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Alonso to tell him to wash his face off. Back at Daniel's house, Christine takes away all of the T3's pranking gadgets because she also believes that the T3 did the prank at the Neverending Summer Party, the T3 then come to their senses and plan to get revenge on the H Later, Daniel skips detention to go to the Beachside 7 with Mia, when Daniel ask Mia to hold his phone and backpack while he goes to the bathroom, Mia unlocks Daniel's phone and text Emma to meet Daniel at the Beachside 7.

Daniel still continues to act strange and Emma and Andi need Jax's help to see what's wrong, and they all peek on Daniel. Agamemnon and Desdemona show up to prove the chosen powers can be taken away. They take away Jax's powers without him knowing and then they leave thinking they have Emma's.

Meanwhile, Maddie accuses Mia for stealing Daniel away from Emma, but Mia tells her she didn't, to teach Maddie a lesson, Mia freezes the inside of her locker and when Maddie shows up later, her whole locker is filled with water and her heels are wet, Diego tries to help and accidentally heats the heals too long. Maddie blames everything on Katie because Maddie trusted Katie to close her locker, which she did.

Daniel tells Mia that Emma, Maddie, and Jax are witches, and Mia pretends to not know about it, before Daniel could say anything else, Andi tries to stall by interrupting. Mia tries to befriends with Katie by joining in on her activities. Jax meets Lily in her office, so she can see if Jax has been using his powers or not.

Jax gets help from Emma since he doesn't have his powers they return and he cast a spell in time. At the end of the episode, when Daniel takes off his shirt, Diego and Andi sees the spider mark on Daniel's back, Diego says it's a Kanay mark, but Andi says that he is the only Kanay, leaving both of them shocked to find out if there is another Kanay in the school.

Mia and Daniel cause havoc in the school and try to plot against Emma. Meanwhile, Maddie tries to convince Katie that Mia is not her friend. Katie overhears Emma and Andi in the bathroom talking about Mia and that she's a Kanay. At the end of the episode, Emma casts a spell to get Daniel back to normal, but it turns out he was just acting and that the Kanay mark is still on his neck.

Mia needs Daniel to put a special necklace on Emma, a necklace that weakens her and her powers. A mysterious crystal from Mia's necklace magically binds Emma and Maddie together. Daniel becomes ill from the spider mark. Meanwhile, the H20 pull a prank on Francisco, and he believes the T3 committed it. Jax puts a spell on Daniel, causing him a lack of space to walk. Emma and Maddie know that Mia put the spider mark on Daniel. Later, Mia walks into Daniel's room and he is lying on the couch in danger of his life if the spider mark isn't removed. Mia removes the spider mark from Daniel's neck, and Emma finds out that he is back to normal and is happy for it.

Katie sabotages Mia and records every word what she said about destroying Emma and Maddie since they're both witches. Emma, Daniel, Maddie, and Diego all go to Lily to find out if Mia did really put the spider marking on him. Daniel has a talk with Mia at lunch and break-up with her. Jax and Andi hunt for the missing piece of the crystal.

Daniel goes to Mia's house, and Mia throws a fit, then she tries to freeze Daniel. While, they're all arguing, Mia sneaks away, and Diego bumps into her, Mia tells Diego that the meeting is in the chemistry lab, and then Mia texts Maddie to meet him in the janitor's closet. Emma and Maddie get trapped in the janitor's closet with ice and snow by Mia. At the end of the episode, Mia is shocked when Diego tells her he is a kanay as well. Emma and Maddie try to find their way out of the janitor's closet, while Mia and Diego gets closer.

Mia comes out to Diego and tells him that her parents were destroyed by the old chosen one the Principal from season 1. The T3 are at Iridium High and try to search for H20 so they could get revenge on them. Jax and Andi are in trouble when Francisco catches them in his office smashing open the wall in his office, but he leaves early after he is called to go out to the parking lot. Emma and Maddie are saved by Diego and Mia. Mia must stop Katie from telling everyone her secret, so she shape shifts into Maddie and breaks their friendship up.

