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When the smart girl starts falling in love, her first instinct is to question her emotions. The smart girl is adept at visualizing the outcome of her relationships — so adept, in fact, that she writes most of them off before they have the chance to begin.

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She will trust you in increments — making sure that you are genuine in your small-scale intentions before she trusts you with the big ones. She needs consistency, reliability and honesty, over a long period of time. When the smart girls decides to give her heart over to you, she does so with a keen intuition about how she plans to make the relationship work. She could write an entire dissertation on how she plans to keep the relationship thriving.

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The smart girl knows that going halfway in on a relationship is a waste of time and energy. The smart girl knows that making a relationship work means committing to continuous growth alongside each other.

And so she will never stop vying to discover more about you — what motivates you, what scares you, what intrigues you and what grows you. She wants to know you inside out and backwards, so that she can do everything within her power to support you in the best possible way as you change and grow throughout the relationship.

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And the two of you can support and believe in one another as you move toward those great aspirations. She will never stop trying to put a smile on your face and encouragement in your heart — she believes in you fiercely and loves you unconditionally. She considers it her personal goal to make you as happy as she possibly can, for as long as the two of you are together.

The smart, big-hearted girl needs a lot of time to herself — her thoughts can be all consuming and she needs a great deal of alone time to process them.

One who is ready to put just as much work into the relationship as she undoubtedly will. Once she chooses you to spend her life with, she will let you into every part of her heart and devote the whole of it to making you happy. But the interface works in the same way as most swipe-based apps do, so looks and first impressions will still play a role.

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Sapio joins a wave of apps that have come out promising a more specialized membership in one form or another think The League , but there's no actual proof required that you're especially smart or interesting. And that's not something that's easily quantified anyway, except by pretty pointless measures like IQ. So it remains to be seen whether the connections you might form among your supposed intellectual peers will be any better than among the massive pool of potential mates offered by more general apps like Tinder offer.

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