Dating wedgwood backstamps

Wedgwood Marks & Dating Wedgwood Pottery and Porcelain -

Some marks will also date an item. Some marked everything, some just a few pieces, many marked only the main piece of a set or service.

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Minton was perhaps the most consistent. Click here for a selection of marked Minton ware, then click the View More Images button to view the marks on the undersides. Wedgwood were also reasonably consistent. Click here for a selection of marked Wedgwood ware , then click the View More Images button to view the marks on the reverse of the platter.

How to Date Wedgwood

The factory never used any date code or cypher. But the mark generally gives a clue to the date of manufacture. The registration procedure was set up in to combat plagiarism, making it illegal to copy that pattern for a period of three years. Letters and numbers in the four corners specify the exact date of registration. The system was sufficiently successful that its use continued throughout the majolica period and beyond. Majolica International Society — more information on Victorian Majolica, upcoming events, and research library.


The closest thing I have found is a pattern number R — same type of pattern but not the same as Hi, I have large jardiniare with a raised mark like an umbrella, and an embossed number and a number written on with a colored pencil. Can someone help me identify the maker?

The Bi Marks: Wedgwood 3

Where can I send photos? Thanks, Warren Aldrich tapestrygardensnh gmail. Hi Warren, Let me know if you still need help on this one. It is impossible to convey that quality in either words or photographs. The only way to gain an appreciation of the character of Old Wedgwood is to examine it, with the eye and with the finger tips.

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  • Majolica – Makers’ Marks – Minton, Wedgwood, George Jones and Holdcroft;

Take every opportunity to do so at shows and auct ions. The Potters Mark T he next recourse is to the mark.


Josiah started marking his production with his name in about , impressing the name into the underside of the article with printer's movable type. The resulting mark was often uneven and sometime arced. In about he adopted the familiar mark with the name impressed from a single slug.

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Their production is marked with one or the other of the several versions of the Wedgwood and Bentley mark. The first letter of the code represents the month of manufacture, the second identified the potter who threw the shape and the last letter signifying the year the piece was made starting with 0 for The series was repeated 4 times. From on in the third series the first letter for the month is replaced by a 3 and with the fourth series commencing with A in with the figure 4.

There is an area of confusion in wares in the first two series. Commencing in the year mark is replaced by the last two digits of the year, 30 standing for Some assistance in resolving the ambiguity in the two series is provided by the month letter. June is always T and August is always W. In Wedgwood adopted pattern numbers with the code letter prefixes. In Jasper the colour is important.

Solid Black Jasper was produced between and about ; the white body dipped in black between and with production resumed in and continuing to the moderm era. Pale blue dates the piece between and