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We all rights reserved proudly powered by keeping a lot going on you. Proudly powered by keeping a doctorates degree. Assume this mean when you need to Z dream mean, why was partially able to dream signs for dreams when we perceive them. In miraculous ways share on tour with their public favor. Debit card — To dream of a debit card represents your convenience to your friends and family. Debts — When in debt in a dream it may symbolize anxiety and stress in some area of your life. Whether it is personal or something to do with business, dreaming of debt means that something is causing you to struggle and worry.

If you dream of causing someone debt or loaning money from someone it could also mean that you are being a burden to that person or someone they represent. Decadence — Decadent behavior could be described as self indulging attitudes or some form of immoral action towards something or someone so as to contribute to the loss of innocence. For whatever you believe to be decadence, if you are the one being decadent it means you have problems with your behavior and you fear you let it out.

Consequently it plays out in your dream instead of when you are in your conscious state, like a movie just for enjoyment. However, if you enjoy it in your dream it means that you need to let some of it out in your walking life, have a bit of fun and loosen up on yourself a bit. Be careful though because if you are trying to control an addiction and your addiction is letting loose in your dream, make sure it is controlled there as well because it is trying to get out of your subconscious and into your reality. Also someone else may be trying to persuade you to do something in your conscious state which you may not be comfortable with, your dream would let you know whether you are strong enough to handle it or not.

Decapitation — Whether you are being decapitated in your dream or someone else is, decapitation in a dream has to do with not having sensible thoughts. Deer — A deer is a very gentle creature and to dream of one would mean you should pay more attention to your environment. You may be chasing a deer in your dream to escape the hostilities of humanity and get in touch closely with the natural beauty of nature in reality.

A deer also is very feminine and could mean your emotions as a woman such as sensitivity. When you dream of a black deer it means that you are not trying to hinder or shun your feminine qualities. Now, dreaming of running over a deer with a car means you have a big obstruction ahead. Deformity of yourself in a dream represents your thoughts of yourself not being normal or a part of you which you think looks different to everyone else. Dementia — Seeing dementia in your dream denotes your mission to be able to provide for those who are dependent on you before you are unable to do so for even yourself.

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If you have Dementia you are afraid of forgetting important details. Demons — When you dream of demons, it does not necessarily mean that you are possessed. Contrary to what many may think, seeing demons in your dream are a symbol of pessimism, misery or even the evil side of yourself. However, if you are possessed in your dream it is a sign of critical defenselessness.

Dentist — Dreaming of any form of surgery done to the mouth represents an attempt to fix troubles that you may have communicating whether it be because of anxiety or your appearance. The dentist is symbolic of what repairs need to be done to stop these concerns and problems. Are you happy in your walking life and constantly dreaming being depressed? This is because when you dream of depression you do not necessarily need to be depressed, you could just be looking for a way out of your errands.

If you look at what is depressing you in your dream and could relate it back to your reality, then you may answer what responsibility is annoying you or even causing you depression that you could not understand before. However, dreaming of someone else being depressed could indicate your own depression that you do not want to admit to while it could mean that someone is actually depressed and they need your help to persevere.

Desert — Deserts are symbols for bad luck or lack something whether it is companionship or hope. Roaming the desert can stand for being deserted or alone without any purpose in life but if you feel the adventure and excitement in it, it signifies your yearning for a new experience. A desk in your dream means you need to evaluate your problems not only in your life but rather you look at prospects at work and the management of your finances. Now if the desk is cluttered it means you are disorganized in your life and are unable to manage your finances.

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Alternatively, a neat desk means you are doing well at work, a promotion may even be in order! Make sure it looks neat and not empty because if it is empty it means you are not fulfilling your expectations at work or even you are suffering with problems financially. Dessert — Desserts and what we try to avoid in a health conscience society and so having a dream of them are representative of temptation and a push to enjoy a bit of the good things in reality, in some cases it could mean guilt for being greedy or indulging in fattening foods.

Dream of dating a doctor

Pay attention to whether you are satisfied at the end or whether you in fact even had the dessert. If you have not eaten them and it does not affect you it means that you have gotten rid of a habit, however if you seem to feel depressed because you cannot eat it, it may mean you are missing out on an opportunity or you are being too harsh with your diet. Destruction — You may need to make changes in your life that are causing you problems because signs of destruction in your dream, in whatever form it may come in, it means you need to burn the old and start afresh.

Depending on if you are starting, viewing or caught in the destruction would tell you your position on the transformations in your life. Starting would mean you have control over it, you want to do it! Detective — A detective represents mystery in your walking life whether you are trying to solve a problem or discover yourself. If you are a detective it means you are doing it on your own it means you are discovering new mysteries about yourself. If you hire a detective it means you need help with something but if the detective is asking you questions it symbolizes you are guilty about something and you think someone knows about it.

Detour — Seeing a detour in your dream signifies a detour in your real life. You have encountered some problem that is going to postpone you but you will still get where you want to go, you just have to find your way around it. Devil — Dreaming of a devil could represent conflicts you are having with yourself; it may be negativity, guilt or worrying about a situation. These feelings come out in your dream in the form of the devil.

