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Otherwise they would be out of business if they would show people how many people they have signed in. Before you pay for dating sites make sure you read the reviews. I paid for a subscription then downloaded the app and the site still did not recognize my membership. I still get offers to subscribe with no admittance to the members even though they took my money! Also, it seems like at least half of the female "members" are fakes. They look too good to be true like they are professional model pics.

And there is always only one pic for many profiles which have no self-description. Basically Zoosk is a rip-off scam. Save your money and don't waste your time. Use both for better purposes elsewhere. The second subscription became more suspicious as each week passed. The selection gradually became smaller, with few people sending more than one or two words as a greeting.

London woman approached by scammer on Zoosk using fake profile | Daily Mail Online

One person sent me one message during the night, which he retracted with a second message telling me never to contact him again - before I actually responded. I may actually have met my first male sex worker - glad we were in a very public place. He described how a woman paid for his airline tickets to visit him and how profoundly grateful he was to have had the "intimate experiences" he'd had. That was my cue to gently and quickly disengage and walk quickly away.

371 Zoosk Consumer Reviews and Complaints

He was not about to make a scene in the street. Another person divulged graphic details about behavior that lead to his divorce. The site has surprisingly good ratings - probably for some. Prior to the membership, there was no mention of having to purchase coins to procure the opposite sex responses. Then I noticed that all the ladies that I had blocked out, were back again, with some of them wearing different clothing. Next I noticed that all the responses were "system generated" by probably a computer.

The ladies that men see are just photographs taken at random by someone working the scheme. They're not actual people and they're not really living there or have that identity either. The whole thing is an fraudulent practice along with a scheming upsell to swindle hard working people. People stay away from Zoosk or be prepared to get ripped off.

No one there will talk to you either. Fraudsters who should be stopped in their tracks. They try this scam where they want you to buy an iTunes card. The Swift old iTunes card scammer trick. That's what they are. They're scammers on Zoosk. Do not go on that site to meet anybody.

Truly awful is the best way to describe Zoosk.

London woman approached by scammer on Zoosk using fake profile

It's manipulative and dishonest. You never know if the people that have apparently viewed you actually did, or whether the site falsely represented them. Some I have contacted, they informed me that they hadn't viewed my profile. They are a site set up to fleece the unsuspecting. I would stay away from this site, and any site that interferes with your choices. This probably means any site set up to choose an ideal match for you. Nanny sites, even if they're honest. Of those, some are not going to exist, some will not be a match.

Very slim pickings, and on a site you can't trust.

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THE few first days I was on Zoosk, I got a few respond to my messages, then after keep asking for pay extra to upgrade, in order to allow my message go through. I feel so sad, that I have been a victim of such a scam, the site is run by crooks and they don't even provide the contact to complain or ask for explanation. This site is plagued with fake accounts, your membership is just the first place they rob you, then to do anything on the site you have to pay more It's just a hoax, terrible site. Stay away from these scam artists.

I didn't provide a photo right away on my profile. Zoosk retrieved a picture from a device that I downloaded the Zoosk app to but never logged in from that device.

It stole a picture of my grandson. When I made an account from laptop the picture, from my phone popped up as my profile picture. I met a real and nice man. All of a sudden he went silent. Three days later for only a few minutes our texts reached each other. I immediately gave my two contact numbers. I had to go to a meeting so I ran upstairs to get a fresh shirt and jacket.

When I returned, I clicked the Apple iPhone 6 home button to light the screen. I usually found him on my account. I called the customer service and a nice older gentleman tried to help. There is no way for anyone to be searched on the site. I did that, swiping through probably over a thousand profiles to no avail. I called customer service again to speak with a supervisor who is too young. She was impatient to reprimand him and completely not listening to me. Long story short, my friend is gone for good.

My husband died in and this was the first man since then who touched my heart and mind.

Dating site scammers, Badoo beware theyre a LOT of them!

Problem is that most of the men on there are married and looking for affairs. There are singles too. They write back within 24 hours and they FIX the problem! With huge jealous streaks and enjoy hurting Americans.

First of all you receive these people who are interested in you, guess what? You have to become a member to have any communication. They seem to disappear after the first contact. There are a lot of scammers on the site to filter through.