Andi speaks with Agamemnon, so she can become a guardian. Mia is at her basement, and Katie wants reunite with Mia and become her sidekick. Andi and Jax break into Francisco's office. Jax cast a spell to make the walls invisible, but Andi interferes while he is casting and accidentally turns Andi invisible, and she gets happy.

Andi is still invisible and tries to track down on Mia's schemes. Jax unbinds Emma and Maddie and Jax needs Emma to help him make Andi visible again, while they do the spell Andi is all the way in Mia's basement looking threw her drawer, Andi then becomes visible, and Katie hears her sneeze, but Mia doesn't, and Andi hides under a blanket. Meanwhile, Emma talks to Daniel and Daniel brings up something about Jax. Emma tries to tell Daniel she doesn't like Jax in a special way, but Daniel doesn't believes and he leaves. At the cafeteria, Mia and Daniel are talking, yogurt spills on Daniel, and Daniel thinks its a spell from Jax.

After the Cristal de Caballero was put back together, spereating Emma and Maddie, Emma says something to Andi while holding the crystal that makes her invisible. Later, Andi runs into the bathroom and Francisco comes near the bathroom door, Andi mimic Emma's voice to try to get Francisco to buy it. Mia notice Agamemnon and Desdemona walking out of Lily's office and she says, "I wonder what juicy stuff they have in here".

The Cristal De Caballero goes missing and Andi accidentally blurts out the fact that Emma cast an invisible spell by accident. At Emma's house, Jax tries to cheer Emma up, he does a dance which makes Emma laugh, then he plays a slow song and he and Emma dance together.

Daniel walks in on them, then Daniel and Jax start to argue, then Emma leaves without them knowing. Jax meets Emma at Iridium High near the secret locker that leads to the Witches Council, Jax tells her to go in there. Meanwhile, Maddie is mad at Diego, then she cast a spell to make him stick to her like gum under a shoe. Later, Francisco is very upset with Emma for not making it to her interview, he then says he doesn't believe her excuses anymore, grounds her, and takes away her phone and ability to go to afterschool clubs. He also band her from seeing Jax or Daniel.

Later, Mia is in her basement and she is looking at photos, then she has a flashback of her and her Dad. In her flashback her Dad says every Kanay gets their other half and that Mia will find her half. At the end of the episode, Mia says, "Don't worry Dad, I already found my half", looking at a picture of Diego. With the Cristal de Caballero missing, Agamemnon makes an offer that Andi can't refuse, get the crystal back and he'll consider human Guardians.

However, the plan backfires; while trying to get the crystal back from Mia, she gets frozen. A little while after they leave, Hex brings Phillip Andi's zombie boyfriend from season 2 back from his video game. Andi and Mia best each other, leaving Andi tied to the wall in spider webs and Mia stuck to the floor. Later, Diego comes by with Mia telling him earlier to come by and that it's an emergency , he can't decide between helping either of them.

Maddie shows up, jealous that Diego wasn't with her, but with Mia. Afterwards, a curious Daniel comes in wondering what happened to Mia and why his garage is such a mess. Earlier, Jax helps Emma find Andi by turning into a dog and sniffing her out. Phillip makes an appearance, resulting in a joyful Andi, and an even more confused Daniel. At the end, Mia gets out, and has Emma, Jax, Andi, Maddie, Diego, Phillip, trapped, as well as Daniel, but she states she's trying to get them out of there.

A special episode summarizing what you've missed during the starting of the season and show what will happen in future content. Jax goes on a rampage around the halls at Iridium High when the Council turns him into a kangaroo after he refuses to give them information about Emma.

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Meanwhile, Mia offers Diego to battle her in a Kanay duel. Kangaroo Jax is turned back into regular Jax, and Jax tells Emma about a conversation he heard with the council trying to overthrow Emma. Diego trains for his battle and Katie tells the gang what happens if he loses. The battle goes under way and Maddie shows up to watch. Mia mocks Maddie, and Diego tries to defend her only wind up getting hurt and losing the battle.

