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We apply the full spectrum of cosmogenic nuclides, including the routine extraction of 10 Be, 26 Al, and 36 Cl. We also routinely measure cosmogenic 3 He.

Recently, we have pioneered the terrestrial 53Mn technique as new monitor of earth surface processes, and we also have established an extraction line for in situ 14 C from quartz. A 3-dimensional model of the Mont Fort and Sivier glacier system, showing well-preserved 'Egesen' and 'pre-Egesen' moraine systems that are studied to understand the glacier and climate changes during the Late Glacial Period Similar drone-imagery based 3-dimensional reconstructions in the Alps and Arctic Norway and beyond are in preparation by PhD candidate Josh Maurer: Cosmogenic Dating Group PIs: Many of these processes occur so rapidly and unexpectedly that they have daunting consequences.

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To make the distinction in another fashion, the timing of their formation determines which subset of cosmic ray spallation-produced nuclides are termed primordial or cosmogenic a nuclide cannot belong to both classes. By convention, certain stable nuclides of lithium , beryllium , and boron are thought [ according to whom? The primordial nuclide beryllium-9, the only stable beryllium isotope, is an example of this type of nuclide.

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  • In contrast, even though the radioactive isotopes beryllium-7 and beryllium fall into this series of three light elements lithium, beryllium, boron formed mostly [ citation needed ] by cosmic ray spallation nucleosynthesis , both of these nuclides have half lives too short for them to have been formed before the formation of the Solar System, and thus they cannot be primordial nuclides. Since the cosmic ray spallation route is the only possible source [ citation needed ] of beryllium-7 and beryllium occurrence naturally in the environment, they are therefore cosmogenic.

    Here is a list of radioisotopes formed by the action of cosmic rays ; the list also contains the production mode of the isotope.

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