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Red Hot and Blue Tattoo is a tattoo parlour in Edinburgh opening in June , which has very quickly grown a reputation for being one of the best. The artists have an emphasis on doing custom work and really go that extra mile to give you the tattoo that you want. They have a gallery on the website that shows the kind of work that they do. I like to think that their style is traditional with a contemporary twist.

I have had all of my tattoos drawn at Red Hot and Blue, the majority of them are nautical themed, which the artist was really into and I have always come away with a tattoo that both myself and the artist have loved. One thing that really stands out in Red Hot and Blue is how friendly the staff are.

The Britannia is one of the most popular and well-rated attractions in all of the UK actually! However, there is more to see in Leith beyond Britannia and the shopping mall, and a 15 minute walk brings you past the Leith docks and into the heart of Leith. Leith is located within a 30 minute bus ride or 20 minute drive from the Royal Mile. If you enjoy the feel of Leith, you may also want to check out the even less visited Newhaven harbor area.

It is a former fishing and shipbuilding village that is now a district of Edinburgh. Today the fish market building houses a fishmonger along with a couple of seafood restaurants. Commercial boat rides and charters are possible from Newhaven. Newhaven is a 20 minute walk from Leith, a 17 minute walk from Britannia, a few minute bus ride from Leith or Britannia , or a 30 minute bus ride from the Royal Mile. Did you know that Edinburgh has a beach? Most of the Victorian era attractions are long gone but the beach remains and is a popular spot for Edinburgh families to come for a bit of the seaside.

In addition to walking on the beach or swimming in the summer months although a group called The Wild Ones takes the plunge each Sunday morning year-round! It may not be the French Riviera, but Portobello feels like it is a long way from central Edinburgh and is a fun mellow place to spend an afternoon!

We are still exploring our home in Scotland, and Lauriston Castle is one of our latest discoveries in Edinburgh. Most people who travel to Edinburgh will visit the much more famous Edinburgh Castle and rightly so! The guided tours include a tour of the principal rooms which are fully decorated as the Reids left them in , giving visitors a glimpse into what Edwardian life was like in a country home in Scotland. One of the interesting decorations throughout the home is the very large collection of Blue John urns, a rare semi-precious stone from Derbyshire. Note that the tours are only given once a day on the weekends during the winter months, but more regularly during the rest of the year.

The gardens and parkland which were laid out by William Henry Playfair are open each day for free, and include a Japanese Friendship garden and views over the Firth of Forth. Cramond is a suburb and village in northwest Edinburgh. If you are looking for a little village to visit near the water or are visiting nearby Lauriston Castle, this village is worth a stop. Although now a popular residential suburb, Cramond was once an industrial and fishing village. Located at the mouth of the River Almond, the area is archaeologically significant as there have been findings from Mesolithic, Bronze Age, and Roman settlements here.

You can see Cramond Island from the shore which is a small uninhabited island that does have some old ruins and some WW2 era structures still standing. Before walking to Cramond Island, be sure to check the tides as the tides cover the causeway for 12 or more hours each day so only walk to the island if it is safe to do so as tourists have often been stranded. Jupiter Artland is a contemporary art and sculpture park and art gallery located on a large acre piece of land outside of Edinburgh. The current owners are avid art collectors and started the art park in Here you can buy your ticket and collect a map and enter the beginning of the path.

The path leads you through the woods and along the way are a number of exhibits, garden areas, and land sculptures. The map gives you a description of each and the artist. Some are small and some are gigantic installations. They range from fun to interesting and thought-provoking to just plain strange! These huge dirt and turf mounds with little lakes are very impressive. The Weeping Girls by Laura Ford were also a favorite. Some of the features are designed to be permanent, others temporary. Best visited on a nice weather day.

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Only open seasonally generally May to end of September , so do check dates and hours before visiting. But it is worth the visit if you enjoy contemporary art and nature. It is situated about 12 miles from the centre of Edinburgh just off the A The best way to get here is by car, and the drive takes about 25 minutes. But sometimes in summer, during the Edinburgh Art Festival, a free shuttle bus is offered on certain days from Edinburgh. You can also easily get a taxi here. The following Edinburgh attractions and recommended places are spread out throughout the city so include both centrally located spots as well as more far flung sites within the city.

Edinburgh is home to several major year-round weekly Edinburgh markets , taking place in central Edinburgh, Stockbridge, and Leith on the weekends. There is also the central Royal Mile Market which is a year-round daily Scottish market located in the Tron Kirk that houses a number of stalls by local businesses and artists with a focus on crafts, art, jewelry, clothing, antiques, and souvenirs. There are also smaller markets and seasonal markets, including the Edinburgh Christmas Market. You can find out more about all the local markets here.

