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It has normal signs of use, but nothing major. The base could be tightened up a bit to the globe. What you see is what you get!

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The defining characteristic of this globe is the pressed cardboard cradle, with the base having several layers of pressed pasteboard covered wood grain finish. Amazingly, there are no existing uninterrupted transatlantic flights established, and instead flights stop at the Azores, halfway between the two continents, to refuel.

Modern style base with a minimalist appeal. Wood and brass support base.

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There is some minor scuffing here and there and some light wear to the base, but overall it is in great shape. Lithographed cardboard paper globe with a wood tripod base. Very presentable and ready for use and display. Vintage, circa late 's Replogle Precision 12 inch globe in good condition. Some cracks and missing part of India. Vintage 's replogle starlight globe. Check photos closely as there appears to be tears on two places ,no seperation though.

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Given this is 70 plus years old it is in good shape. Base shows minor signs of pitting, but still does shine. Check the closeups of one Germany, one Korea, and Indo china rather than Vietnam. Also the colonial African nations. Normal wear from age.

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What is pictured is what you get so if you don't see it in the photos it is not included. Previous price EUR It has "French Indo China" instead of Laos and is in very good condition. Replogle is the largest manufacturer of Globes and was founded in The globe is illuminated and we have replaced the old light with a new one.

Indochina printed changed to Laos and Vietnam in This is a very nice antique terrestrial globe by the George F. Israel printed changed from Palestine in Shows some rubs and tape.

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There is a line running down from eastern China to Borneo. Age is close and approximate based on online research of dating globes. I think the tan or beige ocean globes are nice, but I prefer the pop of color from the more vibrant globes. Globes that show wear are aesthetically pleasing to me — it shows that the globe was well used and gives it character. And especially in globes.

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Yeah… I might really have an obsession. The first thing I look for in a globe is its age. The older, the better. The easiest way to tell the age of a globe is by the countries on the globe. Vintage globes look right at home in any decor. They can also be used for other purposes. Here are some ideas:.

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If you could choose any place in the world to travel to right now, where would you want to go? Close your eyes, spin a globe, and see where your finger lands!

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If a retailer had a dozen globes on his shelves it would have taken much longer to sell off his current inventory and order in newly updated globes than if they only had one or two globes on their shelves. Most retailers would have had to sell their old inventory before they could afford to order in new stock. With all of these considerations in mind it is clear to see that not only the year of manufacture, but especially the year of sale can be determined only as a range, rather than as a precise date. We are confident that you can use the following chart to identify the general age of your World Globe.

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However, if you require a more precise age estimate, you should contact a professional antique appraiser who has experience and expertise in the area of dating World Globes. When you find an "Old" political name on the globe instead of a "New" political name, you have confirmed the approximate age of your globe. Be aware that some political changes have taken place more than once, so any change must take into consideration all other political conditions present on the globe. All prices in US Dollars. Manufacturer specific information for dating your World Globe. Cram Replogle Globes Inc.

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