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Omega serial numbers: How old is your Omega watch?

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This chart is in no way a substitute for contacting Omega Vintage Information with the Serial Number of an Omega movement and requesting information as it is a very inexact guide. The above list may prove potentially useful for determining the approximate age of an Omega watch via cross-referencing it's serial number with the date in the table above. Omega started utilizing ETA Calibers by those serial numbers may or may not be accurate within this table Sponsored Links Remove Advertisements. March 19th, 4.

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I haven't checked my other watches yet, but my AT, which has the B movement, has a serial number of xxxxx, which according to that list, is from late or early , or so. Well, from every single thing I've ever read about the B movement at least in terms of the original AT , I've gathered that it was replaced in late or early by the C.

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I also know from the original owner that my watch is from late or so. Therefore, that list may be off by two or three years -- at least, in regard to the Aqua Terras.

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According to the above list, then, it is dated at or around , or at least the movement is, which is the last production year. So it's as late as one can get; that's good, and one reason I selected in this particular watch.

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It is was in the UK with a numbered warranty card and the original sales date is very early Is the fact that it apparently sold from an AD three years after production odd at all? Did stocks of new The seller is very reputable afaik and the watch certainly passes all of the visuals that I know.

It is almost mint, very well cared for, late model