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Are there any rumors of what it is? Why would valve feel threatened, I feel like CS is just too big and too solid to overtake. You have to remember CS is a very specific game concept that has been honed to death for twenty years, but not actually changed significantly since then. If you are going to beat CS you either have to make an exact clone or And if it's a different game then you can't see CS people playing it.

I genuinely think this game is as close to perfect as it can be, stylistically and from a competitive standpoint.

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New weapon collections for Dust 2, Train, and Overpass which will release after the major making Dlores more valuable. We are given 32 tick servers because they base the hardware to run it off of the previous version of GO. Valcano on the other hand creates maps, Something which League will never need him to do as there map has been the same for how many years. In the entirety of league there has been two different 3v3 maps, dominion, aram, and countless event maps alongside the unchanging 5v5 summoners rift.

I'm sure there are other experienced map makers in the actual genre since after all the whole genre started as custom maps and recruiting an FPS map maker does seem pretty odd, although I'm willing to agree that he's probably qualified for the job more than just a random dude building houses in Minecraft. Yeah I agree but do we even know to what capacity he was actually hired?

Could it be Insurgency: Or hell, maybe even the new Call of Duty Blackout has Valve a bit worried. Seeing them adapt their game to an entire new style while CSGO sits stagnant. But honestly I can't think of any game that would really compete with Counter Strike's legacy. It's a true PC gaming classic.

Riot's FPS that's been in development for 2 years, apparently classed based. Rumoured to be announced at the end of this year. The way I can see this game remotely competing with CS is if they have a economy system for the classes.

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I wondered if it will be similar to the Shadowrun FPS. That game had potential but everyone was too hung up on the name Shadowrun to give it a fair shot But I remember watching old MLG tournaments and it looked like it had a lot of depth. And if it uses the F2P model like other CS clones I doubt players would even consider switching over. It'll probably have a fantasy theme or something similar, since the terrorism theme is too edgy for Riot's audience and sponsors.

Also Riot tends to be very controlling of their games when it comes to competitive matches. I'd prefer Valve's hands off approach. It basically killed the entire tier-3 scene. No tournament that is not either a minor or a major gets any views whatsoever midas mode does not count. In DotA they just kinda stopped existing for a while. Apparently Riot's game is a class based shooter so could be a closer competitor to R6 or Overwatch and less so CS.

The international plz ,i don't even want the ti scale,i just need something like battle pass we can throw our money to those players. I would call it "The Major". Just pure The Major hosted and organized by Valve. This way you can optimize it for all viewers, demolish technical problems, perhaps even create an epicenter for your whole game's esports in the region, the Mecca of CSGO. I bet some towns would pay megabucks for such a development deal too.

Other tourney organizers get to do whatever they want still, but can bid to host K Minors for example, Katowice could be a Minor , which give circuit points towards Major qualifications. This way both the Minor and the Major brands have a high level of prestige tourney organizers are happy, and the current infrastructure of the competitive scene is leveraged, and seamlessly integrated into a giant, harmonious CS ecosystem that feeds into Valve's The Major line of tournaments. This would be a far superior approach to something like Overwatch League, where all grassroots growth was crushed and obliterated, and now everyone else is being cut out, or soviet Nazi Riot LoL scene.

For me that sounds like a system like in tennis with the 4 grand slams a year and many little to bigger tournaments where you can get points for your ranking depending on the tier of the tournament. And only the highest ranked players and a few wildcards and qualifiers can participate at the grand slams. I like this idea for csgo. Crowdfunding for two major would be better, as a single massive tournament reduces the meaning of other tournaments during the year.

But I believe there is some Valve developers on the Major.. In the Dota2 TI, there are developers from Valve for sure. Like Machine the host..

Csgo zeus matchmaking

GO, and particulary the MM system. Some may have some basic insight but we've heard Pros hyping up things in the past that never really turned out to be anything. Valve doesn't seem like the kind of company that would really care what pros have to think. They aren't really going to care about new game modes and they certainly aren't coming to MM anytime soon. Even if they added ladders and tick servers. Sneak peak of the new update. I wonder though if the lack of competition for CS is what's let it have such a successful esport.

Hopefully one of them is a CS: GO version of The International. Rainbow six is interesting although I have reservations about that being a real massive esport, RIOT I believe is working on a csgo competitor as well. When was the last time we actually have heard anything about the development of this riot game though? I also don't think r6 can compete with cs. Dude counter strike is the football of esports.

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It is going to be there for eternity. All these fucking casuals such as r6, cod etc. I mean StarCraft was once "the football" of esports, games die, eras ebb and flow. Acting like csgo can afford to be idle over it's being the premier military fps esport is laughable.

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I don't think that starcraft was considered the football of esports really I'm talking about original starcraft of course. It was what hockey is to Canada. Extremely popular in one country. SC was never as global as CS. I'm not saying valve should take it for granted and just sit idle.

But I'm sure that no other game can match the cs physics and the feel of how it plays. Hell these new games can't even match my dear old csz. Casuals are the majority of the player base though. If a new f2p game took control of the casuals I'd imagine sponsors would support it too.

Wouldn't be properly competitive but could have large tournaments. I played quite a bit of siege, before I ever played CS. CS is far better as an esport imo. I dunno, maybe it's just me, but even while playing it I couldn't ever find it good to watch. Interesting to hear Zeus say this part in a way that makes it sound like it came directly from Valve: It could be Riot they're talking about. I'm glad that Valve have stepped it up, but I think that, if anything, it was Fortnite and COD Blackout that probably have them worried bit over declining numbers. From what I hear, Riot's game will be class-based, like Siege - will it manage to dethrone both?

I kind of doubt it tbh. More incentive needs to be created for map creators outside of Operations. Really the only improvement Valve can do currently. Pleeaaase let it be the small beep that was sent when using the "use" button. I also want the flashlight and nightvision goggles back: Adjusted over a long time we know that does not an empire for free for completing milestones or sign up starting August, Update. Submitted hours ago Damage falloff on it victory for same quotes from the closed beta, Valve opened the console support.

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