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No money, no honey? Credit score now the #1 factor in dating - Clark Howard

Most credit card lenders now offer you your real FICO credit score for free. But have you ever wondered exactly what info goes into your score?

Keep a low credit utilization rate. Doing so only reduces your available credit. Make sure different types of credit make up your credit mix.

But avoid store cards at all costs! And Lane has learned to be thriftier.

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That means you have one central household account that each person funds every pay period or every month to pay basic household expenses. Khalfani-Cox says credit scores are also a practical way to see if a partner knows how to prioritize and can be depended on to follow through on prior commitments. Bronx resident Equana Cobb was on a date last year when the guy started talking about buying a car and other big-ticket items, only to find out later that he still lived with his mom.

No money, no honey? Credit score now the #1 factor in dating

Khalfani-Cox says asking dates about their finances, especially credit scores, is a smart move, because money disagreements are the No. A gender imbalance also exists when it comes to credit scores and dating.

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  • Get the straight scoop on money and relationships from Clark Howard?

Plus, waiting for your dream partner to come along, with a dream credit score to match, can be a long shot. Some money-conscious singles are taking fate into their own hands by joining dating sites that specifically cater to their needs.

Hey Baby, What's Your Credit Score?

After both were burned by former flames with bad financial histories, they signed up for CreditScoreDating. This bakery's transgender Ken doll cake made people mad. View author archive follow on twitter Get author RSS feed. Brooklyn resident Martina Paillant boasts a credit score above and is seeking a mate who also has excellent credit.

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Photo by Jeffery A. They went on their first date in July and married nine months later. Now, the Buchanans are hoping to purchase a home within the year.