Out Of A ‘Dry Spell’

As a socially-anxious introvert, I tend to avoid talking to people in uncontrolled social situations the outside world. I'm the kind of person the self-checkout machine at the store was made for, I want to avoid the little bullshit chat with the person at the registers. Well, sort of anyway. Had a one night stand just before new year's eve and a few other hookups and such over the last few years but I've been single for two and a half years or so. And I do check out dating sites every now and then but the pickings are slim around here.

Sadly just about everyone I know is either a single guy or people in relationships who also only know single guys and others in relationships. So yeah, the usual organic route for meeting new women isn't working any longer who said dating is easier in your 30s? Must be someone with a lot of single friends. I could probably do like I did just after xmas and go out to a bar and just talk to every attractive woman I see until I meet someone who seems interested but that shit is tiring as fuck.

So for now I'm focusing on work, exercise and hobbies. And planning my vacation for this summer. I feel you man, out of the game for almost a year now, not happy about it. Kinda bummed people don't understand why we can't just "go get a date". Yeah, I used dating sites for a few years and I personally like meeting people organically. Like, through other people.

I especially like dating people I've already interacted with in a group-like setting because I can get a better feel of how they are naturally. Meeting someone on the internet is an option, but a lot of the time it seems forced because you're meeting someone based on a miniature essay they've written about themselves and some nice pictures. I know it's not ideal, but it's a place where people congregate and enjoy company. When people have a drink or two they get friendly. I've met many people while out at bars.

Usually I go out with a few people I know, and they end up calling people they know and we all get introduced. When I go home, I usually add them on Facebook or they add me and voila! The best bet is to go to a bar kind of close to where you live, that way you can meet people who are generally in your area. Other than that, I've gone to Meetup. I briefly tried OKC. While I did meet a few nice ladies, I didn't click with any of them. It feels too artificial a way to meet someone who you'll be a good match for.

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I'm on a self imposed dry spell these days. I notice that at the live music bar I'm a regular at, I've had to decline quite a few ladies in the past few weeks. Do you like live music? I know meeting someone at a bar is cliche but the fact you're both there gives you at least one common interest. The first girl I messaged sent a reply, I replied back, but never heard anything again.

The second girl I messaged, we had a good conversation back and forth, arranged meeting, and now we've been dating for almost 4 years, and will probably end up getting married. I think getting matched works out great, and meeting online first makes it easy to sort out real deal-breakers before you ever even talk. I'm sure it's me, not the site. I like to size someone up in person before even asking them out.

I also hate phone convos and chatting.

Basically anything that takes away from the in person experience. Been asked out by a few girls, but they all end up being flakey about it later. I just don't have the energy to deal with all the bs anymore. This thread has made me feel so much better. Not in a bad way I've recently moved to London so having to build up a new circle of friends etc and I've got a few now. Most suggested Tinder ok cupid etc, but in my eyes these only really work if your eye popping, I've messaged loads and as usual a handful of replies.

I have gotten alot of dates, matches and hookups through the above methods and I just can't be bothered. Any dry spell I encounter seems to be self induced. I was on a dry spell for a while roughly two years , and recently came out of it. I was a little too proud to fully commit to online dating. Definitely tried hitting the bar scene in my city, and ended up with a few hookups and no real dating options. The best thing that happened to me was I quit trying to meet women, and just enjoyed myself when going out with friends. For some reason, I do better with women when I'm not trying to get laid or find someone to date.

My "game" is definitely sub-par.

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I think the key is just meeting new people and being yourself. If you meet a girl who is attractive, single, and could be interested, get her number and talk to her. If it turns out she isn't interested, it doesn't matter. She could have single friends, or she might be just an interesting person who would make a good friend.

The girl I'm currently seeing now, I randomly met at a bar while out with one of my good guy friends.

We were shooting the shit and I happened to comment on something she ordered. She found me funny, I found her attractive, and I ended up asking her out a couple of days later. I think the key is just meeting new people and being the best version of yourself. I'm not saying this is you, or anybody in this thread, but I personally know a guy that is exactly like this. He's 30 years old, has completely let himself go, and rather than DO something about it, he comes up with excuses. I wouldn't expect any woman to be interested in him. Can't argue with any of that.

If you have those kind of issues, you definitely need to work on improving yourself. I have within the last two years committed to working out, moved into my own place, got promoted at work, and purchased a new truck. All of these things certainly do help with confidence, and I'm sure are more appealing to the opposite sex than my previous state. My only caution is that if you want to improve your life before finding someone to date, you could be in for years of work.

I've been working out steadily for a year and a half and am nowhere near a sculpted body. It will take a couple more years of hard work before I'm where I want to be, but I've accepted my appearance and recognize it's a slow transformation. Definitely be the best person you can be, but realize that some things take a long time to achieve.

That being said, I think there is some truth to the old saying "You can lose a lot of money chasing women, but you'll never lose women chasing money. Just take a break for awhile and come back to it once you've had some time to recharge. If you're tired of it, I believe it shows in the back and forth conversation. Also, when you are on do things to make the experience more interesting. I constantly test little tweaks to my profile and now have a few variants that get me plenty of messages. It makes it easier as women that are actually interested are initiating instead of me just blindly sending opening messages.

My profile is the ice breaker. I haven't had sex since , when I was in 10th grade. The last time I had a girlfriend was 3 years ago. Being in a dry spell, I really hate how I know what I'm missing.