Hook up amp and sub

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They cost about 30 dollars, give or take, and vary depending on wire gauge size. The wiring kit should include a main power wire with an in-line fuse, a ground wire, a power-on wire for the stereo head unit, and RCA cables for the audio connection.

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  • How to Install an Amp and Subwoofer in Your Vehicle? Setting up Subwoofer Power.
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The first thing you need to do is disconnect your car battery. First, disconnect the negative terminal, then disconnect the positive terminal.

You must do them in that order. Be very careful and try not to lean directly over the battery, as they can in rare cases actually explode. Now you need to run the power cable. This cable connects the positive terminal of the battery directly to the amplifier, and it should have an in-line fuse to help protect the amp from power issues.

InstallGear 4 Gauge Complete Amp Kit Amplifier Installation Wiring Wire

This fuse should be removed before you connect the wires. The most difficult part of this whole process, in my opinion, is running the power cable because you have to go from the engine compartment to somewhere in the interior of the vehicle. I usually run my cables through the rubber gasket that allows all the other wires and cables to go through the dash to the engine compartment. Very carefully poke a small hole in that rubber gasket and feed the cable through.

Connect Amp with passive subwoofer

Community Components Connect Amp with passive subwoofer. Hi, I have a Connect Amp which I am planning to connect to a couple of in-ceiling speakers and an in-ceiling subwoofer. I purchased a Cambridge Audio CB in-ceiling subwoofer only to find that the Connect Amp only works directly with active subwoofers.

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I want to understand whether I should get some kind of connector, or a subwoofer amp, or possibly have a rethink. I definitely want an in-ceiling subwoofer and I have yet to find an active one and so I am not quite sure what my options are. I have limited time because my builders are soon to board up the ceiling this week. I am also a complete dunce when it comes to this kind of thing, so I need it explained in very simple terms please. I'm not knowledgeable enough to know if this is due to speaker impedance mismatch is that a thing for subwoofers?

Regardless - I too need some help on how to solve this?? My experience with all subwoofers for music has been unsatisfactory till I tried out the Sonos Sub which is excellent. I am sure that there are others that also are, but I haven't come across them. The only way a Connect Amp can work with a passive subwoofer directly is by wiring its speaker terminals to the input of the passive sub, but only a test can establish if the Connect Amp has enough grunt to drive that load while also driving the normal speakers.

How to Install an Amp and Subwoofer in Your Vehicle? Setting up Subwoofer Power

Thank you for your input though. June 3, 9: Glad you got it setup to your liking. As long as your computer power supply has enough power you should be good. Try to use multiple 12 volt wires from the power supply so each wire carries a lower load and if it is multi rail, try to get them from different rails normally indicated with stripes so yellow yellow with a green strip for instance.

StalinDaBomb August 17, Believe me, I did, I was not going to try to push almost 20 amps through an 18 gauge wire. Currently have at least 4 wires onto my output.