Christian dating sex before marriage

But is that the only difference in Christian dating? Despite being part of a post sex revolution world, the circles I move in still value sex. I think God intended it that way, that sex would make people feel closer. Marriage, in the true sense of the word — complete commitment, self-sacrifice for the other — is the safest place you can be completely vulnerable. But it also exists for a much greater purpose: God is super creative, and throughout the bible he gives his people pictures to help them understand things.


Two different parties, who function and think quite differently, a man and a woman, become united in marriage. Much like, two different parties, who function and think quite differently, our God Jesus Christ and His people the church, become united completely in heaven. Can you see that Christian marriage is supposed to be an image of what Jesus has done to unite his people?

The type of relationship in a Christian marriage is one of self-sacrifice for the good of the other, a sacrifice that reflects the sacrifice Jesus gave — his entire life — for his bride, the church. How is this connected to dating? But the thing is, God cares about our heart much more than our actions, even though our actions are a reflection of where our heart is. There are two commands in the bible when it comes to sexual immorality: That might sound a little intense, but it is because God values sex and values his people so much, that he wants sex to happen in a safe and committed place.

What Does the Bible Say About Sex Before Marriage?

God desires commitment in marriage and sexual intimacy because it reflects his commitment to His people. God is never going to divorce His people, never going to cheat on them, never going to kind of be with them and kind of not be with them, and He desires marriage to reflect that. Many people have suggested that the only reason Christians get married young is to have sex. If this were the only reason for a Christian couple to get married, I would say they have missed so much of why marriage exists. I hope this next section helps answer that question. However now I met an amazing, but non Christian gentleman who respects my boundaries about touching and sex.

He loves me and respects my wishes but is confused. He has been wrecked by parochial school and their twisted application of God. And also show him scriptuture about purity? All the scripture is about adulterous affairs and incest. A sin is a sin and God will forgive you if you repent but you have to strive not to continue to do these sins. I know this can be very hard but I encourage you to lift him up and get him back into scripture the correct way. God talks about being unevenly yoked and I am suffering in a relationship because of it.

I had the same issue with a guy I was dating. Well I put myself in a bad situation with him we agreed to sleep in the same bed without having sex. He ended up asking me to have sex but I was to naive and felt pressured to say yes because of the moment we were in. So I ended up sad, regretful and angr angry for my mistake.

Dating, Sex Before Marriage, And The Christian Relationship Myth

I told the guy how I felt and he apologized. I asked him to pray with me about not allowing that to happen again. He did agree that he would not ask me to have sex again. He actually promised he would wait till I was ready and he promised to marry me. However, the next time we stayed together he pressured me again by blindsiding me to ask me if I wanted to have sex. This time it caught me off guard and I found myself again disrespecting my values. This time I told him I think we needed some time apart to think about our sexual sin but he got angry at me and immediately dumped me only to date another woman right after or before dumping me.

Instead he dumps me tells me to never every talk to him and then he has his aunt call and cussed me out because I tried to ask him about his sexual STD history. I had supported, encouraged, and prayed for this young man while we were together. I learned my lesson about trusting guys who claim they are a Christian and a man of integrity. I left a comment when I first found this site June 24th. I really hope this post get published because I have been to share my testimony on how i got my lover back ….

So much is going on right now….. Dr Mack was a great helper when my Husband broke apart from me but he later came back after i used the service of Dr Mack.

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I being in a relationship for eleven year. We both attend church rarely and read the word.

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However, we are not marry but having unmarried sex, which I feel bad afterward. I feel we should be marry by now. What about the woman at the well? What should we learn from that example? The fact is, you have had five husbands, and the man you now have is not your husband…. You must be careful because you are linked with the first person you lose your virginity to. Abraham got married again but only after Sarah died. Solomon was promiscuous even though he was married. Mary and Joseph were virgins before they married and stayed that way until after Jesus was conceived.

So as you can see there is no perfect example of marriage in the bible because there are no perfect people but if you want to avoid the wrath of God, do not neglect his teachings. I am the perfect example. I had an awful ordeal. So learner from experience to trust in God, examine myself, consult the word first, do not put your trust in man and seek God first. They are more than teachings. They are a lamp to my feet. And a light to my path. There are a lot of things in this world that can hurt you and like the article said sex can be one less thing to hurt you because no one is perfect and we all sin either intentionally or unintentionally.

So be wise take heed what you learn from reading the bible and be careful of the things planted in your head by word of mouth unless it matches up with the bible. The devil roams about like a lion seeking whom he wants to destroy and he can jump in people by means of spirits.

Notice you are likely to be a lot like the people you are around. There are good spirits and bad spirits and waiting for sex can actually be a protection against bad ones. Just always, always, always seek God first. Faith in God also includes faith in His timing. Never give up hope. How magnificent would it be to lead your boyfriend to Christ? Be the salt and light and continue to lift him up in prayer. And the word of God is alive. Listen to what God says and stop having intercourse until marriage.

You can have a meaningful relationship without sex. It is not a sin to be with people who have had any kind of sex before you, that is their past not yours. No one should ever be judged for their past. Author needs to consider the worrying questions and feedback she has had from this article. Only He has the authority and power to judge. As believers, we are called to hold each other accountable. Inspiring young Christian women on a platform as large as the internet on a website as successful as Girl Got Faith is a privilege and an amazing opportunity.

If you are going to give your personal opinion about dating non — Christian men and women then you need to balance out your argument otherwise it just appears that you are accusing those who have chosen to extend their mission to share their faith with the people they date whatever faith they may or may not be as wrong.

Sex Before Marriage - Is it Really a Sin & What Does the Bible Say?

I think the author is right on. The isolation they feel is biblical? The Word is explicit about it. This is the issue we have in the world today: The fact is, the biblical truth is not going to make everyone feel good.

The author laid out the biblical truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. God does not beat around the bush or make us guess. He is crystal clear about His plans for our lives. Sex was made for husband and wife. Believers are to marry each other. Jesus was a friend of sinners and in the same way- we are called to walk in his ways. Thanks for being very transparent! We need more articles like this which shows the reality of what young Christian women face! Fake News or Good News? How to not go overboard on spending this Single, Secure, and Significant. This includes not having sex….

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