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I have been hearing on here that many nurses are dating the doctors, patients, etc I'm not an RN yet, but can't you be fired for this kind of behavior? Please don't leave negative comments. I'm just asking a serious question, so don't go gettin all dirty hairy on me.: NO PDA at all. Nursing aside, is it really ever a good idea to date someone you work with? What is that saying I think it'd be fine if you're both mature individuals and leave personal matters outside of the workplace.

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Sure attraction can happen but it is risky follow you heart though ,but nothing can beat a pt who thinks you are in love with him,LOL: Yup, when hubby and I were LPNs together. That's how we became friends, though I knew the first time I saw him that he was IT. We've been married 7 years this month.

Incidentally, even though he did get his RN , neither one of us is employed in nursing any longer. In our case anyway, nursing was unfortunately a little bit stressful nothing we couldn't handle, though to an otherwise very good relationship. Anyway, he was the only coworker I ever really dated.

Apparently our coworkers and residents had already figured out we were going to be together before we actually were; we just really got along that well. I learned a lot about who he was by seeing firsthand how he treated people of no relation to him. Sign in with LinkedIn. Nursing Students General Students How's your dating life? Prev 1 2 3 4 Next.

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How do you manage your dating life and your education? Any tips, experience, or ideas you want to share? Click Like if you enjoyed it. Please share this with friends and post your comments below! Want more nursing cartoons?

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1. They have crazy hours

Jul 30, by scabby Edited Jul 30, by scabby21 bad grammar. Jul 30, by GitanoRN. Edited Jul 30, by GitanoRN. Jul 30, by sweetgeorgia. Jul 30, by tenjuna. Jul 30, by Do-over. What is this "dating life" you speak of? I barely have enough time to lay around on the couch all night on my nights off I met both my ex and my current husband at work -- fellow nurses. In between, I met a guy at the dog park. I was there early in the evening after I woke up after working night shift and my golden retriever kept stealing the balls he was throwing for his labs.

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  • We started talking, hit it off, and were together for four years. Night shift meant we weren't together every evening -- he was a lawyer and had pretty consistent hours. I actually think that helped the relationship last longer than it should have. It's possible to meet people and to date, even with our "flexible schedules. Maybe work in the ER and chat up every first responder who brings in a patient?

    6 Reasons Nurses Shouldn't Date Doctors

    Meeting people is difficult. I'm not going to minimize that. But I think you limit yourself unnecessarily when you decide ahead of time that you want to meet someone who does a specific job. What's New Articles More. Sign in with allnurses.

    Relationships Dating for nurses. My ex is a first responder and I'm curious if there are any sites for medical and first responders lol That being said, how the heck do y'all meet people when you work crazy hours?? Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

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    Dec 23, by Been there,done that. Plenty of opportunities at work. I was dating a doctor and a nurse at the same time. Dec 23, by NightNerd.