Back at Maddie's house, they think it was a draw until Mia calls and says that Diego is under her control. Diego must obey Mia. Emma and Andi have a hard time turning Phillip into a human, but, in the end, Emma does it using the Cristal de Caballero. Agamemnon and Desdemona appears when Phillip is a normal boy. The crystal is lost in Daniel's room and Mia shows up to get it back; also, Emma is drain of nearly all power and must leave quickly.

Nickelodeon filmed two ending scenes of Emma and her guy: At the end, Jax got the most votes, this leading to Emma choosing him. This is one-hour season finale. Starting right after Emma chose Jax in the season three finale, they climb out of the pool and express how happy they are that they're a couple again. Right before they leave to go hang out, Emma explains how she wants to see how Daniel is doing, but Jax does not know who Daniel is. They go off to their houses, where Jax has multiple clones and Butler Jax informs him his father called, but did not say what for.

Emma hurries to her house, but Francisco has no recollection of hating "this Daniel. Emma's confused, but goes over to Daniel's house to find a man named Daniel Sanchez and his wife living in the house for the past twenty years. Daniel cannot be found with the locator spell and is gone from Emma's phone.

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She goes to Maddie's house to find out that Phillip is getting on a plane to meet his real parents, the creators of the Zombie Apocalypse game. She explains the Daniel situation to Andi, and they run to see if Maddie is still there. Diego who's embarrassed and The Panthers are practicing a cheer routine in their IHS cheerleading uniforms. Emma's happy to see that no one else is missing, but upset when she realizes no one remembers Daniel at all.

They go with Ursula to the airport to watch Phillip leave, and come back to have a group hug. Jax and Emma meet at her house, where she freezes Francisco when she gets annoyed. Upset that neither of them can undo the spell, Jax comforts her and promises they'll figure it out in the morning, then cuddling on the couch. In the morning, Jax is trying to get ready because he is late to go to Emma's house, but Jake, his father, is home and demands he get rid of all the clones.

Andi goes to Emma's house where she already unfroze Francisco, and they have a meeting with The Panthers and Diego. Apparently, Sophie is a Shark. Emma tries to ask The Council about it, but they say that Emma chose Jax as her advisor instead of them, and decide not to help. Then, at school the next day, Jax finally shows up and explains that his dad came home and made him stay up all night to fix the house.

The three of them meet The Panthers and Diego in a classroom to discuss Daniel once more. There they tell her that Jax was the one who showed Emma around on her first day, and also the guy Emma saved from the Principal. Emma and Andi go to Lily to ask about Daniel, and Lily explains it could be a continuum break. Only the Chosen One can create those, and if she cannot locate Daniel and make him remember everything in five days, he will It cuts to the Everglades, where Daniel is riding on the water, then picks up a snake named Billy, saying, "How's your day going, Billy?

Another beautiful day in the sanctuary, eh? Nick Merico as Daniel Miller. Jax and Emma meet up with Andi, but none of them have seen Daniel. They decide to search the park once more. Gigi is already fawning over him, but he seems okay with it. Emma sees Daniel and rushes to say sorry, but he has no idea who she is. Maddie and the Panthers chase after her. Andi goes to help fix the RV and Daniel offers to give their group a tour of the animal sanctuary, which Emma agrees to. They meet his mom, Christina, who Emma already knew. Lily believes Emma because she knows so much about the Millers, and goes to call Desdemona and Agamemnon.

Sophie sees a lizard and runs after it, making Katie follow, and then Gigi gets off to find cell service. Andi comes back to the air boat to find everyone gone. Back at the sanctuary, Diego is looking at a spider habitat when he sees a stone with the Kanay spider marking on it. With the girls, Katie is trying to find a trail when a cage comes down and locks her in.

Diego goes to tell Maddie about the Kanay marking, but her hair puffs up again so he fixes it. Jax, Andi, Emma, and Daniel come by and rely the news that the girls are lost. Daniel is calling the best guide in the Everglades to help. They decide to stay. With the girls, Sophie is attempting to help Katie out because Beau told her once about the traps, but ends up getting stuck too.

