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Onision couldn't be dating a teenager. Is he really dating this Shiloh, or am I Is he really dating this Shiloh, or am I just being misinformed? By the way, I'm not trying to accuse him of anything, I'm just curious and I can't seem to find any reliable sources. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Yes, she is Shiloh the singer. Greg isn't much older anyway, at least not by my standards. Hell, I am 20 and my partner is Plus, who even said they where being intimate?

I praise him for moving on from Skye, he looks very happy. Way to go Greg. They the two declare that one and all of her episodes are actual and that she relatively has been dropping her memory. The link to that blog is on her facebook someplace in case you're able to choose for to work out it. It seems pretty likely right now. I've been searching for the same thing. There isn't much information on her though. Greg introduced Shiloh to his fans on April 12, in a video titled "Onision's Girlfriend".

Greg and Shiloh lived in an apartment together in an unknown location most likely Canada , although he still owned his house. The last video in the apartment was a happy birthday video for Shiloh uploaded to her channel on her 18th birthday. It is assumed they moved into Greg's house sometime in April Shiloh was immediately extremely active on Greg's comedy and Speaks videos.

Fans overall loved her and were excited for Greg. By the time they were officially dating, Shiloh removed almost all of her facial piercings. She seems to have only kept her nose piercing. This may have been encouraged by Greg due to his views on piercings. All channels, the Facebook fan-page and the Draculoh website are now all removed. The last record of her Draculoh channel reveals she had 54, subscribers and 4,, video views. During their relationship, Shiloh got "Gregory" tattooed on the back of her neck. Greg got "Remember Love" tattooed to his wrists. On April 23, Greg uploaded a video revealing his new tattoos.

In it, he talked about how thankful he was to have Shiloh there for him. Greg's ex Adrienne claimed in a leaked email Greg told her that it was Shiloh's idea to get the tattoos together after one of their short break-ups. She claims he was originally supposed to get "Shiloh" on his wrist, but last minute got "Remember Love" instead. On June 21, , Shiloh wrote on her blog that she was going to "get inked with Greg" within the next few days.


Source Two days later, "Shiloh Forgot Me" was uploaded and it is assumed their 2nd tattoo plans were cancelled. This video sparked a massive backlash on Greg's part. Most of it coming from people that believed Greg should have sought out medical assistance rather than recording her for YouTube.

This video also sparked the " fake drama theory ", as many viewers began to believe Greg and Shiloh would conjure up drama for views. The next day, Greg uploaded "I Respect Her Wishes" to defend his decision not to seek professional medical help. He says doctors could not help her because they already know the memory loss is caused by stress. After the relationship, Shiloh maintained publicly the memory loss episode was real.

In a social media post she wrote: Yes the video is real, why he thought to turn the camera on right away I have no idea, I found it cruel…. I hope no one has to suffer the depression and post traumatic psychosis I experienced. He says Shiloh reviewed the footage and gave him permission to upload it.

Shaved Girlfriend" to YouTube on June 16, In the video Greg "pranks" Shiloh while she is sleeping and shaves half of her head. She said she simply wanted that hair style. Source Throughout the rest of their relationship she dyed her short hair different colors and wore wigs. This did not cause controversy until later when Shiloh revealed more of her side of the relationship on her tumblr. She claims that Greg forced her to shave her head and told her, "I want you to shave your head cause you're a good bitch.

She says she felt ugly and de-feminized because of it. This was during their first major break up. In the video Greg talks about how Shiloh told him she was in a car accident. He says when he shaved her head there were no scars. Source He references this again in his break up song "It's Over". In early July , Shiloh and Greg separated. It was unlike their previous short break ups. They had a major falling out and Greg abandoned his house and moved in with Cyr in LA. Shiloh moved back to Canada. Shiloh replied on July 17, through her Draculoh Blogspot.

In the post, she talks about being pregnant with Greg's child. See Fake Pregnancy below She also explains that when she said "I am going to ruin you", she meant with the truth and not lies. She tells him she still loves him. The video started out with the text: The time for talking is over. Decide for yourself who is right. The video featured Greg filming Shiloh while she was having what some consider a mental break down.

She cried and yelled at him while he followed her around the house with his camera. She repeatedly asked him to stop filming, "get the camera off of me", but he kept going.