There are not who they pretend to be. I found a couple of photos I did not add to my profile but are on my computer, scary!!! I found this when I tried to delete my profile, which the site confirmed but untrue. This is truly a scam, hope I don't get billed for continuation which I have written to cancel and no authorization for further payment. How are these sites able to run legally?? Attempted chat feature on the site, phone and Facebook.

The only one that chatted with me was disjointed and had too long a lag. No way of knowing if they responded or when they responded. Most of the people online were the same every time. Wonder if they exist? Paid money to join and they wanted more for an enhanced chat?? The distance parameters that I set do not go to all the sections only search so I was asked to meet on man who was over twice the distance and I could find no information on him. Had never sent him anything. If anyone is looking to go on a date site If you meet someone and choose to pause your account, don't even bother to pause it because "pause" does nothing.

You will still get charged even when you are not using the site. Unlike other date sites, if you put your account on hold, they will let you pick up where you were and not pay extra. Zoosk also has mostly fake profiles, and fake messages. There is also this tab that says this one is interested or that one is interested and then when you go to look at their profile the site blocks you from checking out the good looking people that supposedly show interest in you.

The whole site is a scam and the people who run it are nothing but thieves. They are so desperate for members that they have to steal from the members they already have just to get the renewal fees. If you are smart you will NOT join this date site. This was the Biggest example of Fraud I have ever encountered in my life!!!

They censored my profile constantly changing words or blocking them all together Never knew if someone actually got my message or not 'cause I wouldn't pay the extra 8. The only members I could chat with were s of miles away They just quit texting or disappeared altogether. This a coincident or purpose to keep you chucking out the dollars. I deactivated and cancelled a month early due to overwhelming frustration and hope the, the, that's All Folks from Zoosk and they don't try to steal any more of my Hard earned money!!!

Zoosk has given me nothing but frustration and wasted time. It is stocked with "fake" profiles, floods my account with "fake" page views, fills my inbox with "fake" messages, and teases me to follow "fake" Carousel trails that lead nowhere. After four months on Zoosk, I have been approached by so many scam artists that I have lost count.

Yesterday, I was contacted by four more of them. How do I know that they are fake? When someone presents himself as a professional man who lives nearby but who writes in broken English and who has no knowledge of our local area, that's a fake. When someone chats me up and then persistently pressures me for personal information such as my mother's maiden name, that's a fake. When someone immediately pressures me to leave the site so that we can "focus on each other" or tries to lure me off the site with other promises - that "man" is fake.

When someone engages in a lengthy email exchange but who suddenly and or repeatedly postpones a face to face meeting due to his business, that man is suspect. When that same man soon contacts me for money, that man is fake. With one exception to date, the only Zoosk "men" who have sustained contact with me have been "fakes" who solicit funds or facts which would enable them to steal my identity.

Don't waste your time or your money. Zoosk delivers nothing but heartache. I went online and canceled my subscription to Zoosk about a week before the auto renewal - at least I thought it was canceled. Next thing I know I got my credit card statement where Zoosk charged me for a new subscription. When I called them to explain the matter, they refused to refund the full subscription price and argued and argued with me. What happened is when you try to cancel there is a number of things you have to keep clicking on, basically "are you sure you want to cancel" items.

I must not have clicked on all of them and thought it was canceled. This ought to tell you everything you need to know about this company. I strongly recommend you NOT do business with them. Well there is nothing smart about them. I set a 20 miles distance parameter and most suggestions are for men 40 or more miles away. I also set parameters for men and they suggestions for men well into their 70s. Today's headlines Most Read 'I'm scared Ex-Westminster public schoolboy caught dealing A very solitary Prince: Remain is 12 points ahead of Leave in new poll of how Britons would vote in a second Brexit referendum after Boris Johnson, 54, and his lover Carrie, 30, are seen together for first time since Tiny space in Audi footwell where crying boy, three was crushed to death 'like a car crash victim Genius social media account reveals handy secrets about everyday objects that will Ex-boyfriend of young mother, 17, who vanished in leaving her week-old baby behind denies murder Lesbian mothers whose 'skinny and dirty' daughter, two, starved to death in their filthy lice-infested flat BBC presenter with stage 4 bowel cancer shares glamorous photos taken just before her diagnosis - to warn Sky News presenter Kay Burley suffers a 'little episode' on the London Underground with fellow passengers Life's been wretched — and I blame my bitter mum Meghan's business lunch: Duchess heads to restaurant with her new right-hand man after Kensington Palace Don't forget to wrap up!

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