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This one doesn't get talked about too much, but it's an important one I think: The average sociopath that you will encounter is more like a predatory animal trying to meet their needs, and their emotional and mental scope doesn't include deep spiritual faiths or strong ethical or philosophical beliefs. They are also contemptuous of others, and often speak viciously about those "close" to them. Instead of empathizing, and giving the benefit of the doubt, they claim others are worthless, losers, dumb, etc.

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As we like to say, what you search on DuckDuckGo is private, even from us! The female social path theres more then what the internet shows ,i mean is there a sign up sheet that goes around and most wouldnt admit it any how, 2nd its said their born like that?

Female Sociopath – How To Deal With Her (If You’re Dating One!)

A female social path is far more dangerous then a male and theyll go to any limit ,break rules,laws, literally destroy almost anything and anyone and get away with it because the simple fact their a women, plenty of males to run to,shoulders to fake cry on, plenty of women friends cheerleading them on after all other women love when males get screwed over by another female, a social pathic female is their idol. If you can think of any of the worst case senerios a women can do in a relationshipthats a female social path, the best females to have a coversation with, the best stories, the best thoughtfulness,the best caring and and warmth,sex is out of this world, why?

Its all fake,munipultive,never ever real - NONE. Selfish people dont care, but these our selfish people in need of gain, so the act is emmy awards, if you call them out on it 3 things will happen , 1st theyll try and spin it around and put the guilt on you and fake cry, 2nd theyll use i love you and try real quick to do everything they know you like to cover up or munipulate your cleverness with kinky sex,a cooked meal,messages,cleaning,fake i love you ,miss you texts,might even buy you something, anything to get you off their radar, not because they care about you YOU WISH!

Because they need the stability of a home?

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And all will be you,you did this,with blame of petty things,made up things,and things she done but spun it on you and like an ass youll apologise or do whatever to try to win IT back when to IT the game is over not the relationship you thought you had but the game she investing in thats all it ever was. It feels great at first. The love bombing is one of the first tools they put to use to see if you can be utilized and to find a way into your soul.

If you fall for the love blitz it is sort of like a hacker gaining access to your computer. They are going to go though it and data mine. Then they will probably start to take ownership. They see you as a possession and a good sign will be an overt and inappropriate jealousy of someone else close to you. If you find yourself being isolated from someone close very early on then be wary. There will be lies.

They are truly incorrigible liars and that should send up the red flag! I suggest that if you are at this stage and you are reading this you should do two things: She will be all up in everything you do and you should just assume that as a precaution. If you get a gut feeling that she is a sociopath then plan your getaway. Just google it and that is your first step. When you decide to get out, you have to make it a clean, complete and final break. You can never go back. Try to minimize the damage proactively by explaining to friends and family that the yogurt is about to hit the fan.

Remember, unless you are a qualified mental health professional you have no credibility or right to diagnose her and doing so will only hurt you.

No normal person can conceive of such a corrupted personality and your judgement will be questioned. Just get away and chalk it up to experience. Normal people mostly think of others as normal and have no idea what they are dealing with. If you are with a sociopath you are in great danger. The devastation they leave in their wake is enormous. I know from first hand experience. I hope this helps someone out there. Wth is that all about? Both of the 2 in question were conceived during group sex encounters, one of which the pill poppin married mama was the girl in some apparently pretty impressive gangbangs.

Always on their phone , lime when you're trying to spend time with them and they can't seem to put the phone away.

What is the difference between male and female sociopaths?

Being flaky , not showing up when they say they will if they even show up at all. They can leave you hanging , and then act surprised when you get upset because you've waited and could have been doing other things instead of waiting on them to show up. They will start to ignore your texts if you try to be real them and tell them how they are making you feel , in other words if you text isn't to praise them and if you try to call them out on something they will turn into a pit bull and get super defensive and may start cursing at you in such a dramatic and crazy manner, you'll think wtf just happened.

What the heck did I do or say that was wrong or deserved that response. Long before the Shogan Method was around. Which by the way is a game changer for me.

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I have a close friend I have known since I showed him the 12 signs pdf, he literally fell off his chair. He asked me to read it. Oh he just laughed at himself. We both described our exes being sociopathic ladies. We are both single today. Cautious might I add. I believe protected by divine forces since we never married either.

He is 50, I am But our questions about the female mind have been answered. I told him no point in wishing what could have been. We are both grateful and want to make sure your efforts are not in vain. I am not sure but we, due to our ages, are not horny dogs as we once were nor do we suffer from irrectile difficulties YET.

Female sociopath | Dating a Sociopath

They have an excuse for everything. Unreliability is their middle name. But very swiftly they start letting you down. They come on strong. Sociopaths literally charm the pants off you. Trending Now on NYPost. Upper East Side restaurant Nello confused me for a hooker.