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They were together for nine months and found that few others couples could top their account of how they met, said Peraino, who has since relocated to South Carolina. A lot of people are like, 'So, were you on a pot farm?

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  4. Weed dating sees singles headed into the fields for a chance of finding love!
  5. Farm in Idaho hosts 'weed dating' for singles.
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Farms in states that include Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois and Ohio have also advertised similar weed dating events. O'Leary organized her first weed dating last year for about 20 people, including some friends and interns on her farm. So like, it's just a matter of if the right weirdos show up.

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In her role as matchmaker, O'Leary shook a small tambourine to catch everyone's attention and reassured those who had already started to eye each another that everybody would be paired up with everybody over the course of the evening. Here's how it works: Each of the ladies will be assigned to a specific row, with more instructions to follow after "we get you into the beds," O'Leary said, prompting nervous snickers that erupted into laughter as the tension eased.

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The women were given a crash course in how to identify a weed versus a vegetable or fruit, and then instructed to pass that information along to the men, who rotated from each bed every three minutes. This is a working farm," O'Leary said before sending them off. With the dating in full swing, O'Leary moved between the neat rows of lettuce, strawberries, eggplant, zucchini and tomatoes.

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She said she likes the idea of helping gardeners and people with similar interests find each other. But seeing people weed her farm is also nice.

Amy Johnson, 29, a Spanish elementary school teacher, heard about the event last year but couldn't make it. But it's always fun to meet new people. Weed dating is the gardener's version of speed dating, where singles meet over a vegetable bed and dig together for a few minutes before moving onto the next person, some even learning about the plants they are tending.

Weed dating sees singles headed into the fields for a chance of finding love | Daily Mail Online

Weed dating is not what it sounds like. Rather, think rows of vegetable beds. A line of women and men in overalls, trowels at the ready.


Ok, so puns are hard to avoid, especially considering that weed dating is a play on "speed dating. During the quirky get-to-know-you events, gardeners tend to a vegetable bed and get to know each other for a set amount of time before moving on to dig in the dirt alongside a new partner, according to Modern Farmer. As EarthDance, an organic farm school in metro St.

Louis explains on its website, "you can tell a lot about a person by the way they weed. Weed dating first appeared at a Northeast Organic Farming Association event in Vermont in and has since taken off across the planet. The goal of weed dating depends on the event: The events seem like a fertile business model for farms: Farmers get a few hours of free labor and generate revenue through ticket sales.