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Surprisingly, California's 43 tag has nothing to do with Harvey Weinstein but a one-two punch of high STDs maybe that is due to Weinstein?

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New Mexico comes in at 42 and Alaska, And no, not because of ubiquitous "drilling" jokes. At 40, Arizona has the dubious distinction of being the best of the worst.

This research doesn't mean that you need to swear off Tinder if you live in a high-risk state. For instance, get to know someone online before you meet in person. Start off in a public place and make sure your friends know where you are. Don't share super-personal financial info. Asking "Wanna see my social security card?

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And before things get too hot and heavy, have an honest convo about your and your partner's health history. Stephanie Booth December 13, at Insert your own "Show-Me State" joke here.

One man thought he found a future wife, only to learn he was at the heart of a rip-off. He began sending her money for visas, passports, and clearance fees when she said she became sick. Postal Inspector Augustus Magee.

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Lowery lost even more money until postal inspectors in Baton Rouge, La. Postal inspectors say Lowery learned a valuable lesson. And don't give out any of your personal information and you want to meet that person in person," said Magee.

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According to postal inspectors, consumers need to remember they are talking to a stranger unless they verify their identity. Many dating sites recommend communicating through their site so no personal information is exchanged. Traffic Waze Project Neon. Jude Home Giveaway Alert Nest.

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Rip-Off Alert Crooks using online dating sites to scam those looking for love. Phillip Lowery met a woman on an online dating site when they began texting.