Dating 10 years no proposal

Even if he proposes at this point it would just be because he felt forced to and he would resent her for that.

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The fact that he's been willing to go without sex for all these years makes me suspect he is either addicted to porn, gay, or simply doesn't like sex. Whatever his reason, she wants a real marriage and he does not. Jesus Rose From the Grave Re: Wed Jan 27, - It will be hard to break up with him.

True but that it is the will and way of the Lord. To find her a nice Christian man. Who loves God first and treats her like a lady.

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  7. Dating for 8 years, still no proposal;
  8. Letting everything else fall into place from there. Logged greatwifeshark Newbie Posts: T ogether E veryone A chieves M ore Re: Tue Mar 01, - I'm not sure if my advice will help: I too was dating my husband then boyfriend for 8 years before we married. He was my first and only boyfriend, I dated when I was 17 and married him when I'm 27 we are now married for almost 3 years. At the time, he was a full-time university student and working part time to pay for school so during that time, I choose to support him financially paying for dates Never did I feel like he was using me or taking advantage of me.

    But I had to admit waiting for that proposal was not very fun His hesitancy was because he felt he needs to be established finish school, have a job, buy a house in order to take care of me first.

    10 years and no proposal!

    Of course, all these pressure are in his head, I have never or would never ask these conditions of him. So, just looking at the guy's perspective Do you think maybe your friend;s boyfriend may still feel inadequate? Maybe he feels like he hasn't established enough to marry her? Has she asked him these questions?


    Secondly, if a man is scared of you wanting to be married at some point during your lifetime and runs away, he did you a favor. Better for him to run away now than to waste 10 or more years of your life keeping you in a perpetual state of limbo. If a man makes a woman wait that long to marry her it could mean a variety of things.

    So ladies, if you want to get married, speak up. By continuing to use this site, you agree to our updated Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. How is your communication with each other?

    Do you share mutual friends and enjoy activities together? Do you have fun together? Would you describe your relationship as passionate and exciting? There has to be more substance to the relationship than that. You need to know these things. You need to think about them. Take the ball back.

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    Because I feel could have written this response a year and a half ago. Darling Husband had the same hesitations — finances. Maybe start a conversation about finances and what your goals as a couple are and have the marriage talk spring from there. The relationship is honestly great; sex and all.

    Straight From His Mouth: 10 Years And He Still Won’t Marry You?

    We both have careers. Financially we are good. And believe me, I have talked to him about this, I just feel that he already has a lot on his plate, and I hate adding to it, when I know the answer is always the same. Someone asked how old I was when my parents divorced.

    Dating for 8 years, still no proposal

    I love him pretty unconditionally. I want to be his support in all things; and have been through several business ventures, and I want him to be mine; and he has. I admire his tenacity and his love for life. He has guided me through some very rough times, and I have him. I feel like we make a great team and I want to build on that. All things expressed before. Find support, ask questions, swap stories, and follow brides planning real weddings here on Weddingbee.

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