There are a number of great shopping areas in Edinburgh, and you could easily spend your whole holiday shopping if you wanted! Most people see the shops along the Royal Mile which are good for souvenir shopping, but if you truly interested in shopping plan to venture elsewhere for more variety. Nearby Princes Street is home to some of the oldest flagship department stores like Jenners beautiful 19th century building!

Stockbridge is great for vintage shops, independent clothing boutiques, and food products. One of the best known stores for high-quality vintage clothing is W. The West End is another area full of independent high-end retailers, boutiques, and home decor stores.

The business at The Arches are housed within 19 stone arches built in and feature independent retailers selling artisan clothing, home decor products, food, drinks, and art. If you are looking for high-quality independent shops around a particular Scottish item, such as bagpipes, whisky, cashmere, tweed, or kilts, do a little research online beforehand to find the best stores. I talked about some of the traditional Scottish dishes you should consider trying when visiting Edinburgh in my prior post.


However, if you have some time to spend in Edinburgh and Scotland in general I would recommend moving beyond just eating things like haggis, black pudding, Fried Mars Bars, and pub food. There are tons of great local restaurants in Edinburgh serving locally sourced, fresh food from Scotland as well as plenty of restaurants serving great international food from French to Indian food.

We have been trying to find the best burgers spots in Edinburgh and so far our favorite has been at the British chain BYRON which has two locations in Edinburgh, but we are always searching for good hamburgers! Visitors may also want to book one of the local food tours available in Edinburgh for a sample of some of the best local restaurants.

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Scotland is all about whisky and if there is one thing you should try while in Edinburgh in terms of alcohol, I would recommend trying some Scottish whisky. We were really surprised by how much is quite literally done by hand there! The Royal Dick is a great place to try both of these products, as both the brewery and gin distillery are located in the same building, a former veterinary school!

If you are looking for a place to enjoy cocktails with a great view, we can recommend the rooftop patio of The Tower Restaurant which has excellent views of the city, including Edinburgh Castle! Edinburgh is not equal to London in terms of nightlife options, but there is still plenty to do in Edinburgh at night. As noted The Stand is the best bet for comedy shows. Check out the Edinburgh Theatre Guide for what is playing during your visit and you can also check around once in town for lesser known performances. For those looking for something with traditional Scottish music and dancing, the Ghillie Dhu regularly has live traditional Scottish music and ceilidhs.

These are a lot of fun and are popular with visitors and locals. For more regular performances, w e recommend checking out the Spirit of Scotland Show. Centrally located in the New Town, this is the only regular show in Edinburgh where you can eat haggis, hear poems by Robert Burns, listen to traditional Scottish music, and watch dancers perform traditional dances like the Highland Fling all in one evening.

Designed for first time visitors to Scotland a lot of tour groups come here , the Spirit of Scotland evening show includes a 4-course meal with lots of traditional Scottish food options , dancing, storytelling, singing, and music. It may be a bit cheesy with the bagpipes and all the tartan, but Laurence and I had a lot of fun.

The food was good, the performers were great, and the staff were friendly. The main show is currently seasonal running from about April to October, although smaller performances may be arranged outside of the season for large groups. Have you visited Edinburgh Scotland? Which of the above lesser known Edinburgh attractions are on your list of places to visit when you come to Edinburgh?

Many of the above places are free to visit or we paid our own entry fees during numerous visits over the past year. For some attractions, we received complimentary entry through partnerships with Marketing Edinburgh or VisitScotland in order to review attractions and services as travel writers; however, this article contains only our own honest thoughts and opinions. We also received complimentary accommodation and meals during a recent 3-day visit in partnership with Marketing Edinburgh.

I was Edinburgh last June and a tour guide recommended Cramond to us if we were staying in Edinburgh. I absolutely loved it!! Hi Kyrie, Yes, Cramond is a great spot to go, especially on a sunny day, if you have already seen many of the main things to do in Edinburgh. I hope you get a chance to visit more attractions on your next visit! Hi Sasha, Thanks for taking the time to comment, and so glad you found our things to do in Edinburgh post helpful! Hope you have a wonderful time in Scotland. Hi Mirza, There are several well-known companies that produce kilts in Edinburgh and it depends on your budget and style.

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Wishing you a wonderful trip to Edinburgh. I enjoy researching my trips quite a bit before travelling. I added so many of your suggestions into my Edinburgh itinerary because I do not enjoy the overly trite touristy stuff. Thank you very much for all the effort in cultivating this list.

Feel free to ask if you have questions about the lesser known things to do in Edinburgh or elsewhere in Scotland! Hi Marius, Hope you found our tips and recommendations for Edinburgh helpful. If this is your first visit, I would recommend also checking out our Edinburgh highlights post as those are sort of the main sites visitors tend to want to see on a first visit.