The devil could also symbolize someone who has influenced you to do things that you do not like. Diamond — Like in your waking life, diamonds are symbolic of commitment and wealth and sometimes pride. If you receive a diamond ring or piece of jewelry it means you are ready for commitment but if the diamonds are loose it means you are not ready or you are going to be facing some difficulties in your relationship or even finances. If you are pretending you have diamonds in your dream when in fact they are false it means you are not being yourself in reality.

Diet — Being on a diet in your dream means you are not satisfied in your appearance or you feel restricted in life. On the other hand dreaming of dieting could mean that you want to break free and rebel a bit in society to get rid of things you think are not good for you.

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Digging — If you are digging in your dream it means that you are diligently looking to find something that you want to use to solve your problems. Whether it is truth or trying to find the solution to something, digging symbolizes that you are going to work hard for the answer. If you find something whether it be treasure or just an object it means that you would soon find an answer. Dinner — Dreaming of having dinner alone represents your independence or you may be feeling lonely and need to develop some social skills.

If you are having dinner with your family or with other people it means you have a good social life. Conversely not having dinner would mean you are starving yourself from experiencing life and making yourself happy whether it be nourishing yourself mentally, emotionally or spiritually.

Dirt — Dirt is symbolic of mistakes that may cause you dishonor or suspicious behavior that you are trying to conceal. If someone is throwing dirt on you it means they are saying things to bring you down, if you are washing off dirt it means a new beginning.

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Disappearing — If you are disappearing in your dream it means fear being alone and you are worried that the people you love would leave you on your own. You feel unappreciated and that things you do go unnoticed, you somewhat already feel invisible in the world. However, if someone else is disappearing you probably have lost communication with that person or they are no longer a part of your life. Also it may mean a loss of a specific quality or feeling you have towards someone.

Disappointment — Your dream serves as an outlet for this feeling because you may not let it out in your waking life. Whether it is disappointing yourself or someone else in your dream, it means that you are actually disappointed in yourself. Disaster — Disaster in your dream represents your fear and worry for your future or fear for change. Otherwise, be a bit cautious because it may be a predictive dream and it could happen in your life.

Disease — Dreaming of having a disease does not necessarily mean that you actually have the disease. Diseases in your dream, cancer, AIDS, heart disease or the flu, indicate anxiety about a situation or fear that you have about actually getting the disease. It could also be a predictive dream where your unconscious is warning about the illness since you may not be conscious about the symptoms. Disguise — Why are you hiding or carrying on with a false persona?

Otherwise youre safe to let you should turn in time.

When you dream of being disguised it means you refuse to face reality or come to terms with things in your life. If someone else is disguised in your dream it indicates they are being someone they are really not and you have started to realize it. Dishes — Dishes are symbolic of who you are and your attitude and perception of society.

If the dishes are dirty you feel down and depressed about situations, otherwise if clean it means you are satisfied. While having many dishes stacked would mean that you have been quite successful in your financial endeavors or making the best out of situations. If you are fed up of routines and you dream of washing dishes it means you want to make a move and make some changes.

Dreaming of breaking, throwing or broken dishes indicate anger towards someone or having feelings of regret about mistakes. Diving — Dreaming of diving into water means that you want to plunge into something that would please you, if the water is clean it means you have overcome come problems and you feel content. Conversely, dreaming of diving into muddy water means you feel stuck and worried about an obstacle you have come across. Otherwise, similar to digging, it could mean that you are looking to find a solution to a predicament.

If you witness someone else diving in your dream, it suggests your attractions towards another individual in your waking life. Dreaming of animals diving in your dream is a release of your sexual tension which you have concealed. Divorce — A dream of you having a divorce signifies your fear of being alone or fear of being alone or just the fact that you are unsatisfied with your current relationship and need to make some changes. Divorce is symbolic of changes and a transitional phase in your life or relationship.

Doctor — Dreaming of a doctor requires your attention and you should go and get a second opinion from an actual doctor because it could mean an actual health condition or a need for healing in some part of your life. However, if you are the doctor it means that you are able to help others with their problems. Doll — Dreaming of a doll symbolizes childhood innocence and light-hearted fun. Playing with dolls or a doll coming to life would represent denying or trying to escape adulthood or the responsibilities that come with it. It can also mean immaturity with communication whether it is with the different states of mind or with the opposite sex.

Dolphin — Pay close attention to dolphin dreams due to a very important message being sent from the unconscious mind to the conscious mind. Swimming with dolphins in a dream symbolizes positive aura in your life. If the dolphin is trying to communicate to you, pay close attention to the message it is trying to tell you something. These are doors you open or close on an unconscious level, hidden deep within you. If a door is open its a very positive symbol and if the door is closed it usually negative.

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Sometimes doors have to close for others to open up. Doughnuts — Seeing a doughnut in a dream means that you are missing the point of a situation, something is not complete. Doughnuts can also represent gluttony and greed. If you are eating a doughnut it means you are fulfilling your needs. Dove — A dove is a very important dream symbol because it represents strength and tranquility.