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What's with all the hype about the type 64??? Please log in to reply. I don't understand why people are way too excited for the type 64 premium tank. Lahn 7 Posted Nov 01 - Camo has been painted on, and the tank looks more Commie than Natioanlist.

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  • Type 64, Crew Training/Equipment To Pick, For All To Find Out?

It is a good scouting tank. I am pairing up with an BatChat arty, I scout while she bang the targets I spotted.

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It worked out nicely and I got mastery badge 1st class in the 1st battle kinda easy. If you see a tier 10?

It can actually dodge shots, and doing "drift" everytime you make a sharp turn. Do not get shot, if you are shot your are dead. I was one shot at the 2nd game by a tier 8 M55 arty while having fun running and dodging multiple tanks shooting at me. The profile of the tank, however, is kinda tall. You have to find a dip and dive very quick whenever you see anything to escape the incoming shots which will definitely ruin your game.

As an easy target you are, dodging shots with the use of terrain is a must.

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To me, all the above has an ability to fight, while the type 64 is a pure scout. It will take 4 shots or more for you to kill an arty, taking at least 12 seconds, enough time to die. I have proposed the Type 64 P with a better gun that of the M41 Walker bulldog but they gave me this type 64 H , which is meh Edited by Lahn, Nov 01 - Kobra 8 Posted Nov 01 - This tank is overpriced, and garbage. No it's not, it's a great tank I'm loving it!

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Very fast and maneuverable, awesome camo values and the gun is pretty good as well. It's like a Chinese Cromwell. ZeBilly 10 Posted Nov 01 - Comes with unique Kuomintang insignia on turret.

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  7. Unlike other light tanks, the Type 64 is excellent at hit and run and flanking enemy tanks, however due to its large size and paper-thin armor players need to act more carefully when scouting. Ammo can be depleted in long games.

    What's with all the hype about the type 64???

    The ammo rack itself gets frequently taken out as well. The Type 64, while fully capable of fighting other tanks, still makes an excellent scouting tank. Though the large profile can make moving around the map undetected difficult, using terrain and your high speed can keep you from taking damage. Take advantage of high view range and on-the-move camouflage to spot enemy tanks while staying just outside their view range.

    Once the game has progressed and there are damaged tanks about, you can choose to either flank isolated tanks and destroy them with your high rate of fire or provide a distraction while your allies swoop in and take them out without trouble.