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All of the Stanwell Bamboos made during the s were crafted by a Mr. He sometimes, in order to unify bamboo and bowl-shape, gave the pipes a freehand touch. Bamboo is probably the best-known of Stanwell's pipes. The bamboo shank gives an extra dry smoke and will darken when smoked. Good wood with excellent sandblasting or smooth with beautiful grain.

Most of the smooth pipes are golden light brown and a few are darker brown. Brass Band is one of Stanwell's older series - fine pipes with deco of 2 brass rings separated with a ring of Cumberland, and brass S imbedded in the stem. The series is no longer made. All Freehands were originally cut in factory by Poul Hansen.

All Sixten Ivarsson designed shapes were cut in factory by Poul Hansen. Free Style is the name we are using for individual pipes, either in shape or in finish, made by our internal pipemakers.

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During the year they are making a lot of experiments with finishes and rings etc. We group them in 3 categories: A, B and C.

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This is a Stanwell 2nd that was marketed only in the United States and Canada. Ivarsson shapes, especially when they were sold to Japan, were stamped in this way. Indeed a sad message, especially as Stanwell was the only remaining pipe-factory in Scandinavia.

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So beginning in , all Stanwell pipes are made there. Of course we did not want this to happen, but we have to accept it, and hopefully the high quality of the pipes Stanwell makes will remain in the future. And most important of all--the cooperation with Danish pipemakers to create new shapes will continue.

Due to that cooperation Stanwell has played an important role in the development of Scandinavian pipe-making, and it is a comfort to know that it has not come to an end. Scandinavian Pipemakers, Jan Anderson, , page Please feel free to contribute to this article, before or after, but do not edit or delete the text credited to Smokingpipes.

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Thanks, -- sethile When pipe smokers talk about pipes that are consistently great smokers, exhibit the creative and beautiful designs that exemplify Danish pipemaking and offer the best value in factory produced pipes, they are talking about Stanwell. We hear time and time again, from customers and top pipe makers from around the world, that Stanwell is the best factory produced pipe in the world. Stanwell maintains the most modern pipe making facility in the world and for many years has enjoyed some unique relationships with many legendary Danish pipe makers.

In fact, Stanwell occupies a pivotal place in the history of the world-wide popularity of Danish-made pipes. In , because of the unavailability of English pipes and raw briar, Poul Nielsen began making pipes from beech wood for Danish customers. At the time, Poul was managing a company called Kyringe, which made various wood products.

Stanwell Pipes

At the end of the war, briar became available again, so Nielsen began importing his own briar and started making briar pipes to compete with the English manufacturers. It must be remembered that in , England was the single great center for pipe making. Therefore, Nielsen changed the name of his pipes to "Stanwell", which sounded much more like a proper English name than "Nielsen".

He also created the horse drawn carriage logo for its English connotations. He later changed his own last name from Nielsen to Stanwell, a testament to his devotion to the pipes he made. Stanwell's relationships with Danish pipe makers goes back to Sixten Ivarsson , who is considered the originator of modern Danish pipe making. Ivarsson was commissioned to design Stanwell shapes. In , the factory was moved a town called Borup , just outside of Copenhagen to be closer to Ivarsson. Stanwell revolutionized the pipe world with his new factory; until its debut, very few pipes were exported from Denmark.

It was the Stanwell factory that first began mass exportation of Danish pipes and first whetted the appetites of Americans and Germans for the Danish pipe. Today Stanwell produces around , pipes annually. Stanwell relies on designs from the great Danish pipe makers, from Sixten Ivarsson to Jess Chonowitsch from which they create their hundreds of shapes.

Since most sandblasting for Danish pipemakers is done at the Stanwell factory Stanwell has a reputation for excellence in sandblasting that is used by many, many Danish carvers from Poul Winslow to Jess Chonowitsch , many of the pipes that they sandblast are then observed and used as starting points for Stanwell shapes with the consent of the original carvers.

This interesting and unusual symbiotic relationship gives Stanwell the opportunity to offer hundreds of unusual and interesting shapes at an affordable price. Also shop in Also shop in. This Stanwell 88R Tall Chimney briar pipe has been finished in dark tan over ring graining. The mouthpiece is in excellent condition with very slight dents to the tip.

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Rare vintage estate Stanwell Vario series Canadian Tobacco pipe. The pipe is in great condition.

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It features a beautiful dual style panel - smooth and sandblasted. Estate Stanwell sterling silver band Poul Stanwell Collection tobacco pipe!