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Dating, Friends, and Gucci: I'm short, ugly, and broke so l dont date but my good looking friends get the hottest women and the most women. Have you considered that the r.. That should tell you everything you need to know about men and women and appearance. Speaking as a woman I can say firsthand that women can be shallow as fuck.

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Stop with the bullshit generalizations. Funny, Love, and Good: Facetime, Memes, and Good: Me on FaceTime ignoring everything the person is saying and looking at myself Hey good looking, whatchuuu got cooking. The youngest sibling is usually the most good looking and the smartest. Crying, Family, and Life: Anonymous said U're probably only wearing a scarf cuz ur hair's ugly The world seems to stop spinning for the slightest second as I re-read the anonymous message over and over again, gripping on to the hope that the words will magically disappear.

I had to prove this extremely relevant and good-looking anonymous person wrong, I cared too much about what they thought. How could I live my life knowing that there is one person out there who thinks probably my hair is ugly maybe? How could I look myself in the mirror? How could I face my family? My shoulders shook as I cried silently, and my chair squeaked ever so slightly at the vibrations; as if it, too, was crying in sorrow.

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Was it really against the rules? I reach into my hijab and pull out a scroll. My heart is racing as my eyes frantically read the scroll. I let out a whimper. There go my evening plans. The scroll is rustling in my trembling hands as I turn my face away, tears spraying out of my eyes like the spit of a white person as they try to justify racism. The cursive words felt more like a curse of words, vivid and refusing to disappear as if I were still staring at them even through my closed eyes.

Memes, Good, and Hibiscus: Memes, Good, and Vegetarian: Birthday, College, and Crazy: Some people get picked on because they're too good looking I know that didn tgo to college. I just feel like everybody's hungry right now " I'm wondering yes? Aladdin, Club, and Disney: What Disney princes teach men about attracting women: Be rich, charming famous, and good looking.

Be charming, good looking and appear to be rich and famous. Be rich and famous with a promise of charm and good looks to come later. What are these guys' names?

Bad, Memes, and Good: Memes, Good, and According: According to research People who don't like maths are really good looking. Follow our new page - sadcasm. The clipart for this entry looks like something you would see on some menu from a Fallout game. And with luck, it will be.

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Hilarious ‘He’s not your man’ meme is the best dating advice you’ll ever receive

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