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The psychedelic cowboy Lee Hazlewood was the man behind many country hits of the 60's, and the man was not a stranger to the bottle either. The evidence is all there in "The Night Before. These days Willie Nelson is known for smoking the herb than hitting the bottle but Willie's partying prowess is second to none. It'd take some kind of super computer to calculate Nelson per capita party average, but we'll but the number at one zillion. So with that much experience, he knows how to handle the morning after with grace.

It all starts with a Bloody Mary Wilco's Jeff Tweedy has spent a lot of time over the limit, and this song explores what happens when the Man has caught you going too far. Tweedy sings of those times when you have to hitch a ride with friends when you've had one too many.

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In Tweedy's case he's had so many his license was revoked. Take it from Tweedy, riding bitch sucks. Buffet is professional when it comes to drinking. He's visited Margaritaville he's suggested more than once that maybe, just maybe he'd like to " Get drunk and Screw. As for the foot stink, perhaps tough actin' Tinactin will banish the stench, Buffet. It's the oldest trick in the book, and on New Years' morning sometimes you have to make a less than graceful exit. Maybe you did too many hits with Miley Cyrus, or perhaps you graduated from the beer bong to the WINE bong trust me, don't do this , but for some reason your standards were lowered and there you are, in need of escape.

Fortunatley, Liz Phair wrote a song about you. Every night, I'd go around the club, stopping at all the tables to mingle with guests. And that's when the wild partying would start. My customers would force me to drink so much, I was downing the equivalent of two bottles of champagne a night. It's hard to say no - you have to keep people happy or they won't come back and spend. No one discouraged me from my heavy drinking.

My co-workers all understood it was part of the job. It was common for my colleagues and even my bosses to also get drunk by the end of the night while "working".

2. Lowers inhibitions

I paid for it in the mornings with terrible hangovers. I'd crawl out of bed with a pounding head, groaning, "Why am I doing this? Birthday hook-up My views about sex changed while on the job. I used to think that girls who got drunk and slept with men were cheap sluts who couldn't control themselves. But after I got sucked into this world, I realised it was easier said than done. There's temptation, there's alcohol, plus you see people hooking up every other night, so it almost seems "normal".

More than once, I've seen tipsy women let guys finger them in the middle of the club. I had drunken sex twice within my first six months at work. Both hook-ups occurred on the job, while I was entertaining customers. It was my birthday, and I was drinking more than usual - I can't remember how much. Basically, I was downing whatever was being offered to me. The last thing I remember was thinking, "I need to go home now".


After that, my memory is an utter blank. The next thing I knew, it was morning. I opened my eyes and found myself lying in Max's bed, right next to him. I didn't even remember how we ended up there or how the sex went, but it must have happened.

When You Wake Up the Morning After a Drunk Hookup | Drunk Meme on ovahiryripen.tk

Why else would I have been in bed with him? He'd also been drunk and woke up horrified. Things were awkward for the next few days. We still had to face each other at work, where I avoided talking to him too much.

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I didn't want him to think I'd developed romantic feelings for him because I hadn't. I wanted to draw a line. A few days later, we both sat down and had a talk about what happened. We agreed that it would be nothing more than a one-night stand. In fact, we grew closer after the incident. Perhaps it's because we'd been intimate, but more importantly, it helped that we were mature about the whole thing and didn't end up overanalysing or obsessing over it.

Pregnancy scare My second brush with party sex turned out to be my last. I'd met him years ago, while living abroad for a year. We'd dated for a while but it didn't work out and we remained friends. He worked as a DJ and, coincidentally, was invited to spin at the club I was working at. I was tasked to host him that night. Just like the first time, I drank like a fish while working and mingling with customers, and ended up drunk.

That, combined with whatever lingering feelings Eric and I had for each other, resulted in me spending the night at his place. I'd be impressed by that, but:: If you've already hooked up, it's hard to imagine that asking her to dinner would be too forward.

After a drunken hookup, asking her out to dinner would be a pretty classy move. A lot of drunken hookups are just that and nothing more, but sometimes you do get lucky and get something more out of it once the sun rises and the hangover subsides. Or a sign of complete desperation. I'm not disagreeing with roomwithaview, per se, because I think it's possible, but it's more likely that a drunken hookup is just that, a hookup.

Luckily, in college and generally in your early 20s, you can make the mistake of hooking up and still make it into a good relationship because both parties don't know any better. Go for it, but don't be surprised if she isn't interested. College women, as I remember them, are far more into playing the field than in the past and therefore command a great deal of power. Well depending on the situation, "I hope you made it home okay" works very well. Or even the generic, "I had a great time last night with you and your friends" which in my opinion is less creepy and moves it away from the actual sex.

Unless you guys really, really clicked and if you are asking this question You'll see her again at a party, wait until that happens.

8 Real Women on Their Most Embarrassing Hookups

The first hookup might be an accident but not the second one. Oh and I'm a huge foodie and love going out to eat but find that college girls are generally taken back or creeped out by dinner - as if it is some sort demarcation between being a hookup and casual friendship and serious dating.

I have no idea where it comes from. It is a real toss up and why I never liked college hookups.

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  4. Some people are very cool and can be friends or whatever afterwards and some just want a human dildo and get very scared if the guy calls back. Text saying "That was fun, but please keep in mind I'm really gay. That happened to me several times, from girls and boys, so keep the meme going.

    And never trust a woman under Some possibilities based on my own experience: She's willing to continue for as long as her friend stays mad. She'll never know for sure why she did it, and neither will you. Take a chance - I think you should call her! I'm about to move in with a "drunken hookup" I met in college, who I now love very much.

    He and I are no longer in college and we have been in a serious relationship for nearly two years!

    When You Hook Up With Your Ex

    If you like her, call with a plan to ask her if she'd like to meet you at the campus center for coffee -- or something similarly noncommittal. Maybe there's a movie or cheap campus concert coming up that you could go to together? You can say "I had a really nice time, even though we were both pretty far gone. I'd love to get together sometime. And when you see her, go up and say hi and be nice.

    And I've had many "proper" dating situations meet through professional circles, exchange numbers, go to very nice restaurant, etc. So, don't worry, sober up, text her something silly later today, and call her soon. Don't avoid her or hide from her.