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Shiloh said if she moves back in with her mom, her mom will kick her out and she will end up murdered on the street and everyone would know it was Greg's fault. She also cried about him destroying her career and that she has no way to support herself. At one point Greg says he was backed into a corner by her, repeatedly asking her to "please move". Shiloh told him she was going to destroy him. Later in the video, cops arrived to help the situation. Greg says he uploaded the video to prove to viewers what he said in "Shiloh Threatened Me" was true and that Shiloh was unstable. He has also stated he uploaded the video because she said something publicly that made him look bad, so he wanted her to look bad.

When he saw that the majority of viewers were sympathizing with her, he deleted the video. Source Greg says he recorded her because she threatened to kill herself and make it look like he did it. Greg talked about the "pregnancy" many times publicly. At first he stated out saying he would be supportive if there really was a child, but always seemed skeptical due to the fact that he believed he was sterile.

Source Eventually, he began to flat out mock her. This was most likely due to what he talked about in one of the many voice-mails he left Adrienne after their break up. He explained that Shiloh refused to urinate on a pregnancy test on webcam in-front of him, so he no longer believed her. In the video he tried to prove he was infertile because "I have a lot of people possibly saying that I got them pregnant". He uses a fertility screening test and we follow him through the process. In the end he seems confused, then disappointed.

In the video, the white Flip Cam she received from Greg can be seen in the reflection of her glasses. In it she writes her side of the relationship from Greg's perspective. She says she wants people to know what really happened and she didn't want people to think she was crazy. She also states that she was not put in a mental hospital, but a Domestic Recovery Crisis Center.

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She claims he would complain about her body, try to convince her to be fit so that she would be perfect, ignore her when she cried, break up with her when she cried at night because he "wanted to sleep", he broke up with her because she asked about a strange number on his phone, later she was having heart problems in the shower and he leaned down and asked her if she was "Sorry for what you did", when she would ask for help with her heart problems he would tell her "I can't deal with this drama anymore and I'm done. Source This blog post was deleted when they got back together. Shortly after Adrienne's relationship with Greg, she and Shiloh became friends.

They talked over Skype and publicly mocked Greg on their personal Facebook pages. They would often mock his discomfort in dating bisexual girls and use lines he used on them. Shiloh also states that Greg called her every half hour, leaving up to 17 voice-mails a night on top of text messages. Some he would be crying, others he would be bullying. She says she was starting to realize just how manipulative he is and that he warps their side of the story. Many fans and drama-followers were shocked. Many did not agree with their decision to get back together after all that had occurred and some even tried to talk Greg out of it on various social media.

Greg became increasingly frustrated with his fan base and made videos and statuses telling everyone to back off or unsubscribe. Many became upset by the news and confronted Shiloh. The image was then removed. When she acted like she did not know what they were talking about, fans that had seen the image took to the Onision Forums to ask Greg about it. Source Greg took Shiloh's side and suggested the photo was photoshopped and was never on her Facebook.

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Greg and Shiloh's denial of the Rogue photo's existence frustrated many fans and viewers. Many fans began turning on Greg and Shiloh at this point. They openly spoke about it through social media and recorded doctors visits. Shiloh uploaded vlogs about her pregnancy experiences on her channel. On December 8, , Shiloh made a Facebook status: It's the size of a 5 week old pregnancy and I am suppose to be 12 weeks.

She said my baby most likely pasted 6 weeks ago, and now I am just waiting for my body to release it. He talks about how he and Shiloh had been visiting a doula in a facility that assists with natural births. He encourages everyone to have a natural birth because "women are built to push babies out" and not be cut up so doctors can rush home to play golf. He complains that many women get c-sections and don't know the feeling of a natural birth these days. He adds "it's a shame because it's a bonding experience with the child".

After that he begins to talk about his update.

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He explains that the doula could not find the baby's heartbeat. After being unsuccessful with the microphone, she used ultra sound. He says there was an "awkward moment" when all she found was a little "dot" on the screen in a "big black hole". She explained that either the baby passed 6 weeks ago or it's a new 5-week-old baby. He goes on to explain that it would be impossible for it to be 5 weeks and asks what could have happened to the first baby.