Have a fun trip and do let us know if you have any questions! Hi Corina, Glad you enjoyed our article on hidden Edinburgh attractions! If you are visiting Edinburgh, please feel free to ask us about any travel questions you may have! St Giles offers free concerts on Sunday evenings. The one I went to was a chamber group that played some Mozart and woman sang a few arias…it was magical!! I highly recommend it.

To hear music in that ancient cathedral is something I will never forget. Hi Gwen, Thanks so much for this tip! I have been to St. I would definitely like to hear a concert there. Hi Rowan, Thanks for the tip. It does look like your company visits or at least drives by several of the places on this list. A great area to walk if you are exploring the New Town. This is a great compilation of the less mainstream places to see! We have lots of things still to do. It all looks fun.

Hi Corinne, Yes, I think many people only plan to visit Edinburgh once but there is plenty to do in Edinburgh for those who return! Some of our favorite places in the city are on this list.

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Although in my defense, I only spent three days in Edinburgh. Thanks so much for this list! I think this list highlights how much Edinburgh has to offer which many visitors may not realize! The older I get, the less interested I am in shopping. I am much more interested in spending time touring historical sites and beautiful locations. So much to see here, and I really want to go! It was a bit creepy, but also very interesting. Edinburgh definitely has a lot else to offer with a number of historical sites — a castle and a royal palace flanking each end of the Royal Mile!

We really enjoyed our time at the Surgeons Hall Museums and the staff there were wonderful — definitely interesting but not for everyone! Hi Rafael, Glad you enjoyed our list of hidden things to do in Edinburgh! Your email address will not be published. Notify me of replies to my comment just replies to your comment, no other e-mails, we promise! Subscribe to our monthly Newsletter where we share our latest travel news and tips? We only ask for your name and e-mail so we can verify you are human and if requested notify you of a reply.

To do this, we store the data as outlined in our privacy policy. Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar Search the site This post may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase using one of these links it means we may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Museum of Childhood T he Museum of Childhood is a fun museum for anyone, but particularly appeals to families and children with several hands-on exhibits.

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Admission is free but donations are appreciated. Scottish Parliament The Scottish Parliament in its current form has only existed since and the current building was opened in October Dynamic Earth Dynamic Earth is an interactive science museum that tells the story of the planet earth from its creation to the current day.

Museum on the Mound The Museum on the Mound is one of those attractions that people often just stumble upon rather than one they plan to visit. Afternoon Tea in Edinburgh Afternoon tea is a quintessential British experience, and while few people sit down to a formal tea very often, many people still stop to have a midday cuppa throughout the UK and Ireland. Secret Gardens and Closes of Edinburgh Edinburgh, particularly the narrow streets of the Old Town, is full of closes and secret gardens that are fun to visit as you are exploring the Royal Mile.

The Fruitmarket Gallery If you are visiting the City Art Centre, you might also want to stop at the small art gallery across the street. Comedy Show at The Stand Comedy Club The Stand Comedy Club is the most popular comedy venue in Edinburgh, hosting stand-up, sketch, and improv comedy acts, ranging from beginners to well-known international comedians. Inverleith Park Inverleith Park was established as a city park in and is a large area of maintained grass parkland and tree-lined paths.

Stockbridge Stockbridge is a suburb north of central Edinburgh and one of my favorite neighborhoods to explore. Dean Village Dean Village was a grain milling hamlet for more than years, later the village became part of Edinburgh in the 19th century. Beyond Central Edinburgh Attractions Not all the top attractions in Edinburgh can be found around the city center.

Gilmerton Cove Many visitors explore some of the covered streets or hidden underground passages while in Edinburgh. Portobello Beach Did you know that Edinburgh has a beach? Lauriston Castle We are still exploring our home in Scotland, and Lauriston Castle is one of our latest discoveries in Edinburgh.

Jupiter Artland Jupiter Artland is a contemporary art and sculpture park and art gallery located on a large acre piece of land outside of Edinburgh. Other Edinburgh Attractions and Recommendations The following Edinburgh attractions and recommended places are spread out throughout the city so include both centrally located spots as well as more far flung sites within the city.

Weekly Markets Edinburgh is home to several major year-round weekly Edinburgh markets , taking place in central Edinburgh, Stockbridge, and Leith on the weekends. Edinburgh Larder lamb dish scallops at the Tower Resturant French food at La Garrigue Drinking beyond Whisky Scotland is all about whisky and if there is one thing you should try while in Edinburgh in terms of alcohol, I would recommend trying some Scottish whisky.

Spirit of Scotland show Have you visited Edinburgh Scotland? Comments I was Edinburgh last June and a tour guide recommended Cramond to us if we were staying in Edinburgh. This was SO very helpful in planning our Edinburgh trip — thank you!!! Congrats and enjoy your time in Edinburgh!

Mini Mack Tours visits a lot of these places in a Mini Cooper. Epic post on Edinburgh Scotland! Loads of info and great pics! Thanks Andrew, glad you enjoyed our Edinburgh attractions post!