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McCloskey has also worked for the lesbian app HER. The designer has also been vocal in politics — most recently she participated in protests against president-elect Donald Trump. The drummer, who is still apart of Hunter Valentine, often posts amazing shots of her culinary creations to Instagram. I remember her fondly as the stabilizing force in Hunter Valentine. As of now, Sanchez is still living Nashville working on her music.

Hopefully we hear some solo stuff sooner than later. The low-key couple continue to happily raise their two-year-old daughter Ella Riley in New York. Somer is still pursuing music and is currently in the band Clinical Trials.


Where Are They Now? More you may like. I know that right now. I never know what life will bring me, but at this point, I really prefer women. Is that the driving force behind your divorce? And the other half is because I want to go back to women. So, are you solidly in the middle of bisexuality? I feel like I could love whoever. Am I sexually attracted to men more than women? Am I emotionally attracted to men more than women?

Where do you think you fall on the spectrum? There is a very slim chance that I would go back to a guy. Do I hear ? But you know what? It stands for bisexuality. So, if your friend is going through something like that, be there for them. Am I not allowed to be present at Pride?


I was in a relationship. Would you consider getting back together with Kelsey, or has that ship sailed?

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You know, you can never say never. Kelsey was definitely the girl, the Love. She was a big one. She went through a lot, all from doing nothing except loving me. This past year really did a number on the two of us.

Real L Word's Kelsey Chavarria Is A Poet & You Didn't Know It: The Auto-Interview | Autostraddle

We really wanted to be friends. You quit drinking in the last season. I quit drinking for two and a half years, and I started drinking again last year. I think at the time, I needed to quit because I was self-medicating and that was a problem. I got sober, which allowed me to be my real self.

Kelsey Chavarria of Real L-Word Talks Style, New Boutique

It kept me sane through the [taping] process. This past year, I started to drink casually with my husband and my family but not in clubs. I have no desire to be in the club scene. But I do enjoy drinking with my friends and family. Do you think of yourself as an alcoholic or a social drinker who has to be extra-vigilant about your limits and certain situations? Right now, there are no problems.

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  2. Real L Word’s Kelsey Chavarria Is A Poet & You Didn’t Know It: The Auto-Interview.
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So, I just have to be very cautious. Vintage stores became my sanctuary. There, I have variety and things were made differently in the past than they are today. They fit my body and my aesthetic. I try to incorporate what is happening in high-end fashion with my look in a vintage way. Have you experienced any challenges when it comes to dressing dapper queer?

Sometimes jackets are really difficult to find in masculine looks that fit feminine frames. I have some great jackets in my store. I think the images from this photo shoot really capture your style. Can you tell us about the shoot? This photo shoot was a lot of fun. It was shot by my girlfriend, Laura Wise , who is a talented photographer. She loves shooting portraits and queer women, so she was in her element. It was shot in Hollywood, a day where we hung out and made carne asada tacos with friends.

It was a nice day. We try to go about things in a stress-free way. I chose 4 outfits from my own collection that reflected my style.

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  • I had actually never worn any of the pieces I wore for the shoot in that combination before it was random and organic. Being shot by Laura was fun because she is my girlfriend and she makes me feel sexy.

    'L-Word' cast member defends dating man

    She knows aesthetically what is pleasing to the eye. Well, I have a lot of projects in the works. Right now I am most excited about my store. I will be doing weekly blogs that with serve as style inspiration for people who love androgyny and vintage — like me! Photos by Laura Wise Website: Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.