He then says it's safe to assume they had lost their baby to a miscarriage. He talks about how they were told not to announce the pregnancy until about 12 weeks because that's when the pregnancy is stable and many people have miscarriages before then. He says that they announced it early because they were excited. He thanked his viewers for their love and support and apologized for getting their hopes up.

After the relationship, Greg began questioning if the baby Shiloh was pregnant with was his. The timing of her pregnancy was really strange, especially considering I had just taken a fertility test and the results were not very positive. He starts the story by telling everyone that he and Shiloh were not on good terms. He says he was being "stupid" and she was being "stupid".

The videos starts to show footage of his porch security camera as he is telling the story. He says that Shiloh went to leave the house and she dropped the key in the drop slot so he could have the keys and she could not get back in. He unlocked the door for her and she came back to repeat her actions and tell him not to unlock it. She went for a walk, but passed out 3 miles away from the house. He guesses it was from exhaustion or from stress, but he states that she is ok.

The fire department brings her back to his house to tell him they are taking her to the hospital.

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  7. He tells them that he will meet them there in a few minutes. The ambulance arrives and the fire department leave. The ambulance driver comes back to the door to tell Greg to talk to Shiloh in the ambulance because she is refusing treatment. He mentions that she always refuses medical treatment when she feels she doesn't need it. Then, he says he proved everything. He goes on talking to the "haters" telling them "fuck you" and that this is his real life and not a reality show. He states that the reason he shares all these things is so that we, the viewers, can learn from his experiences.

    Toward the end of the video Shiloh and Greg mention that a female officer cried when they saw Shiloh passed out because they thought she was dead. He ends the video by thanking the workers that helped him and says he is glad he paid his taxes even though he was "so poor after taxes". He ends the video with a "fuck you haters". This video received immediate backlash. Many viewers could clearly see Shiloh was not suffering from sepsis. They were upset Greg and Shiloh would lie to them, for what many believed to be for fake drama and views.

    On December 17, , Greg uploaded "Goodbye Shiloh" to his main channel. After these events, Shiloh and Greg returned to social media to find the generally negative reaction to their videos. After reading what people had to say, Greg questioned if Shiloh was being truthful. To prove she was telling the truth, she uploaded a hospital album to her Draculoh Facebook page containing 40 images of her hospital stay. Greg seemed to flip flop on the subject up until he and Shiloh broke up for the last time.

    He now states he believes Shiloh lied the whole time about suffering from Sepsis. About a year and a half after their relationship, Shiloh stated in a video that she believed she had sepsis due to a misunderstanding with the person that called her with the results of her blood test. Source In , she explained her side of the situation in more detail on Instagram.

    She claimed after they found out she miscarried, Greg refused to bring her to an American hospital to avoid paying American healthcare. She said she went septic because there was a dead fetus rotting inside her. He flew her back to Canada where she birthed half of the dead fetus and had to get the rest surgically removed. Shiloh, on the other hand, seemed to be more optimistic. She made collages of their couple pictures and celebrated the good times they had. She also celebrated their anniversary. Until the beginning of February , they sent mixed messages about their relationship. One of the reasons Shiloh did not immediately return to America to be with Greg is her passport went missing.

    Greg even sent her money to buy a new one. By February 1, , Shiloh and Greg's relationship was officially over. Greg uploaded a music video on February 4th titled " It's Over ". The song mostly reflects on Shiloh's lies throughout their relationship. Lies he mentioned were a car accident, a different "ego", suicide attempts, physical abuse, medical conditions, and their baby. On February 8, , Greg found out Shiloh was already dating someone new.

    He starts the blog, "[ When Greg went public with this information, Shiloh took to Facebook and claimed she never cheated. Viewers were already suspicious about Shiloh cheating due to her social media. A viewer reached out to Greg via email and sent several screen shots proving she cheated including corresponding "in a relationship" status changes by Shiloh and her new boyfriend stated when she was still with Greg.

    Source He made many Facebook statuses and posted four images to his website names "cheater1" - "cheater4" with proof from social media and their emails that she cheated. Source the only surviving proof image Greg made. He talks about how he needs to make a comedy video that day even though he found out Shiloh cheated on him.

    He says that he loved her more than anyone he ever loved in his life. He says he will act funny for his comedy video to make his fans happy and to make his channel successful. He warns viewers to look for signs when dating and not to let your significant other lie to you.