Prayer for matchmaking

Finding a spouse requires supernatural help, guidance, and confirmation. The same God that helped Isaac find Rebekah can help you.

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You are my Lord, and I want to live my life to please and worship you. I pray that your angel would go before me to guide me to this person. I ask that you would grant confirmation, direction, and affirmation regarding this person. I realize I am asking for a considerable responsibility. Philomena knew what her heart wanted she dedicated her virginity to Jesus and she was willing to go through actual hell and high water to make sure this actually happened she survived horrific torture — in fire and in water — as she denied marriage to Emperor Diocletian, who was emperor 1 in persecuting Christians.

As the legend has it, the saint that inspired the myth of Santa Claus, St. Nick, actually got his start by helping a seriously-broke father come up with three substantial dowries for his daughters — which resulted in making three very happy marriages. But he died, and Edward received the crown during a time of of war with the Danes.

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While not yet technically a saint, Bl. Elisabeth Leseur is known for her diary, in which she reveals some of her deepest struggles in her marriage with a man she deeply loved: Despite their differences, they had a strong marriage, but she secretly prayed he would receive the gift of faith.

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While she lived, she suffered both hepatitis and cancer, often offering up her pain for her husband to convert. And after her death, he did indeed have a conversion — but only after going to Lourdes wanting to expose it as fake. In fact, he was so deeply moved, he even became a priest.

The trip transformed my life.

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It set me on a path that I continue to journey on to this day. I fell profoundly in love with God and developed a deep devotion to our Blessed Mother.

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Praying the rosary was woven into the fabric of my life. Now, 30 years later, this powerful prayer remains a staple in my prayer life and a means by which Our Lady incessantly draws me into the heart of Her Son.

8 Saints You’ll Want Interceding for Your Love Life

As a young girl, I was made aware of the gift we have in our Blessed Mother. When I was 19 years old, this gift took on greater meaning in my life through the profound words a very holy priest and keynote speaker, Fr. Agnes, spoke to me while attending a Marian Conference. After his talk, he saw me across a large room, crowded with hundreds of people.

Having no idea who I was, but clearly prompted by the Holy Spirit, he came up to me and asked my name. I was speechless and moved to tears.

Mary, the Matchmaker - For Your Marriage

The words were etched in my heart from that day for forward. That same year while enrolled at St. We met dancing but came to know each other through a rosary prayer group. We have always considered Mary our matchmaker.

If you are having trouble finding a future spouse, here is a helpful prayer.

We organized prayer groups in several of the dorms at both schools, and students gathered nightly at Troy and I were part of that same rosary group. We were even blessed by a visit from the now Venerable Fr. Patrick Peyton founder of the Family Rosary Crusade who at age 90, prayed the rosary with us on his knees — a memory engraved in my heart forever. Mary also brought Troy into the fold of the faith. As a former Episcopalian,Troy felt called to become Catholic while he was at Notre Dame and he asked me to be his sponsor.