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On the lower floors and closer to the entrance, the environment is a little louder and caters more to group work. Some libraries even have cafes so you can grab a bite and re-energize every once in a while. Near big test dates, you might find that all the good spots in the library are taken — especially spots with outlets for you laptop. When I move off-campus next year, these will probably be my new most-frequented study spots. These rooms are usually used for group work, and will include things like projectors, round tables, and computers. Be aware that these rooms will be booked during weeks when there are lots of tests and projects, so book ahead of time if you need one.

The great outdoors can make for a great study spot if the weather is nice. Even computer work can sometimes be done outside; many universities including mine have added wi-fi to certain outdoor areas on their campuses.

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To be honest, there are countless places you can choose to study in. Sometime during my first semester of my freshman year, I got the brilliant idea of getting a big 5. And you know what? I love that sound system and still use it today. To complicate matters, he got a system of a similar caliber during our sophomore year. And so, we ended up with a room containing two rather large, competing sound systems.


Something had to be done. The answer, obviously, was headphones. I ended up finding quite a few good options, and I invested in a good pair of closed headphones that block out most external noise. I also ended up getting another pair of headphones with an open design. You know the old adage about the Freshman 15 — many students who go to college will end up gaining a little weight during their freshman year due to the lack of parents and the abundance of food at the dining centers. However, some people — guys especially — will eat, and eat, and keep on eating, and still feed a rock-hard wall of muscle in their abdomen.

Maybe not… there still might be some visceral fat building up. You know that guy you see at every party with the gut that sticks out and kinda makes him look pregnant? Visceral fat is often the first fat that guys will pack on, and it can be pretty tough to get rid of. Students get a lot of things either free or way cheaper than the general public does, and you should take the time to make yourself aware of these benefits.

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However, student discounts are just the tip of the iceberg. Here a list that will point you to some of the things sitting right on your campus that you probably have access to:. You may be involved in specific programs or organizations that make other benefits available to you as well. Keep your eyes out for benefits like this that you can take advantage of. Bringing all my stuff home after my freshman year ended was a pain in the ass.

I brought way too many clothes, random computer parts, and other junk up to my dorm, and I ended up not even using most of it. When sophomore year rolled around, I made sure to bring up a lot less. When it came time to pack up my clothes, I first started by figuring out how often I wanted to do laundry. I settled on two weeks, and made sure to pack only 14 shirts.

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I split this up between t-shirts and polos. I then threw in a couple dress shirts for special occasions. This might be a controversial tip, but I recommend not being a whiny little neat freak who washes their jeans after one day. After getting shirts, jeans, shorts, and other daily items packed, I picked a few special items and called it good. My clothes box was still pretty full, and I was still pretty far from becoming the next Colin Wright , but it was quite an improvement over the entire wardrobe I had brought up freshman year.

When it came time to pack everything else, I took some time to sit down and think about the things that I actually had used freshman year. That stuff stayed home as well. If it is, you can always run back I mean that — get your Reeboks on some random weekend and grab what you forgot. When you were a little tike, you always had a nice little wall between yourself and the things you wanted — your tightwad parents. The college demographic is under a full marketing assault from all sides, and your bank account is constantly being threatened by new video games, clothes, and whatever other junk gets you excited.

This is why you should start making an impulse buy list. Any time you find something you really want or see a crazy deal, add that item to your impulse buy list. Then, wait a while before making the purchase. Everyone — your parents, your grandma, your professors — will tell you that you need a savings account for college.

What about making it grow? A savings account is a pretty poor place to be socking away your money. A better option is to put some of that money into a mutual fund.

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Maybe — but that depends on the type of loan you have. However, if you have subsidized loans, it might be smarter to put your money in a mutual fund. Because of this, you might actually be better off sticking your money in a mutual fund and getting into the investment game early. Then, when you graduate, you can leave lean and pay off your loans with the money from your awesome new job.

If you end up not finding a job for a while, you can pull out your money to start paying off your loans or ask for a deferment. There are a lot of choices when it comes to mutual funds, and all the advice out there can be conflicting and overwhelming. When I was researching funds for myself, I was certainly confused. However, after a lot of reading, I came to one conclusion: For more information, check out this article on mutual fund information for students.

Mutual funds are something you should think of as a long-term investment. As with all investments, mutual funds carry a degree of risk and you could actually lose money by putting your money into one. I assume no liability for your decisions, and you may want to consult a real financial advisor before making any move. Matt and Andrew are on the podcast today to answer questions about debt, budgetting, investing, and more.

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The thing is, many of these are overly complicated. Sure, assigning labels, priority levels, folders, collaborators, and time tables to your tasks and projects might make your life seem organized, but doing this turns task management into a task itself. I think keeping track of the things you need to do should be easy. Applying all these goofy things to every single task you create is bound to make you hate managing your task list. Instead, do yourself a favor and get Wunderlist. I mean, just look at this sexy thing:. Wunderlist is built around — yep — lists.

You can view all the tasks in a particular list, but you can also use the menu at the bottom to view tasks for the day, the week, or even for all time in all lists. Additionally, you can star particularly important tasks — a much more elegant solution than setting priority levels. The experience is seamless. Yep — Mommy or Daddy. Some of them will still have a direct line to a willing Mom who will buy them anything they decide they need or want.

The kid that brought nothing will eventually need a can opener. Oh wait, now he needs Tylenol. So uh u seem cool wanna date? Steve nodded his head in satisfaction. At publishing time, our resident Romeo still had not heard back from his Juliet, but he remained optimistic. Even he realized some of the looming implications of his revolutionary endeavor: But, like, who needs Instagram D. Home college how to degree high school teacher student trade school book reviews courses product review list.

Education is powered by Vocal creators. You support Coby Dolloff by reading, sharing and tipping stories Thankfully, he thought back to one of the many valuable lessons he learned at JBU Orientation: With two choices remaining, he began to sweat at the thought of making a decision. He then went on to compose the body of his letter, like all the great romantics of old: If you feel unsafe or think you may be in an abusive or unhealthy relationship, seek help from a trusted family member or other adult. Find out if your crush is available. You want to start by finding out basic information, such as whether they are already in a relationship or not.

To find out this information, ask around but try to be discreet about it and only ask friends you know you can trust. After all, if you are in the older end of your grade and your crush is young for their grade, there might not even be much of an age gap between you two. For example, ask around to see if they are involved in any sports, clubs, or extracurricular activities.

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  6. Just be sure to do it if you are also actively interested in the activity--never do something just for the sake of being around your crush. After all, the best way to get to know a person is simply by talking to them. Since there are very few private places in school, you may always feel like you have an audience watching you when you approach your crush. You can either decide to just ignore the onlookers or approach your crush in a more relaxed setting, such as at the beginning or end of the lunch period or between classes.

    Be relaxed and direct in introducing yourself. Avoid blushing, giggling, or otherwise showing signs of nervousness as that can just make both you and your crush feel awkward. Just take a sincere interest in getting to know them as a person and pick up on nonverbal cues. After all, the goal is to get to know your crush and if you interrogate them too much, you may end up driving them away! You want your crush to like you for you, not the person you're pretending to be.

    Be confident and laidback. Perhaps the biggest difference between being a senior and a freshman is that everything in the school is new for freshmen. After a few years, most students develop more confidence and ease and this comes naturally with age. However, if you want to attract a senior, you will have to project that same sort of laidback confidence.

    Be aware of your body language. Everyone picks up on body cues subconsciously so communicate confidence with good posture, direct eye contact, and an easygoing smile. If you are feeling uncomfortable or insecure, fake it til you make it. Laugh and smile a lot and try to keep things in stride.