Im yoona dating lee seung gi

In addition to this date, 'Dispatch' reports that they've spotted the two together on October 13th, 22nd, as well as several dates in November.


Lee Seung Gi had mentioned YoonA being his ideal type since a long while back, and was especially teased for it when he hosted ' Strong Heart ', adding credibility to the report of the two dating. With the report breaking, both agencies didn't hesitate in confirming the two's relationship status right away. SM Entertainment commented to Osen, "The two are in the beginning stages of getting to know each other.

We don't know exactly when the two started seeing each other, but we can say that they're in the beginning stages Please watch over the two kindly. Log in to comment. Upvote if you think more people should see this post! Posted by serendipity Tuesday, December 31, For LSG's case its like she's mine so back off.

The Daebak-est news to be honest, I dont think anyone's dating news will be able to beat their daebak dating news in terms of how shocking it is, the spotlight and how positive the general public support. For those wanting to know Yoona more, I recommend watching the following: You will most likely start to learn about all 9 girls instead of just Yoona.

Because SNSD is known as the girl group that doesnt really care much about protecting their image 2. Anyways, so happy about the news of this couple! I can't wait to hear more news about the progress of their relationship.

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Note that Seung Gi Oppa's birthday is in two weeks! So I'm sure we'll have something to look forward to regarding our couple keke. Yes but for about the past for years, he has publicly named Yoona as his ideal woman - ever since Opp a finally got his woman! Many male celebrities and non-celebs have named Yoona as their ideal type but Seung Gi Oppa is the only one whoever had loyalty for all these years and NOW dating. Someone made a good point on page Seung Gi oppa has to go to mandatory military service sooner or later so, it's a good thing that the couple finally got together after all these years!!!

You must be using Chrome. If anyone wants to know more about Yoona, just got to YouTube and type in her name. SONEs have been making fanvids for years plus you'll find random clips from on up. SG is quite close with his hyungs - and there are so many of them lol. But the NoF crew were teasing him not knowing the public would've had information of the said girlfriend at the time of airing Also This was , I think lol. It's just that random links like aren't usually allowed in the thread.

I think I'm beginning to really accept that he is already attached. So i started digging info about his gorgeous girlfriend Yoona like a proud mom and stumbled upon this clip, too cute it was like eons of years ago. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. Already have an account?

Yoona Reveals Reason to Break Up with Lee Seung Gi

By angelangie Started November 19, By marie67 Started December 30, By rubie Started April 8, By marykarmelina Started July 9, By RayAmbler7 Started September 18, Prev 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 Next Page 20 of Posted January 4, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Netiz9n I think they are the Nation's Couple A lot of people have shared their views and opinions that sometimes it makes the entire topic itself redundant.

But then again, if we look beyond the surface, the issue of Yoong being the center of SNSD covers much depth that I believe we can talk about it forever but we will never be able to fathom its real impact on Yoona and the people surrounding her. I will try to do away with enumerating all the pros and cons of her being the face since I believe Yoonadicts basically have a clear idea of what it feels.

Instead, I will give a humble attempt to scratch beyond the surface of the usual good and bad things about it. True, Taeyeon is the leader and a leader has to deal with managing the members. I salute Taengoo for being able to do that.

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Even if she claims that the members do not really need her watching over them since they are responsible enough, I still believe that she plays a pivotal role of being the backbone of the group. The last remaining strand of the whole SNSD tapestry. Taeyeon, as the leader, has to be consistently strong; for as a leader, everything about SNSD will reflect on her. In as much as our kid leader has this heavy responsibility, I think every SONE or any SNSD-member fan should at least give due respect to Yoona for the responsibility that she is holding.

The nine girls are there; the camera follows. They attend some variety show; three or four members are present. Who ends up having more time when the show airs? Because of this, people have this tendency to blame the girl for what is happening. This is her responsibility. Nevertheless, I pose these questions. Had it ever occur to such people how this kind of treatment actually affects Yoona?

Yoona Reveals Reason to Break Up with Lee SeungGi

Had they ever wondered how she might feel with the camera constantly shoved on her face? Had it ever cross their mind that this is the heaviest responsibility to be ever given to a person? Yoona, being the face, the center, the one who the world revolves around to, brings the name SNSD. One wrong move for her and the entire group gets the blame. You see how the mechanics work?

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For the leader, when the group, holistically, does something negative, she has to live up with being called a bad leader unless she does something right. It took me quite a long time to understand this but to stress my point, I will use an analogy here. Have you observed why much respect is given to the men who stand in the frontline during the time for battle? Because they are the one who gets the lashes first. They have to be brave AND they have to be strong. And this is where my respect for Yoona comes in.

As part of her job, she has to constantly check herself. She has to be forever flawless. She has to be perfect. But you know what makes Yoona so special?

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She maintains the innocent and angelic image that she is supposed to have. But when the camera for formal events stop rolling, we get to see the Yoona that is special to all of us.

[Breaking] Lee Seung Gi & YoonA are dating!

The Im Yoona with her alligator mouth, Ahn Youngmi gags, endless pranks, and insatiable appetite. We see the real Yoona. And boy is that Yoona far from perfect! Those moments, when she is as flawed as your six-year old next door neighbor with ice cream stains on her shirt and muddy prints on her shoes, those are the times that she shines the most. I believe Yoona deserves every respect for being able to hold that choding in her and be that elegant, sweet girl when the camera turns her way.

She deserves every amount of respect for being able to stand strong, in having that responsibility despite being one of the maknaes of the group. She deserves the respect for in every blow that is targeted for the group, she has to receive it first. At first, I was a bit puzzled on why idols choose her as their Ideal Girl. It was a mystery, actually. But in that SGB episode when Yuri said that even if Yoona gets picked as ideal girl, no idol has actually tried to pursue her or even show signs of actually liking her, I was shocked.

The realization suddenly dawned on me and I feel like giving the poor girl a hug. And you know what that implies? She is the girl you should choose because she has this long list of haters from time immemorial and it will not hurt if she gets another hundred on that list. Choose her because it is the safest most common answer and she is the perfect scapegoat so that the media will stop bothering you for an ideal girl. And come to think of it, no other idol has suffered as much for being center as her.

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  • Lee Seung Gi, the star that Dispatch used to give up, confirmed to be dating with Yoona!

Who do you think gets the largest amount of anti-fans in SNSD? This may be debatable in regards to Fany, Taeng, Sica, and Yoong but have you observed how out of all four, Yoong gets hated only for the stupid fact that she sits at the center of SNSD? People react negatively as if the girl specifically asked to be there on the first place. D o you know about that certain awards show wherein the SuJu boys are constantly pulling her into the middle for the photo-ops but she keeps coming back to where the other members are standing? How about the time when she said that she wishes other members will be given the chance to shine on variety shows, particularly Hyo?

Remember when she gushed about how funny Kim Choding really is and that PDs should really give her a chance? Yoona knows that even if Sooyoung is the spokesperson of SNSD whose ability to string words will always amaze people, one statement from her is enough to cause a headline.

And because of this, she uses it not to her advantage, but for the entire group itself. Never the one who hogs the spotlight. And it really hurts that she is made to look that way.