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Prime Matchmaking to reduce hackers in FortniteBR , In which players could jump through a number of hoops to be able to play in an "exclusive queue" and in doing so, reduce the amount of hackers you encounter in that queue simply because of the amount of work it requires to play there. First you need to earn XP by playing the game and leveling your account up to level 21 takes a wee bit.

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Then, you tie your phone number to the account and it allows you to upgrade to Prime Matchmaking. In this way, if a hacker gets banned, they need to grind another account to level 21 and get themselves a new phone number to tie to the account, just to be able to bother those in prime.

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  3. How a journalist cheated his way into Global Elite and never got banned.

If a similar system were introduced into FortniteBR alongside other measures , sure the start might be a slog, but once you are in prime, you should be noticing significantly less hackers as time goes on. I've just seen a lot of talk of hackers lately inherent due to the fact that the game is free to play and hopefully this would create an optional queue for people willing to do the above, to reduce the number of hackers they would encounter.

Riot Games Opens Up About Matchmaking in League of Legends

The Riot Support team has even more ambitious goals for their future, including trying to get queues down to 30 seconds for all players. Thee team is alkso testing an algorithm for placing smurf accounts and position playing in ranked.

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  • Kathleen Tonner 14 Mar League of Legends Season 9 Start Date. The fog of war exists only in the jungle this means that you can see the whole circle.

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    League of Legends supports micro-transactions and allows players to purchase RP Riot Points currency. You can buy new champions, champion skins, ward skins or profile icons. Of course you can use the Blue Essence currency slower and harder to get or drop it from chests that drop every level. League of Legends is a world-wide-know game so it has several game servers to choose from.

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