Emma recognizes Mia immediately but Jax and Andi cover it up as she just looks like someone from their school. Mia and Daniel set off to finish packing, holding hands. Somewhere in the Everglades, Agamemnon and Desdemona appear to start looking into the continuum break. In the sanctuary, Maddie casts a spell to show where the girls are on the map. Lily and Christina are hanging out when the Council shows up and freezes Christina momentarily to tell Lily that her closeness with Emma is clouding her judgment.

Mia and Daniel come back to say that the air boats are ready, so the group tells them they know where the girls are and say that Maddie has an app called Find My iPanther. Turns out she actually does.

Every Witch Way : "Daniel and Emma's Love Story"

Back with the girls, Gigi starts filming the Panthers despite their disapproval. Right before the group gets ready to find them, Lily warns Emma about the dangers if she breaks the continuum again. Before they set out, Gigi gets stuck in the trap with Sophie and Katie. Christina sees the Council again and they make up an excuse about finding the Fountain of Youth, so she just lets them do their business. The group makes it onto the land and Mia finds the girls first. She and Daniel get the girls out. The air boats arrive and Daniel and Christina tell the group that they should wait out the storm there.

Inside, Daniel and Mia are making dinner. Jax comes in after putting the top up on his convertible and takes his bag somewhere else to go air dry. Emma and Andi are discussing whether Mia is a Kanay here on not. Emma tells Andi how Mia went into the video game with her, but Andi tells her she was the one who went in with her instead. Just as she convinces him to go back out again, he turns and finds another rock with a Kanay marking on it.

He explains he saw another one, meaning, at one point, Kanays were around that area. Jax is all dry and comes by Andi when he sees Daniel giving Emma some water and gets jealous. Jax agrees and tells Andi to bring her into the other room in two minutes. Andi rushes over to Emma to keep her busy, but the food is ready. Daniel says they should wait for Jax, so he goes to find him, and Gigi goes with him. Jax pulls up too late from his spell and ends up hitting Daniel in the head with a plate. He and Gigi start asking questions when Andi comes in and catches Sophie and Katie, forcing Katie to make up an excuse with scientific facts so it sounds believable.

Daniel tries to leave so Jax casts a spell to tie him up with ropes and mutes Gigi when she starts screaming, soon unmuting her. Sophie and Katie go to find Diego and Jax is about to erase their memories when Emma comes in. The Panthers, Diego, and Gigi go out into the hall where Gigi is screaming so Maddie casts a spell to make her speak Turkish. She then attempts to erase her memory but Diego pulls her away and it hits a clock, making it break. Sophie and Katie find her and take her away unnoticed. She casts a spell and gets rid of the last of the ropes, and Daniel leaves, freaked out.

The group in the hallway see Daniel leave, and Andi, Emma, and Jax come out of the room. Daniel comes in from outside soaking wet, and Emma dries him off with a spell. He agrees to come to Miami with them to save his family. Emma wants to leave right then but Lily insists on staying the night.

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Sophie is now making Diego and Jax do a Shark exercise. Maddie casts a spell to make their own corner more luxurious. Mia goes to give Lily, Emma, and Andi an extra pillow and they chat for awhile, then Daniel comes by and joins them. Jax didn't seem happy to sit with Emma at lunch, but he just shook it off. At lunch time Jax met backup with Emma and Andi at lunch. Jax and Emma continued their relationship as they both helped each other out in difficult situations as when Emma helped Jax fight against his father.

They also stand by each other as Jax stands by Emma when she begins to abuse her magic, proving that although she is doing something dangerous and has caused their friends to become hurt in the process he's willing to support her, even offering her his own powers. They have also been shown to become more affectionate as they share cheek kisses and holding hands with each other. In the end, Emma and Jax are shown to have formed a strong and close relationship. They were portrayed by Paola Andino and Rahart Adams. The image gallery for Jemma may be viewed here. Like Just Jared Jr.

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I think she should be with Daniel because they both know each other first. I think jax because he cares more for Emma than Daniel. Emma should be with Jax because he has been hanging out with Emma. I think that she sould be with jax he is so cute and he cares about her and he has powers: I think JAX cause he cares more about emma than Daniel.

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